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Published on August 24, 2006 by in Bio's, Personal
Full Tennis bio coming soon.
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Quick Facts
  • Name: Evan Elrod
  • Age:29
  • Weight: 165
  • Plays: Right handed
  • Rating: 4.0
  • Highest Ky state ranking: #35 in singles #2 in doubles
  • Equipment:
Head Radical LiquidMetal MP
Gosen Polylon (17 guage at 60lbs)
Adidas Barricades
Picture this; a 6th month old child, sitting on a kitchen table. Hands grasped tight to a little wooden tennis racquet. Being playfully coached by parents who met, and fell in love on the tennis court. Picture a father trying to encourage the young child to pick things up with his left hand because he knows leftys can be naturally better at tennis. Think about a tennis ball being hung by a string from the ceiling, and the young child taking cuts at it before he could even stand or walk.
As dramatic and unreal as I tried to paint that picture for you… it’s all true, and it’s all me. Is it any wonder tennis is one of the loves of my life?
Now let’s also get this out of the way… I’m not that great at the game. I’m pretty good, maybe even above average… but I’m not awesome. But I do love the sport, and plan to play it the rest of my life! Like I have my entire life.
To be continued…

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