Saturday, April 26, 2008

adventures in tonsil land!

Well, it's been a long time since I've written about sickness or my tonsils...
In fact, I used to do it very often. But I think I got tired of writing the same "ugh, I'm sick, etc." over and over again... so I gave up on trying to make it interesting.

Well that all changes this time around!

I had the worst doctor experience in my life this past week. And I feel I must share and warn...

So Monday rolls around, and I'm not feeling the greatest... I know what's coming, it's happened too many times before. My throat is sore, I've got a slight fever, and I just don't feel like doing anything because of the aches and such. So with a lot coming to my plate in the next week or so... I HAVE to get better and quickly. So I wanted to kick it before it kicked me. Sounds like a decent plan, correct?

So I asked Greg my boss where he goes to the doctor, etc. He informs me of a walk in clinic called PrimeCare, which is fine. So I call the place, they say their not busy... and I scoot out there. Literally, the place is not busy as in, I'm the only one in the waiting room! That should have been my first sign that something might go wrong.
My first mistake however was when I signed in, I had an option of seeing a 'Doctor', 'Registered Nurse', or 'No preference'... Now I know a few RN's, and I've even trusted one to give me care at one time... but I should have put down doctor in this situation rather than 'no preference'.

I get in there, everything is going fine till the guy comes in. He's got a soul patch... great.
Not that I have anything against soul patches, because they can be cool on the right people. You an artist? Cool, grow it. A hip college professor? Sure... But do me a favor, if you're trying to be a doctor of any kind, and you want to look professional... shave the patch. Come on'

Next the guy procceds to tell me that he thinks it's just a cold, etc. But wants to run a strep test. Well, I've never had strep throat ever... knock on wood... but the point of this is that they usually always think it's strep, and it's always tonsils... yet when I tell doctors this, they think I'm an idiot. That is until they get the negative strep test back. Which once again happened... only this guy didn't want to admit he was wrong.

He tells me that I've got a cold, and I should go home get plenty of rest, drink plenty of liquids, etc. Basically shoving me off without even listening to what I said. His reasoning was... well, if I didn't see a brain tumor on someone, I wouldn't give them medicine for a brain tumor.
Yea... I'm not asking for serious brain tumor meds here... I just know what's going to happen. So I left the office pretty ticked, and not fixed in the least obviously.

That night, I didn't sleep well at all, I had fevers, sweats, etc. and the next morning I woke up, and guess what... the whites had moved into tonsil land. Do I know my body or what?

The ironic thing of all this is that the office called me at 8 the next morning to tell me they had only charged me 30 cents instead of $30... oh how I bit my tongue when the opportunity came a knocking to slam the guy's performance. But I took the high road because I thought they might help me now that the spots were here... afterall, see the brain tumor, treat the brain tumor... right?

I called the office again and talked to them... they said they'd call me back, etc. And sure enough... the same nurse called me back, and it was without a doubt the most uncomfortable and pissed off I had been in a very long time because of a phone conversation. The guy at one point between the awkward silences and him coming up with the same explanations as the day before, he actually said with an attitude... "What is it you want me to do?"
I was floored... my jaw dropped, and the only thing I could say was the obvious. "I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!" So I finally gave up talking to him, and hung up.
I just could not believe that this guy as well as the whole group (receptionists and everyone) could be such jerks and rude to people like that. I seriously hope that I was the only person that got treated like that there... though I have a feeling because of the emptiness of the waiting room, that is not the case.

So after getting off the phone with the jerk, I still obviously felt bad, and needed to feel better before Derby... After brainstorming with people and a few phone calls and failed swindle attempts, I broke down quickly and went to a different walk in clinic.

I had to wait a little while at this one...
I also saw a nurse, but she was knowledgeable...
Everyone was nice including the receptionists...
I got meds...
I got better!

What a freakin' concept!

Seriously... I got some antibiotics and some cheap steroids... and in 3 days, I was feeling TONS better. 4th day, my spots where already gone. I hadn't been cured that quickly in a long time!

So for those of you in Paducah... go to RediCare, not PrimeCare for future reference.

Sorry, this was actually done a while back, but wasn't published for some reason.
Since then, I'm better, and Brooke is sick.  Not the same thing... but a good story none the less!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Derby Issue

Well, I mentioned it before, and now I've had a few family e-mails about the latest Louisville Magazine issue with last years derby photos in it.
Answer: Yes, I got some of my photos published again... You can now read all about it on my photo blog

derby issue

It's quickly approaching derby time again!
And that means I get to see if any of my photos made it into Louisville Magazine.
For those of you not "in the know", My uncle is the staff photographer at this fine publication. So a couple of years ago, he asked if I wanted to come to my first derby, which is a must see for any native Kentuckian. So I went, and actually got to take some photos, and worked some parties, etc. Well, it just so has it that a few of my shots made the magazine during their annual derby issue! So I was invited back in 07' to officially work this time. Well, it's that time again for the derby issue to come out, and I got several published this year as well. Below are the images that were published in the current months Louisville Magazine.

