Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was going to!

So last week I was sick.  Literally all of last week...  So I had plenty of time to post the big follow up with everything.  But I didn't.  And now here I am explaining to you all that I suck and that again, I will eventually put everything up... I swear!

so a quick update instead.
Yes, I got married.  Everything went great, I'll get the photos up soon, and married life has been very good!
Yes, I got the iphone... it rocks, if you don't have one yet... you should.
Five on friday played a couple big crowds/shows, and it was fun.  Now we're not doing anything and I'm bored.
Yes, I got the jeep fixed... but Brooke's got busted up in the wind storm recently.  It's fixed now as well.
Yes, the rebuild here at work is going along fine, and it will be a neat new studios.

And so on and so forth...

You missed out on soo much and I appologize.  I even played (and lost) in a tennis tournament here in Paducah!

ONE DAY... I will eat some fish and try and remember what all has happened the last 4-5 months that I haven't told you about.
Until then... I'm alive and doing ok.  Hope you're doing the same.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

What the Fritz

An update with all the important stuff is coming soon.
But first, a fun photo from strassenfest 2008!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Household tips and other updates!

Hello all!
Just dropping in for a few things I feel I must share.

It's officially summer, and some of you might be finding yourself with an ant problem... Not aunts, but those small crawly's that find their way into your kitchen somehow.
I also had this problem recently, and bought a Raid trap, that didn't work at all.
Being the resourceful/pack rat type of guy that I am... I remembered I had some Terro in a box somewhere.
What do I do for comedy sake? I put the Terro on top of the Raid Traps

Yep, within a few days my ant problem was solved... so don't bother with the name brand you've heard of... get the "crack for ants" stuff.  You'll be glad you did.

So it's obviously been a few strange weeks.  Wreck, another flood, medical stuff, etc.  It's just been strange.  I say strange, because I don't want to say bad, even though that's kind of what it's been.
But I had some really good news today.  It may not seem all that important to you... but as a big fan of the series, it's a big deal.
3 Bourne's weren't enough! YES!

Here's a quick run down of what's going on the next few weeks/weekends.
Party time this weekend with the G's
First gig with "Five on Friday" in Mayfield on July 4th
Russellville showers next weekend
Another gig in Mayfield on July 12th
Then "the big weekend"...  Followed by some R&R
Back to work and a normal life.

But... life is crazy, so who knows what could be added/subtracted to this list...

Really looking forward to seeing everyone in Jasper... Some people are making long hauls to be with us, and we appreciate it.  Or I do at least ;-)

So... Until then, or if something changes... we'll see ya!  (unless i end up having time to post something between now and then. (unlikely) )

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

on the lake

It's been a while since I've updated... but I had a chance to shoot some really cool shots on the lake last week. It's really easy to get good shots when everything around you is so beautiful... it's just a matter of seeing it. Had a great time with work friends... but as usual, I'd like to focus on the background.

Friday, June 13, 2008

You got to be kiddin' me...

Dateline: Paducah, Ky
Jeeps are just as tough as we all thought!

So I'm leaving work, about to go out to the range to shag a few balls with the guys.
Following Michael on a road everyone has driven a million times.
This guy waiting to turn left into his driveway, decides for some odd reason that he can make it between Mikey and I... then midway through the turn, realizes he shouldn't have done that.
So... with my cat like reflexes, I slam on my brakes, lock it up, and to avoid hitting the now halted truck in the middle of the road... I go to the right.
I miss the truck, and barely miss a telephone pole, but take out a couple of mailboxes. What I hit last should have stopped me.
I brace for a hard impact as I'm helpless, about to hit a riding lawnmower for sale on the side of the road.
Then, instead of a sudden stop, I get the sensation of flying almost. (No joke!) And I realize I've literally monster trucked over this lawn mower!

I finally come to a halt with my back bumper hung up on the crushed mower.
Luckily, there was no one hurt, and there were plenty of people around to call for help, witness, etc.
A couple of sheriffs show up to the scene, and make the comment that they've never seen this before.
They all watch as I put the Jeep into 4 wheel drive, and slowly drive off the mower.
This was the result.

