Monday, March 15, 2010

Now that's more like it!

Oh what a difference a year can make.
Sure!  Maybe I'm spoiled, and the fact that I grew up in Kentucky loving good basketball has made me expect a little too much from my teams at times.  But from last year, to this year?  Not even close...
The only thing missing was my Tops!
UK is back on top where they should be... I can actually put them in my 'Champion' box with a little bit of confidence finally.  Not a lot, but a little...
Murray State got what I think is an OK draw... though I really was hoping to be where Siena is instead... Could go two rounds deep if they were there instead!  (in my opinion that is)
My old favorite UK player of all time Travis Ford got a decent draw too over at Oklahoma St.
And UofL even ended up making the dance!

In case you forgot... I LOVE March Madness

Maybe a little too much actually...
I just e-mailed my pastor and told him that we weren't friends on Thursday at 1:30...  He went to Vandy, so I've got a right to tell him that!
What would have really been fun is if we had drawn Purdue, like I had hoped we would... Brooke's sister goes there, and is even coming down on Thursday, so that would have been veeeeery interesting.  Oh well...
As you'll see, I've still got them losing in the first round to a different 13 seed.  tee hee

Bracket Time!
2010 NCAA Bracket