Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Big one

So to say the least... a lot has changed lately.
I couldn't talk about it as usual because one... it was all a bunch of secrets, and everything wasn't finalized where I even could talk about it.
Oh, and I didn't have time to type it all up either. I really don't right now for that matter, but I feel like I must because I've left you all in the dark for so long now!
Let's see... where to start.
I guess we'll go in chronological order of events.
I'll do these as little "mini posts" that summarizes things, so this doesn't become too long to read.
(If you need more in depth details about any of the changes... talk to me!)

First up... "See ya!" Friday, November 9th 2007
So I put in my two weeks notice today at work. I'm leaving Jackson to pursue a new career with Bristol Broadcasting in Paducah, Ky
I've come very close to working for this company before, but our time schedules have just never been on the same watch. This time seems to be different.
It's been interesting working in Jackson, but really I think this new opportunity in Paducah will be much better for me in a life changing way.
Normal questions I'm sure you wanting me to answer... yes it's more money and better hours, there is probably less responsibility, and there is a little room for advancement.
Should be very nice, and I'm looking forward to working with them.

Next up... "Yay for new jobs!" Early-Mid November 2007
Not only did I get a new job... but Brooke got one too! She had several offers from different schools, but she was offered a great opportunity inMassac County, Illinois!
Those of you not familiar with the geography of this part of the world... Metropolis is right across the river from Paducah! How perfect is that?! I told you my move would be much better for me in a life changing way! She actually had applied for some openings close to Frankfort, Ky which could have possibly kept me in Forever Communications due to the sale of some extra Clear Channel stations... but I think this will work out better for both of us anyway.

Next... "I'm hunting" Early-Mid November 2007
I realize it's probably open season... and no one reading this can imagine me with a rifle... so let me explain.
I'm very tired of this moving thing. I'm very tired of looking for that perfect radio job. I'm very tired of paying $669 a month for a small 1 bedroom apartment that I can't even play my drums in.
So what kind of hunting am I doing? That's right... house hunting. We piled up the whole gang and went to look at about 10-15 houses... And we've got it narrowed down to a couple of real nice ones.
Who knows... maybe I'll be a homeowner by the end of the year! Wouldn't that be neat?

... "Gettin' Hitched!" Sunday, November 11th 2007
Well, it's been a long time... Over 4 years of ups and downs. She's stuck with me all the times I've been an idiot, and for that I thank her. And through the years, there's never been a moment that I don't think she couldn't make me smile if she wanted to. I see the happiness that both of our parents have together... Family, Friends, and others have seen the same in their own lives, and now I want to feel the same connection to my special someone for the rest of my life. Brooke has truly been the one that makes me a better person. Even if it was just as simple as making me smile when I had a crap day. She's been there, good times and bad. I like to think that I've been there for her as well.
Sometimes I think there's just something more than sense of humor, physical attraction, common interests, and all the other cliche's in the dating world. Something that connects you to a person, no matter the differences or obstacles you face. And I think I've found that something with Brooke. I just had to grow up a little to see it.
So I've asked her to marry me, and she's accepted. More details and the story coming soon, most likely to our wedding website that will be located at http://bk-ee.info
see the bling?

Next, like I can top it... "Saying goodbye" Mid-late November 2007
So I didn't spend a lot of time here in Jackson either. And I can't help but think that my job in Chattanooga, and this one in Jackson were very similar even though they weren't at all the same position. I had a chance to spear head something new... but I'm not sure I (nor anyone else in the company) understood exactly what we were going after. We knew there was money to be made (and there still is) but I don't think we know how to get there. (we meaning radio in general) I think some stations/sites get it... but the concept isn't solid yet, and doesn't work for every market. Is radio really hurting this much that we force ourselves to adopt a new model of business we don't yet understand or know if it will even work? Granted, I think online is the next big thing for media and our industry... but I also don't believe that the small local station has the time, knowledge, money, manpower, or resources to correctly compete in this arena. I have a model of how I think it could work... but again, no one would ever listen for me to voice my opinion... and it was also just opinion, and I know nothing about the bottom lines and true inner workings of a radio office. So I guess I'll shut my mouth. But I'm just saying that it's probably going to fail for small markets until they figure out how to localize, consolidate and sell together as two mediums acting separately. I still think radio is in trouble if the radio aspect is gone... but what's worse is the little guys.
Anyways... thanks for all the memories Jackson. It's been fun, and I'll miss you all.