The aftermath

So with that... you'd think there'd be tons of damage to the jeep, correct?
Really not all that much considering exactly what happened.

There was obviously some damage to the back too... but I have to say that this is amazing. So the next time anyone calls your Liberty a "Jeep Mini" and makes fun of you... just tell them you can run over mowers.

Last night was really not a good night to be honest, and it was just getting worse. Not only did I have the wreck, but we had axed the boat trip, I came home to no food again yet there are ants all over the kitchen, then when I went to post this message, I realized that my last post about my iphone mishap didn't get saved?! So it was turning into a really bad night... so with the Celtics only being down like 20 points or so when I started watching... I just assumed they would lose and continue to make my night horrible. So I went to Kroger to get some food and supplies, and when I got back, they had made a ballgame out of it!
Then they won! And I decided that my night and next day had to be turning around.

Today has GOT to be a good day... it was just too mixed yesterday. Some great, some awful... I need a consistent day please.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So I'm all set and ready to buy my new iphone today... but I figured there would be a big fuss over lines, and media coverage all over the place today, etc.  But nothing...

Got to looking around... and found out it doesn't come out till July 11th?!!!

I'm glad I didn't go to the AT&T store asking for one!  I would have looked like a fool!

What's weird is that I had accidentally put July 11th on that last post, and then criticized myself for being so stupid as to put that...  Little did I know my fingers are smarter than my brain.

So now I will be forced to suffer I guess, for another month with no iphone... my feelings staying hurt, and still in a funk I can't seem to get out of.
I need my tooth back on...

Monday, June 9, 2008

money money!

Money money money.... MONEY!

Guess what came in the mail today!
Thanks Dubya!

Is it any coincidence that my stimulus check came the exact same day that they announce the new iphone?
I think not...
Is it a coincidence that my phone lost a screw today that I can't get back in without taking the whole phone apart?
I think not...

June 11th will be an early wedding gift... to myself ;-)
After all... I've got to support the economy, right?!

(Note: I'm not totally immature, the other 400 is likely to go towards the mortgage)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

new avg... again

Ok... so anyone that has had me work on their computer in the past, or suggest free software for their computer... you probably have 'AVG Free' installed.  You're might be noticing an experation notice, trying to get you to upgrade to 8.0

Well, much like last time... they're trying to make money and push their newest commercial product.  But don't worry!  They still offer a free version of AVG that works just fine.  So don't worry about that scary message that's popping up.  Just download AVG from cnet!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

update with a turkey sandwich

yes, that's right... I'm eating a turkey sandwich while I type this.  I'm extremely talented... can't you tell?

So the knee/leg is doing better... not great, but better.  It's like I hit a wall of healing, for the first few days I healed quickly and thought I'd be fine in a week or two... then it just kind of stopped, and now I'm stuck doing excercises and having to apeal to my insurance company because they don't want to

Monday, May 12, 2008


Just a quick update for everyone. (I swear I'll get back to the derby recap eventually)

Last Thursday was fun... if you want to call it that. Last night of regular season indoor soccer, which I've enjoyed very much. Until Thursday that is. Stupid, is the best word that I can find to describe the scheduling of the last games. Normally we just play one game a night, sometimes we play two nights in a row... But NEVER, do we play two games in one night... especially the night after we just had a game. How this happened, is beyond me.
So we played our first game, and we played pretty well... ended up winning and savoring victory for the first time all season. It felt good... But now we've got to play again?! No subs, no pressure... let's just have fun.
OR, let's break a leg! Ok, I didn't break it... but it sure felt like I did.
Set the scene:
On the defensive, coming back... ball is kicked over my head... jumped up to head it, missed... kept trying to jump but was obviously out of leg... came down, left leg still straightened out. Cleats dig in, knee and ankle collapse outward. I hear a 'pop' as I'm falling to the ground with a yell. (that yell got made fun of too! Yea, I heard...)
Three chiropractors that luckily are on the team gather around to check me out... I am helped off the field, and ice down the rest of the game and can barely walk out of the building without help.
The next morning, I got to the guys' office so they can take a look at me... they move my knee around one way, and I hear Calvin say "uh oh" or something of that nature... Not good obviously. So they schedule me an MRI, I lay through my first MRI which was interesting to say the least. Scans come back with nothing major torn... I ice down more than I've ever iced before.

