Saturday, September 13, 2014

Owen Jacob

I haven't posted here in a very long time.  I used to write more often in my younger days, though I'm not sure it had much substance to it at times.  So as I grew older and less connected to the 'web blog' trend, I found myself wanting to write more, but wanting to focus this 'blog' in a certain direction.  Anyone that knows me well, knows it would be hard for me to pick one topic and stick with it.  Radio? Maybe... Music?  Why not?  Sports?  Sure... The internet isn't flooded with those type of writings. :-)
This was my first problem.
Not only that, but could I really come up with something meaningful once a week in that one subject?  Sure, I might have a decent thought in my head every blue moon, but I could never see it being something worth my time to really dive into.  So I left it as a 'personal blog' even though I rarely posted anything super personal on it, and even fewer people cared about what I put down.

I've had life altering events... Plenty of them in fact!  Job changes, marriage, moving, a dog we adore, family, friends, and accomplishments... But nothing up till now made me look at my little slice of online pie and think, "I'm going to write about this once a week".
Until now...
Please welcome Owen Jacob Elrod, born 9/3/14 at 3:13pm 7lbs 15oz and 21 inches.  As the Kenny Chesney song so emotionally states it, "there goes my life, my future, my everything".

I will once again, attempt to post once a week about this little guy and what's going on in the Elrod household.

As I was in the shower today, I realized just how much your first child changes your thinking.  I think I always knew this, but was so stuck in this almost 'self centered/immature' stage in my life for so long, that this has been a good wake up call to care about family way more than yourself.  Brooke feels this on a much bigger level than even I expected her to, considering our reluctance to start a family past a dog.  Not that Lexi isn't part of the family!   But the responsibility level of a child is so much higher as everyone we'll knows.

First time parents are freaks...  We worry about every little thing and think we've broken them at the slightest abnormal behavior, even when it's totally normal.  We had an 'episode' of Owen spitting up for the first time this morning, and the poor on call pediatrician probably thought we were crazy!
We're also told 8 million different things from doctors, nurses, friends, family, and the internet about how to raise a child.  My only conclusion is that there is not, and there will never be a set of direction for an infant or child.  Old school or new school... There's probably not that much difference.

But here we are, trying everything to make sure our little everything gets everything he needs to grow up to get everything he dreams of.

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