"New Job and all kinds of good stuff!" Late November 2007
Started the new job, and I think it's going to be good. Sure, I'll miss the old job a little... but not much. I'm trying to move on, and things just ended up being perfect timing for everything. I mean think about it... Got a good job offer, in a great town, in a good company, in a position that I love! Then on top of all that, Brooke gets a great job offer in the town right across the river. We get engaged, and everything is just falling into place. A bunch of little stuff fell into place as well... Like where I could stay while my apartment lease runs out in Jackson, etc. (HUGE thanks to Shane and Andrea for letting me stay for the week.) And now on top of all that, I've started making bids on a house in Paducah! I told you, I'm tired of moving around, and I'm tired of throwing my money away to rich rental property companies. So I'm one step closer to becoming a home owner. More on this later I'm sure.

"Home owner!" Late November 2007
Wow, that was a major hassle compared to renting... and it sure is costing me a lot of money upfront... but guess what?! I own a house!!! It's perfect... Already fixed up for the most part, in a great neighborhood, basically a total remodeled home. Oh, and it's got a basement! I know that's not very exciting for you all... but to a drummer that hasn't been able to play anytime he wants to for years, it's a big deal. Lots of room for improvement, so the house could not only save me money because I'd be owning not renting... but hey, it might make me some money one day! It's a 3br 2bath with a downstairs basement and pull in 1 car garage. Oh, and it's got a toilet in the basement. So by the time I'm done with the place, it'll be a 4br 2 1/2 bath!
My parents have been a HUGE help in getting this obviously. And both my parents and Brooke's parents have been great throughout the whole experience. It was stressful, but it's going to be well worth it.
First Home!

"Moving" Early December 2007
Let me share something with you... moving twice in one year is stupid... doing it two years in a row is insane. Ok, so I didn't quite make it to this milestone, but I was closer than I wanted to be. Either way... this WILL be the last time for a while. At least, it better be. HUGE thanks to Big AL for all his help before and during the move, and for just being a good friend. Another thanks to Slater for helping during the move. You're both beasts of men! And as always, thanks to the 'rents again... I promise next time I'll hire a moving company. Went pretty quickly though overall. Had plenty of help on both ends actually. (Thanks to Brooke's parents on thePaducah end.) Had a few "friends" not show up on both ends too though... so I'm disappointed a little in that. Oh well, It all worked out.

"Plans" Mid December 2007
So we've got some plans settled in. July 19th in Jasper Indiana at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Reception to follow in Huntingburg at the Events center. Should be a lot of fun. Getting everything else planned is not however. It's just one thing after another! From big stuff like a band or a DJ... to little stuff like what color the flowers are going to be. I realize some of you are saying... "But Evan, it's a wedding! It's all big stuff!" And I agree... to a certain extent. But I guess I just have very little knowledge when it comes to the color Lavender or Champagne. Good thing I've got a gal who does. ;-)
Speaking of that Gal... She's an official Murray State Grad now! Got one really cool shot from the ceremony that I'll share. If she wants to show you the family ones and stuff, that's her deal. But I thought this one was really neat, and I got lucky getting it.
just a little editing... LUCKY SHOT!