Kickers: The game shouldn't have been played obviously... but it turns out that it ACTUALLY shouldn't have been played. The other team didn't have the correct players, so we had already won the game by default! Yea... I hurt myself over a game that didn't count.

My Parents graciously came up to see me instead of me driving to see them for mothers day like I had originally planned. Hey, Mother must know best, because today, I'm walking semi normal with a knee and ankle brace on...

But needless to say, it was a pretty scary thought in which everyone thought I probably hurt something much worse. But nothing torn, just sprained thank God!

Next up... Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 13th... what I've been waiting for.
What was neat is that I got to watch their documentary 'Drive Well' this weekend while I was laid up with the leg! I had never seen it before, so it was very cool.
If you're also looking for some good FREE music... check out NIN and atleast download 'Discipline'

Also, I've decided that I will fall inline come June 9th for what is predicted to be the announcement of the new and improved iphone... I'm not a mac head or anything, but I just think it will be another revolutionary phone, and I have to have a new one soon anyways. So as long as AT&T gives me a break on the price for signing yet another 2 year contract, then I will buy one.

That is all for now...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Down and Derby

Another year, another fun and successful Derby.

However, I don't have a lot of time to post a full and comprehensive report of everything.
I will however give you a preview...

"nah... it's going to rain... let's go see Iron Man"
"Hey, Tommy... I'm bored."
"Sometimes John let's me going up the alley..."

Good times had by all, all these stories and more to come!
Check back soon.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

adventures in tonsil land!

Well, it's been a long time since I've written about sickness or my tonsils...
In fact, I used to do it very often. But I think I got tired of writing the same "ugh, I'm sick, etc." over and over again... so I gave up on trying to make it interesting.

Well that all changes this time around!

I had the worst doctor experience in my life this past week. And I feel I must share and warn...

So Monday rolls around, and I'm not feeling the greatest... I know what's coming, it's happened too many times before. My throat is sore, I've got a slight fever, and I just don't feel like doing anything because of the aches and such. So with a lot coming to my plate in the next week or so... I HAVE to get better and quickly. So I wanted to kick it before it kicked me. Sounds like a decent plan, correct?

So I asked Greg my boss where he goes to the doctor, etc. He informs me of a walk in clinic called PrimeCare, which is fine. So I call the place, they say their not busy... and I scoot out there. Literally, the place is not busy as in, I'm the only one in the waiting room! That should have been my first sign that something might go wrong.
My first mistake however was when I signed in, I had an option of seeing a 'Doctor', 'Registered Nurse', or 'No preference'... Now I know a few RN's, and I've even trusted one to give me care at one time... but I should have put down doctor in this situation rather than 'no preference'.

I get in there, everything is going fine till the guy comes in. He's got a soul patch... great.
Not that I have anything against soul patches, because they can be cool on the right people. You an artist? Cool, grow it. A hip college professor? Sure... But do me a favor, if you're trying to be a doctor of any kind, and you want to look professional... shave the patch. Come on'

Next the guy procceds to tell me that he thinks it's just a cold, etc. But wants to run a strep test. Well, I've never had strep throat ever... knock on wood... but the point of this is that they usually always think it's strep, and it's always tonsils... yet when I tell doctors this, they think I'm an idiot. That is until they get the negative strep test back. Which once again happened... only this guy didn't want to admit he was wrong.

He tells me that I've got a cold, and I should go home get plenty of rest, drink plenty of liquids, etc. Basically shoving me off without even listening to what I said. His reasoning was... well, if I didn't see a brain tumor on someone, I wouldn't give them medicine for a brain tumor.
Yea... I'm not asking for serious brain tumor meds here... I just know what's going to happen. So I left the office pretty ticked, and not fixed in the least obviously.

That night, I didn't sleep well at all, I had fevers, sweats, etc. and the next morning I woke up, and guess what... the whites had moved into tonsil land. Do I know my body or what?

