Tuesday, May 20, 2008

update with a turkey sandwich

yes, that's right... I'm eating a turkey sandwich while I type this.  I'm extremely talented... can't you tell?

So the knee/leg is doing better... not great, but better.  It's like I hit a wall of healing, for the first few days I healed quickly and thought I'd be fine in a week or two... then it just kind of stopped, and now I'm stuck doing excercises and having to apeal to my insurance company because they don't want to


Monday, May 12, 2008


Just a quick update for everyone. (I swear I'll get back to the derby recap eventually)

Last Thursday was fun... if you want to call it that. Last night of regular season indoor soccer, which I've enjoyed very much. Until Thursday that is. Stupid, is the best word that I can find to describe the scheduling of the last games. Normally we just play one game a night, sometimes we play two nights in a row... But NEVER, do we play two games in one night... especially the night after we just had a game. How this happened, is beyond me.
So we played our first game, and we played pretty well... ended up winning and savoring victory for the first time all season. It felt good... But now we've got to play again?! No subs, no pressure... let's just have fun.
OR, let's break a leg! Ok, I didn't break it... but it sure felt like I did.
Set the scene:
On the defensive, coming back... ball is kicked over my head... jumped up to head it, missed... kept trying to jump but was obviously out of leg... came down, left leg still straightened out. Cleats dig in, knee and ankle collapse outward. I hear a 'pop' as I'm falling to the ground with a yell. (that yell got made fun of too! Yea, I heard...)
Three chiropractors that luckily are on the team gather around to check me out... I am helped off the field, and ice down the rest of the game and can barely walk out of the building without help.
The next morning, I got to the guys' office so they can take a look at me... they move my knee around one way, and I hear Calvin say "uh oh" or something of that nature... Not good obviously. So they schedule me an MRI, I lay through my first MRI which was interesting to say the least. Scans come back with nothing major torn... I ice down more than I've ever iced before.

Kickers: The game shouldn't have been played obviously... but it turns out that it ACTUALLY shouldn't have been played. The other team didn't have the correct players, so we had already won the game by default! Yea... I hurt myself over a game that didn't count.

My Parents graciously came up to see me instead of me driving to see them for mothers day like I had originally planned. Hey, Mother must know best, because today, I'm walking semi normal with a knee and ankle brace on...

But needless to say, it was a pretty scary thought in which everyone thought I probably hurt something much worse. But nothing torn, just sprained thank God!

Next up... Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 13th... what I've been waiting for.
What was neat is that I got to watch their documentary 'Drive Well' this weekend while I was laid up with the leg! I had never seen it before, so it was very cool.
If you're also looking for some good FREE music... check out NIN and atleast download 'Discipline'

Also, I've decided that I will fall inline come June 9th for what is predicted to be the announcement of the new and improved iphone... I'm not a mac head or anything, but I just think it will be another revolutionary phone, and I have to have a new one soon anyways. So as long as AT&T gives me a break on the price for signing yet another 2 year contract, then I will buy one.

That is all for now...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Down and Derby

Another year, another fun and successful Derby.

However, I don't have a lot of time to post a full and comprehensive report of everything.
I will however give you a preview...

"nah... it's going to rain... let's go see Iron Man"
"Hey, Tommy... I'm bored."
"Sometimes John let's me going up the alley..."

Good times had by all, all these stories and more to come!
Check back soon.