Thursday, August 6, 2009

27 and 1 down...

I'm writing this with a snoring dog behind me... yes, it's that one cute dog.  So forgive me for any errors I may make.

A more detailed update for all;
We got that cute boxer puppy you see below, over 3 weeks ago.  She's 10 weeks old, and a handful.  We named her Lexi Ali... Lexi for Lexington (UK!  Go cats!) and a little for my favorite syndicated radio show that I visited not that long ago in Dallas, 'Lex & Terry'.  (Yea, I know it should have been Lexy, not Lexi in that case... but the 'i' is cuter.)  And the Ali middle name is for Muhammad Ali, the 'greatest of all time', native of Louisville of course.
Her father, whom she resembles, is named Duke... but I just could not let us name a dog 'Lexi Duke'.  It just wasn't going to happen.  (If you bleed blue, then you understand what I'm saying.)
She's fun, and has quickly established herself as the newest family member, and the talk of the town.

Also had our one year not too long ago!  For the 'Paper' anniversary... we got each other paper concert tickets to Coldplay in St. Louis!  Very fun, and actually a great concert.  They really put on a good show, and it reminded me why I did like them... (Till Brooke started playing the crap out of their music all the time, and got a little burnt out.)  So I'm back now, enjoying their music again.

And lastly, I had another birthday this past weekend.  27 years old... just doesn't seem like I'm that old.  I still feel really young most days... till I pay a house payment, or something of that nature.
Didn't really do anything super special.  We ended up spending the weekend in Jasper, and even went to Holiday World on Saturday.  Word of advice... Holiday World WAS a good kept secret.  Now, I would not advise going on a weekend, because the secret must be out.  Don't get me wrong, it's still a fantastic value... but if I had to actually pay for those tickets to only ride a few rides and wait in lines all day instead, I'd be a little ticked.

Anyways... It's been a rough couple of days for me for some reason.  Decent cut over my eye, cut my thumb a little, fighting a sore throat, and to top it all off... I got stung by a red wasp today!

On a good note, our new contemporary service at church is starting soon... and I look forward to playing drums in a service again.  In fact, I will be going to Nashville soon to check out a couple of electronic kits that I've been researching just for the church and this new service.  I hope it goes well, as it should.

So I think that's going to do it for this post... I'm going to try and get some rest and recoup a little.
And now, the pooch has stopped snoring, and is dreaming of something...  I would assume her mom, because she's acting like she's feeding... Like we don't feed her enough or something.   So spoiled...  But still so cute.