The ironic thing of all this is that the office called me at 8 the next morning to tell me they had only charged me 30 cents instead of $30... oh how I bit my tongue when the opportunity came a knocking to slam the guy's performance. But I took the high road because I thought they might help me now that the spots were here... afterall, see the brain tumor, treat the brain tumor... right?

I called the office again and talked to them... they said they'd call me back, etc. And sure enough... the same nurse called me back, and it was without a doubt the most uncomfortable and pissed off I had been in a very long time because of a phone conversation. The guy at one point between the awkward silences and him coming up with the same explanations as the day before, he actually said with an attitude... "What is it you want me to do?"
I was floored... my jaw dropped, and the only thing I could say was the obvious. "I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!" So I finally gave up talking to him, and hung up.
I just could not believe that this guy as well as the whole group (receptionists and everyone) could be such jerks and rude to people like that. I seriously hope that I was the only person that got treated like that there... though I have a feeling because of the emptiness of the waiting room, that is not the case.

So after getting off the phone with the jerk, I still obviously felt bad, and needed to feel better before Derby... After brainstorming with people and a few phone calls and failed swindle attempts, I broke down quickly and went to a different walk in clinic.

I had to wait a little while at this one...
I also saw a nurse, but she was knowledgeable...
Everyone was nice including the receptionists...
I got meds...
I got better!

What a freakin' concept!

Seriously... I got some antibiotics and some cheap steroids... and in 3 days, I was feeling TONS better. 4th day, my spots where already gone. I hadn't been cured that quickly in a long time!

So for those of you in Paducah... go to RediCare, not PrimeCare for future reference.

Sorry, this was actually done a while back, but wasn't published for some reason.
Since then, I'm better, and Brooke is sick.  Not the same thing... but a good story none the less!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Derby Issue

Well, I mentioned it before, and now I've had a few family e-mails about the latest Louisville Magazine issue with last years derby photos in it.
Answer: Yes, I got some of my photos published again... You can now read all about it on my photo blog

derby issue

It's quickly approaching derby time again!
And that means I get to see if any of my photos made it into Louisville Magazine.
For those of you not "in the know", My uncle is the staff photographer at this fine publication. So a couple of years ago, he asked if I wanted to come to my first derby, which is a must see for any native Kentuckian. So I went, and actually got to take some photos, and worked some parties, etc. Well, it just so has it that a few of my shots made the magazine during their annual derby issue! So I was invited back in 07' to officially work this time. Well, it's that time again for the derby issue to come out, and I got several published this year as well. Below are the images that were published in the current months Louisville Magazine.

Got this shot at the Mint Jubilee which is a party the night before the derby. This is usually filled with some big names and it's a very interesting night. It is not even close to the biggest party... but it is certainly a noted one. This photo was cropped and inserted into the calender of events page. I honestly thought it was going to be useless because it was so dark, but John edited it and made it a very cool shot.
M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E... This was at the Pegasus Parade, which only two of us worked the day before 'The Oak' race. They shut down a very long stretch of highway for a pretty nice size parade that includes bands and such from all over the state. Including several I was very familiar with! (Bowling Green High, which is right behind in the photo, Calloway County, and Jasper High in Jasper, In... Where Brooke when to school!) This was not as daring as it may look. A zoom lens is a wonderful thing. I also had one similar to this where I'm facing the Budweiser Clydesdale horses... I was much more scared then. This shot was also cropped and put on the events calendar pages.This is Tommy Downs with Kathryn Joosten from several TV shows such as The West Wing, and Desperate Housewifes. Looking at her imdb profile... she's a bigger star than I ever even thought. Poor Tommy didn't make the crop though... This was just a photo of her in the stars section. Maybe next time Tommy!
This was my assigned photo. We knew going into the 07' Derby that in the 08' issue they were going to do a 'Then versus Now' story. Taking old historical photos, and recreating them for today's Churchhill downs that has changed quite a bit. This was interesting because my assigned photo was not possible to replicate perfectly. (as many of the others too) You can't see the left steeple because of the addition of the club boxes, etc. Therefore this was the closest I could get without shooting a TV barrel in turn 1, and a corporate sky box, both to the right of me.And last but not least... my favorite shot that made it in. This gentleman was in the paddock area and just looked interesting with the hat. Turned out very nice.