"Happy Holidays!" Late December - early January 2007-08
I'll try and summarize this one into a few things. Merry Christmas first of all... It's going to be a good one I think. First one in the new house, and the tree here is ROCKIN'
looks like we stole it from a store!Guess who decorated? NOT ME! Because it's awesome looking...
Starting to really get settled in here. Parents have been more than generous as they've given me the old leather couch. Sure they got a new one... but it saves me from having to buy one on my own. And with that money saved, we got a huge plasma TV! Merry Christmas to me! My first big screen tv actually! A lot different than the ol' trusty Sanyo 19' incher. Fun story behind getting the new one if anyone's interested.
Got lots of great gifts from the family as usual, and had a good time in Jasper and Russellville with the families.The ol' family
The ol' family
Weird, I'm going to have another family soon. Speaking of that other family... they did a good job reminding me I have a house to take care of now. They got me a weed-eater. Thanks guys... looking forward to using that. The House is looking great, and only a few small problems here and there. Mainly a little bit of water in the basement anytime there's some heavy rain... bummer. Good thing we put a water free guarantee in the agreement! We've got to get it dry before we can make it more than just a basement.
We started putting a list together of family and friends to invite to the wedding... and we now realize that we have to have a bigger church. More on that as it develops.
New Years was kind of dull this year. No seafood, no black eye peas, no champagne, no countdown on the right time?! We decided we would do the actual new years eve thing at the new house, and on the new TV! Well, watching the east coast version of the countdown is nothing different... but normally, it's repeated so central time can enjoy the countdown too. Not this year! I woke up from a daze about 5 after midnight only to see that I had missed a countdown. How depressing... Oh well, here's to a great 08!

"Change of plans" Early January 2008
So I told you we'd probably have to change churches... and sure enough, we are. Instead of Redeemer, we are now going to be at St. Paul's in Haysville (which is just a little north of the city)
We're still going to have the reception in the Huntingburg Events center, and we're getting closer and closer to the other details being hammered out as well. We're planning on having the rehearsal dinner at the Schnitzelbank Restaurant in Jasper. And of course there's other kinds of plans that we've been having to make that are changing everyday. Fun stuff.

"Lazy" Mid-late January 2008
I started this post a while back, and I typed up to this point... and I guess I don't know how to end it or something. But things just keep happening, and I still haven't posted this one! Back in the same habits of not posting of the site... (sigh)
Plus, I keep remembering things that I forgot, and I really realize after reading it all over that I'm missing sooooo much stuff. Like the cable/dish incident, the new camera, running out of ribbon, wedding plans like groomsmen and bridesmaids, registering for gifts, dead jeep battery, dead black birds flying into windows, and all kinds of other stuff! I even forgot to put up anything about Thanksgiving! (Which was a fantastic time with my family in Russellville...)
I guess I'll just end it with this past weekend in Jasper and Louisville. It was a super busy weekend to say the least. Uncle John set up a studio space for us basically at my grandfather's house in Louisville, and we took our engagement photos... I'm sure when those turn up, they'll be here and on the wedding site. Then we also went to the Derby Dinner Playhouse again. Good times had by all. Not the best show we've seen there, but it's always very good. Then we went to a bridal show on Sunday. Loads of fun... Just reminds us of exactly how much stuff there is to do. I've got to get to bookin' a honeymoon! But I've got a feeling what we want, and what we can afford are two totally different things. We might not even leave the country... Oh well, it'll be fun no matter what.
Super bowl is this weekend... go Giants! I know... I hate it as much as you do probably. But I just strongly dislike the Pats. Sorry Uncle Lee... You know you guys are probably going to win anyways. So what do you do if you're in my shoes and really don't like either team at all? Yep... Commercials!

So I guess I'm done with this huge post finally... Like I said, I know I forgot about a million things, but I hope I at least got the picture across that it's been busy lately.
I swear, things are settling down a little now, and I'm going to start posting some more. Probably with more pictures as well actually. Did I say that before?
Ok, well I hope you enjoyed it... it was a lot of work to catch up, and just makes me wonder why I still do this site to be honest. :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The biggest update to date

I realize I haven't posted in a very long time...
I assure you there is a very good reason for this.

Just know that there is a huge update coming within the next couple of days that I'm sure you probably already know about if you're close to me. If not, be ready for some life changing news. Not really changing your life... but mine :-)

Lots of stuff to catch you up on, and from here on out, I'm going to be updating the site a lot more... again.
Figured out a few technical things that should make things like photo posting a lot easier. I probably will also add a photography category as I seem to be becoming more and more interested in it as I learn more about it in my spare time.
Even a new site will be announced with this new post coming up...

So come back for the biggest news and change to ee.com

I'll holla!