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Music Bio
I really had no choice but to be musical in this family. I had to keep up with the pace at least. My dad is about the only one in my family that can’t even play a radio. My first formal lessons were on piano. I did that for a while in my younger years… mainly because my mother wanted me to… it’s a shame I didn’t really retain all of it.
Like I said, my family is very very musical. Singing, piano, trumpet, violin, guitar, even a tuba player is in my family. So naturally, I had some choices on what to do. But I decided on trumpet (after I was not allowed to play percussion, even though my best friend at the time played at another school, and was very good.)
So sixth grade I started my trumpet playing. And actually, I wasn’t bad! I made all districts, and all states, honors bands, etc. I don’t remember all of them, but I do have a lot more creditability on trumpet than everything else believe it or not.
I also went to church a lot… I sang. I’ve been told I sing well, but I still to this day don’t believe so. However, since I always had my eyes on percussion, I kept messing around by my self, just learning and waiting for my chance go jump in. And for some reason, I thought I could play drum set… which I kinda could! A friend that played French horn in the band, also played guitar, and wanted to start a Christian band. I offered my amateur services as a drummer. We practiced, and practiced a lot… and finally got pretty good! by my junior year, I was a full time percussionist, and in a very talented young band, “Eventide”.
I played snare my junior year in high school, and finally got what I had wanted since I was a young un! I kept playing snare drum, and decided to major in Music with Chris Norton when I went to Western. I marched with the WKU marching and and taught Logan County high school my freshman year as well. I learned a lot that year. Not just from Dr. Norton, but from everyone I met there.
When I moved to Murray for the job, I decided to take a break from music, and just chill out for a while. So I quit Eventide, and put my music major on the backburner. But my first class of the morning on my first day at Murray State was just a sign telling me I should at least keep my hands in music. There was a percussionist in my English class first thing… so we talked and got to be good friends, and I decided I did need music in my life again. I went and talked to Dr. V, who I had auditioned for before… and started working on finishing my music minor.

Drum set has always been my safety… I like to think of my self as a better than average kit player… Playing with a lot of different bands and styles I found myself searching for another band in Murray. Enter “Mojo Peddler” Thought we only played a couple of well paying gigs, we played and practiced a lot, and really meshed well as a band. Blues came natural to me, and I enjoyed playing a different kind of music. But I also missed the marching aspect of percussion… and I knew I was getting a little to old for it as well, so I decided I’d get back into marching after teaching a few summers at some different schools, one being Heath High school. So fall 03 I went to the Racerband to try out my skills. What a great idea! I made good friends, met some cool people including Brooke, and I got to play lots of notes.
After that season of racerband, Calvin Warren (the guy to my right in the above picture) and myself decided to start an indoor percussion group. That year we started AudioVation. A non competing indoor line that did several exhibitions at basketball games. Calvin, Kevin Suiter and myself wrote all original music for the local high school students to perform and march too, and with a talented group of college students/instructors, we started something good that hopefully let some kids have some fun, and keep their chops up… and who knows, maybe they learned something as well.
I finshed my college music journey with a minor from Murray State.
I also was semi involved in a DCA corps for a couple of years  called Music City Legend. I was a snare tech in 2005, and had planned on marching with them in 2004 till other complications came about. They’ve had some good success since then, so I’m glad I got to see them get their feet off the ground.
I’ve tried to keep involved in music, and I’ve tried to get out… but it seems like it’s always pulling me back in. I even wrote a battery book for a high school in 2005. Before I left Murray, I had been jamming with some people. We had good chemistry together, but we just couldn’t get the other talented players we needed. If I can get Kyle to send me stuff, I’ll post it… because it was jammin.
Not too long ago, I left music for the most part.  I played with a couple of bands here and there.  And after I moved to Paducah, I’ve gotten back in it pretty heavy.  I even had joined another band in 08′.   I think I was close to that point again where when I was playing, it was for enjoyment, not for practice or as a gig to make extra money… but to love the flow.  But as usual, things have stalled out after a slow year.  But I did enjoy playing blues again, and even got to play at a once good festival, Hot August Blues.
So now I’m looking for that next big thing to be a part of.  It helps that my boss at work is an excellent bassist, also looking for some of the same things I am in a band.  I’ve also started playing at church again.  We’re starting a new contemporary service that should be very cool.  In fact, this is my first experience playing a lot of electronic drums… lots of possibilities with that, and I’d love to get more involved, but it’s just expensive!
So for now, I’m hoping things go well, and I can continue to play music on some sort of level.  It keeps that mind working and allows me to let loose a little and express that ‘art’ side as some would say.  Music is part of the soul though, and it would be a crime to keep it inside.

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