I realize to most photographers this isn't a big deal obviously... But to a guy who only has one shot a year to be published, it's a pretty big deal.
So needless to say, I'm excited about the 08' Derby coming up in a few weeks... Hopefully I'll have the same luck this year round! But I always have fun, and that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let's play catch up

So it hasn't been THAT long, but A LOT of stuff has happened.

I'll start small and get bigger as we go along...

  • Congrats Kansas, you deserved it. I'll post my tourny wrap up later, but overall it was some great basketball.

  • I upgraded my wordpress to 2.5 and I think I will like it. Even though I was kind of ticked before, I will accept my fate that I just did the work for nothing... Because this is a better build.

  • Next... I joined a band! They're called "Five on Friday" and they play mostly original stuff that's pretty bluesy. I love it, we've only had one practice... But they're all very talented musicians, and I feel privileged to play with them. They've already got several big gigs booked, so I'm stepping into a very good situation.

  • I also started playing soccer! And I now remember how it's easily the hardest sport to play because you're constantly running, etc. The first game was last week, and it was even indoors. Yet 5 or 10 minutes into the game, I'm sucking wind and sweating like an Eskimo in Belize! Very fun though, and I look forward to this weeks game too.

  • Derby magazine issue is out! And once again, I am published... Didn't get as many photos in as last years issue, but I didn't think I did as well either, so it makes sense. Either way, I was invited back and I'm looking forward to another hard yet fun weekend in Louisville. I'll show all the photos that made it on my photo blog if you'd like to see them. This one was my favorite that made it in though.

Later, I'll tell and show you about the latest flood we had!
You thought a foot of water was bad... wait till you see the pictures on three feet!
This one wasn't as fun... not that the first one was fun, but it was compared to this last one.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

I was going to try and go all day without getting tricked, but already 10 minutes within getting to work... I've been fooled twice.

First was a very slight one. Walked in this morning to work, and the bathrooms were closed off with a sign that says, "port-o-potty's will be arriving shortly"... and since fixing things at work doesn't stop at the toilets, I'm wondering what's wrong... luckily before I got too far into seeing what was wrong, a co worker reminded me it was probably a prank.

Next was a bigger one. Gmail has a thing in the upper right hand corner that lets you know what new is going on, etc. And today they had something that said "New Gmail Custom Time" yea... I go to try out the new feature, and I of course do not see it... because it's most likely not real, and a really good prank that got me good.

I'm sure I'll get fooled again before the day is over, so I'll add to this when the day is done...
And no... I have nothing good planned.

Crap!  Google got me twice today!!!
All the youtube videos today are going to a Rick Astley video... thought it was just that video, so I gave up and didn't think anything about it.  Then I find out later about all the google pranks for today!
Oh, and Allen tried to get me through the magic of texting this morning... but I had the google thing fresh on my mind.  Nice try G!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

tips and random thoughts

I ran across something incredibly interesting this morning.
Check out this thing on "50 Great Things you Never Knew you Could do with Tennis Balls"

Thought it was really neat. Although, since I switched to pressure-less practice balls in my hopper... I really don't need this but for the occasional match that's played where I try and use good balls.

And on a completely unrelated topic...

Ever notice how all sporty new car commercials that are trying to attract the young city night life type, always have wet roads that the car drives on all by itself. The car is never wet or dirty like most normal cars are while driving on freshly dampened pavement, and they must be driving in the 'I am legend' set, because there's not a person or another car in view for a million miles. I guess all ads are pretty ridiculous for the most part though.

