Monday, March 12, 2012

Vanity? No way...

Brooke and I went down to Murray last Thursday for a dedication ceremony for an analytical lab named after Dr. Howell Clark, who is also responsible for Brooke's scholarship while we were there.  He and his wife are great people... Can't say enough good things about them.
He spoke at the end of the ceremony, after all these other colleagues and former students had spoken such kind words about him.
He mentioned vanity, and how all humans feel the need to be remembered.
After contemplating his words, and knowing the type of person he is, there's no possible way 'vanity' had any part in it. 
When you sacrifice your good fortune for the aid of others, that's the most selfless act that could never be called vanity. 
Obviously, if it's in the wrong spirit then it could be called vanity.
-when you give up the large paycheck of 'industry' for the fulfillment of teaching
-when you live humbly, in the community that raised you
-when you retire, but continue to help students achieve their dreams through financial support
-when you genuinely care about those people you help
-and most recently, give back so much to your Alma mater, that they name a lab after you, a lab that will continue to help educate students well beyond your years.

That's a really good track record that speaks volumes about a person's character and spirit.
Vanity?  No way...
All around good person?  A massive understatement...

On other notes!
MSU a six seed?!  Wow, no respect... BUT, that puts us playing in Louisville!  Maybe I could get some tickets and go!  So proud to be a Racer, especially after this magical year...  Know what happens when you beat a horse?  It runs faster!
UK a number 1 over all, and hopefully mad after a tough loss to Vandy.  Hard to beat a good team 3 times though.  I like our chances to win it all this year though...
WKU squeaks in... Go Tops?  (Till you play UK)
UofL, winning Big East, beating MSU's former coach...
This is the state of Kentucky basketball!!!  Any other states have 4 teams in the big dance?

Bracket to follow...

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