Check out some of these neat sites, and people I know. - My new hosting company.  So far so good! - My Domain Registrar company. Great prices on domain names! Check it out. - One of my friends radio station site that I take care of.  My 'Best Man' works there too now! - Another one of my friends.  I take care of this sites as well.  Very popular site actually! - A group of my friends website that I also take care of.  Random postings.
John Nation Photography - My Uncle... the photographer in Louisville. (site partially maintained by me)
Tate Nation - My other Uncle... the artist that makes our house actually look classy!
Billie Pritchett - My last roommate, good friend, & possibly one of the more interesting people ever.
Jeremy McKeel - College Professor, and a good friend... his video service (which I've done work with before)
Bofe - A friend from college.
Bofe also has a side project as well that I find extremely interesting. Daily ShortCut
Lee - A friend from high school and college.  Lee actually trained me as a part timer in radio!

Some bands of my friends
Tearing Down Vegas - know these guys very well, and they're hard working band.
Eric Wilson - Eric, his brother, and myself formed our first band back in high school... We've all moved on.
If you know you should be up on either of these lists... please let me know!

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