And I'll end on another tip page that I find interesting...  75 Frugal Hacks for Your Home
I now find myself doing some of these things because of the purchase of our home.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still not worried

Although slightly more now, than I was before I heard about the Justice Dept. giving the green light for the Sirus-XM merger

I still stand by the fact that people still need local radio. Satellite radio will not give local forecasts, or news in and around the community... Satellite radio will still never have... well, I don't know what else they won't have. And I guess that's why I'm slightly worried. If people were to start jumping on the satellite bandwagon, there's going to be some major trouble though.
Just think about it... as far as I know, the technology isn't there (yet) to make things local... therefore, not only won't people get weather or community news, etc. But they won't get local commercials. And I know you're saying to yourself, "That's the point of satellite radio! No commercial interruptions, etc." Yea, sure... but who's going to tell you about the red tag special at the local furniture store? Not all business is a national chain yet... and even so, some stores in chains don't do the same promotions at the same time, etc.

What happens to community events? Who's going to announce the fish fry down on the square in a small town? Who's going to promote a Hot August Blues concert coming to the local lake area? How will you know and be reminded about all this stuff? Community involvement could hit an all time low.

And I keep going back to the weather thing... I know you don't pay attention much to the normal forecasts every half hour or so... but what happens when severe weather comes along? Your power/tv is out... cable and internet has snapped... Newspaper doesn't come until the morning... and Satellite radio doesn't care about Paducah, Kentucky... Worst case scenario you've driven radio out to where they can't make enough money to pay a live board operator to stay during the night, much less a real DJ that would know how to handle the situation. The only thing you're left with is a weather radio with an automated voice that's kind of creepy as it is! (Even more so with a storm going in the background!)

I hear all the arguments about why not to change... "People won't pay for radio!"
Like they wouldn't pay for cable TV when it came out? And Satellite TV after that?

"People are just in an ipod phase, they'll come back to radio! That's where they get the new stuff anyways."
They ipod and other mp3 players have been out since 2001, and have flooded the market as quick (if not quicker) than the internet and cell phone booms of the last couple of decades. Don't think the iphone won't look at having streaming audio/internet radio on one of it's future versions if the demand is there for it. And with services like, pandora, and other (social) music discovery's... the social aspect of music will easily push new music to the new generation of listeners.

I even heard another scary thought yesterday... Some company has started to manufacture a chip that allows you to use the extensive cell phone data networks to hook a computer in the dash of your car, up to the internet. Therefore, my predictions of having streaming audio in your car will be coming true, just as I said it would 3 or 4 years ago. I've got to dig up that news release, and then find my prediction so you don't think I'm just saying that for this occasion.
I'm telling you... it's happening, change is coming, and it's coming quicker and stronger than radio has ever seen it.

Do I think radio is gone and outdated? No... but I do think we've got some catching up to do... I'm afraid we might have to take a lesson from our media friends before us. Newspapers have had to migrate to online, and even though they still do business the traditional way, they've found a way to fill in the gaps with new technology. Guess what... TV is already starting to see the shift as well, and they offer tons of content online as well. It's time for radio to get the picture and get it right, and get it online, immediately... because if we don't, someone else will.

Ran across this today, and thought it was an interesting concept.
I support, and didn't even realize that cbs radio bought them out before I read this.  I'd like to see where they're going with the plan though.  Could be interesting...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

a bit of spring

The snow has seemed to finally melted away, the days are starting to get longer, and it's not uncommon to see cold gusts of wind, or warm showers just roll in without a moments notice. the most beautiful plants start to grow, and even the weeds that are out now are the nice kinds! I don't know if these (left) are considered flowers, plants, or weeds... but they're everywhere in paducah right now, and they're a sight for sore eyes. I think they might be called an easter lily because they seem to come out in full force right before easter... but every photo I've looked at online to confirm that, none of them are yellow like this. Either way... Happy Easter, and let spring roll on!

One thing I've noticed about spring is that everyone has been itching to play golf all winter long. That seems to be the sport of choice at work at least. So at the first sign of a nice day, people are skipping out early, or just slipping out overall to try and get a round of 18 in at the local course.

And sometimes people (like myself) might ask other coworkers if they would swing at a couple of golf balls so they could try and get a cool shot for their photo blog... And sometimes things can go really wrong, and the last shot out or 4 or 5, just shanks off the side of the iron, hits a nearby wooden object, and barely misses the head of another coworker that's a spectator is this horrible idea

This (above) may, or may not of been the result of that story... probably not, but I still thought it was a very neat image that needed to be included. I still never got the original shot I wanted, but it was obviously time to stop.