Got this shot at the Mint Jubilee which is a party the night before the derby. This is usually filled with some big names and it's a very interesting night. It is not even close to the biggest party... but it is certainly a noted one. This photo was cropped and inserted into the calender of events page. I honestly thought it was going to be useless because it was so dark, but John edited it and made it a very cool shot.
M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E... This was at the Pegasus Parade, which only two of us worked the day before 'The Oak' race. They shut down a very long stretch of highway for a pretty nice size parade that includes bands and such from all over the state. Including several I was very familiar with! (Bowling Green High, which is right behind in the photo, Calloway County, and Jasper High in Jasper, In... Where Brooke when to school!) This was not as daring as it may look. A zoom lens is a wonderful thing. I also had one similar to this where I'm facing the Budweiser Clydesdale horses... I was much more scared then. This shot was also cropped and put on the events calendar pages.This is Tommy Downs with Kathryn Joosten from several TV shows such as The West Wing, and Desperate Housewifes. Looking at her imdb profile... she's a bigger star than I ever even thought. Poor Tommy didn't make the crop though... This was just a photo of her in the stars section. Maybe next time Tommy!
This was my assigned photo. We knew going into the 07' Derby that in the 08' issue they were going to do a 'Then versus Now' story. Taking old historical photos, and recreating them for today's Churchhill downs that has changed quite a bit. This was interesting because my assigned photo was not possible to replicate perfectly. (as many of the others too) You can't see the left steeple because of the addition of the club boxes, etc. Therefore this was the closest I could get without shooting a TV barrel in turn 1, and a corporate sky box, both to the right of me.And last but not least... my favorite shot that made it in. This gentleman was in the paddock area and just looked interesting with the hat. Turned out very nice.

I realize to most photographers this isn't a big deal obviously... But to a guy who only has one shot a year to be published, it's a pretty big deal.
So needless to say, I'm excited about the 08' Derby coming up in a few weeks... Hopefully I'll have the same luck this year round! But I always have fun, and that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let's play catch up

So it hasn't been THAT long, but A LOT of stuff has happened.

I'll start small and get bigger as we go along...

  • Congrats Kansas, you deserved it. I'll post my tourny wrap up later, but overall it was some great basketball.

  • I upgraded my wordpress to 2.5 and I think I will like it. Even though I was kind of ticked before, I will accept my fate that I just did the work for nothing... Because this is a better build.

  • Next... I joined a band! They're called "Five on Friday" and they play mostly original stuff that's pretty bluesy. I love it, we've only had one practice... But they're all very talented musicians, and I feel privileged to play with them. They've already got several big gigs booked, so I'm stepping into a very good situation.

  • I also started playing soccer! And I now remember how it's easily the hardest sport to play because you're constantly running, etc. The first game was last week, and it was even indoors. Yet 5 or 10 minutes into the game, I'm sucking wind and sweating like an Eskimo in Belize! Very fun though, and I look forward to this weeks game too.

  • Derby magazine issue is out! And once again, I am published... Didn't get as many photos in as last years issue, but I didn't think I did as well either, so it makes sense. Either way, I was invited back and I'm looking forward to another hard yet fun weekend in Louisville. I'll show all the photos that made it on my photo blog if you'd like to see them. This one was my favorite that made it in though.

Later, I'll tell and show you about the latest flood we had!
You thought a foot of water was bad... wait till you see the pictures on three feet!
This one wasn't as fun... not that the first one was fun, but it was compared to this last one.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

I was going to try and go all day without getting tricked, but already 10 minutes within getting to work... I've been fooled twice.

First was a very slight one. Walked in this morning to work, and the bathrooms were closed off with a sign that says, "port-o-potty's will be arriving shortly"... and since fixing things at work doesn't stop at the toilets, I'm wondering what's wrong... luckily before I got too far into seeing what was wrong, a co worker reminded me it was probably a prank.

Next was a bigger one. Gmail has a thing in the upper right hand corner that lets you know what new is going on, etc. And today they had something that said "New Gmail Custom Time" yea... I go to try out the new feature, and I of course do not see it... because it's most likely not real, and a really good prank that got me good.

I'm sure I'll get fooled again before the day is over, so I'll add to this when the day is done...
And no... I have nothing good planned.

Crap!  Google got me twice today!!!
All the youtube videos today are going to a Rick Astley video... thought it was just that video, so I gave up and didn't think anything about it.  Then I find out later about all the google pranks for today!
Oh, and Allen tried to get me through the magic of texting this morning... but I had the google thing fresh on my mind.  Nice try G!