The only thing that spring is not good for, is rain... and not that rain is bad, but a lot of rain is very bad... especially for some basements... like mine. As you could imagine, this was a pretty big deal.
I realize this isn't a very pretty photo... but it was the best one I could find. When I was taking them, I was thinking more about insurance than I was art... you know? But I can see where this could have been fun to shoot had it not been my basement? Look at the water reflection on the wall, and objects reflecting in the water. I think I might have learned the lesson of that there is still beauty even in tragedy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

water-free basement?

yea right...

The basement has been the only really big sore spot with the new house. We were told it was going to be "water free" and all we've had are little small leaks.  But they're leaks that make a mess and you can't put carpet down on because of, etc.
Well with all the storms Tuesday night/Wednesday morning... leaks turned into flood.


So I'm sure you're asking yourself just how much stuff got destroyed? Fortunately... nothing extremely valuable that we know of. It's a lucky story actually. The storm woke me up in the middle of the night. Normally I sleep pretty hard during storms and rain, but when lightning starts hitting loud, I tend to get up now days. So I got up, and went to the basement to check and make sure the pump hadn't kicked a breaker or anything. Well, about that time... work called and a couple of stations were off.  As I was talking, I heard a slight "pop" and then I see this water quickly slipping up on me that's coming from the side of the garage door! So I quickly let the guy go, started grabbing boxes and putting them on the ping-pong table. Within 10-15 minutes, there was a foot of water in the entire basement. That's a lot of water... luckily, the drums didn't get hurt, and most everything else we got up in time. But if I hadn't have come down when I did... a lot of stuff would have been floating and probably ruined.

Strange enough, when the water finally started to go down the drain in the garage section, it didn't take but about 30 minutes for it all to go down. Very strange...
So needless to say, I had an interesting conversation with the guy who sold the house who also did the remodel and signed off on a "water free" basement.  Wasn't a nasty conversation by any stretch of the imagination... but I think he'll be coming to fix at least the leaks this coming week.

So today, Brooke and her dad are cleaning up the aftermath.  I'll put up some before and after pictures to let you see how they did.
I think my parents are coming up tomorrow instead of me going there... so we'll have a weekend of fun as well.  We'll at least have to replace one of the old pumps that wasn't supposed to be submerging, but got submerged... yea, it sparks now!

Fun times being a home owner...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

all for nothing...

Today, I thought I had turned a corner. I thought after I reinstalled wordpress, and everything was back up and working perfectly, I'd try to improve on things. I was excited, and looking forward to making the site better.
I went on a plugin spree... I bet I download 5 or 6 of them. And as it turns out... it was all for nothing.

What a waste of my time, effort, bandwidth, and storage space... So now that I find all this cool stuff that I can manually put into wordpress to make it even better than it already is... they say "it's coming up".
I love and hate you, all at the same time.

Do me a favor... I know everyone else is ready to jump up to 2.5
But I'm not, and I don't want the temptation to upgrade either... so for my sake, atleast wait a couple of weeks.

But still... expect to see a few changes on the site hopefully for the better.  For example... I'm starting to mess around with Tags, and you might notice the huge 'tag cloud' in the right side.  Basically, it's kind of an extension of 'Categories'.  So where the Categories are pretty broad subjects, the tag cloud can take you to something more specific that I've written about, etc.
I've also found a great photo gallery to use now, but as you can see in the article... it would be a waste of time for me to set it up and use it if I plan to upgrade with them. (*insert mad face)

I am also about to embark on a redesign journey for one of the sites I take care of. If anyone that reads this is good at making wordpress themes, I'll need some help. I'm going to try and use it as strictly a CMS for the site. I've read in several places that even though it's built for blogging, it can be a powerful CMS as well... I guess I sort of use as both a blog and cms, so I figured I'd give it at try for which desperately needs a face lift, as well as a cms for them to use.  If it works well enough, maybe I'll do it for all the sites I take care of!

Then again, maybe I should just wait for the new version to come out since it seems like it might be different enough to have to change a lot of things around, etc.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bracket time

First off... sorry if anyone reads this site with an rss reader. Somehow I lost the wordpress mysql database? But things sorta worked still, just very slowly and with connection errors from time to time... so rather than fighting it while trying to figure out the problem, I just backed up and reloaded the whole thing. So I'm sure that it showed all new posts or something to that effect. Either way... I dodged a bullet, because I have no clue how to fix anything that sounds complex... which this did. If you see something that's missing that I had on the old site that needs to be on this one... let me know, please.

Next... Have I told you that I love march, lately? Well, I do...
I filled out several different sheets this year unlike my normal "Sheet of Integrity" and even though most of them are pretty much the same, I can say that this will be a tournament for the ages. I just think there could be tons of upsets this year. And I know saying this might make me sound like a homer because they put UK in despite a loss on a lucky shot, and b.s. call with UGA... (Glad they went all the way though after beating us)
But I'm really liking the teams that are in it... I think this is the best bracket we've had in a while. I think I'm actually going to have to agree with Dicky V, and say the only team that really got screwed was Arizona State... I really think they meant to put them in instead of Arizona, but they just forgot to put State after it, and didn't have the heart to tell them they couldn't come.

Anyways... I'm going to put my brackets up for you all to see. I'm only putting two up, but it's all pretty similar and I don't pick a lot of upsets even though I think there will be several this year.

First Bracket This was the first one I filled out... and I did it quickly without thinking a lot. First instincts, you know?

Last one This is the one that has money and pride riding on it... This is probably my "Sheet of Integrity" If I had to pick one.

What does yours look like? Who do you have winning it all, etc.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Yet ANOTHER google feature

Testing a new feature

You know me and my google features... I found another one today that I might love.
or not...
This is a test to see how googledocs can post a blog entry directly to sites.

I'm honestly not sure of the advantage here... but just to know I can is kind of cool

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dancin’… (edited, again)

UK better be dancin' this year!!! I've been saying it since before we played UT the second time... If we can win out, including Florida... we'd be in. It's been a long year, with some roller coaster turns and twists... but we made it! And even if I sounded negative at times... I was :-)

BUT now after today, I think it'd be hard to deny us. Especially if we get a win or two in the SEC tourney.

Good and bad news for my Racers... Girls won the OVC tournament and are going to the big dance for the first time EVER! Great job lady racers and first year head coach what's her name.
Bad news is the boys lost before they even got to the finals... so of course, Austin Peay won the whole thing again, and are going dancin. If you're interested, you can read all about it at

Ready for the SEC tournament to start now! Should be some fun... I LOVE MARCH! It's like January and February with Football!

OH! And on the tennis side of things... Two in a row! He's back!

This part could probably be in a new post... but since this has become the "support UK basketball" post, and sports post all together... figured I'd just tack it on to the end.
So one of UK's losses early in the season that everyone still harps on is San Diego... right?
So if they're in now, all of a sudden it shouldn't be such a big loss on our resume... correct?
Just a thought! :-)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Winter Wonderland... In March?

Today started out very surprising actually. Everyone was talking about this huge winter storm yesterday, that was coming through and was going to blanket the area!
I originally had said... Nah, nothing will happen. Then I let myself get talked into believing all the hype. Well, for the morning hours ,when we were supposed to be getting 1-2 inches of snow... my original theory was correct. In fact, I had a completely different photo blog post lined up to be honest! It was only at around 2pm or so that it all changed, and we were quickly blanketed with snow. Which was fine, because let's face it... you can get some pretty neat shots in the wintry weather! So I did... I brought my camera to work after lunch, and had a blast taking shots of different things and got some great shots!

The above photo is similar to what I had planned on taking if there was very little snow on the ground... sort of my way of "sticking it" to the weather man, etc. But instead, I get this... Green, trying to make its way through the snow. Neat contrast of colors I thought.

Right outside of our office/shed... there's always been this shovel. It doesn't move, and to my knowledge... it hasn't been used in a while either. I just found the snow dust swirling around it, a very neat site to see.

Shooting in this type of weather made for interesting compromises. No one wants to get their camera wet... so you're forced to find places to hide from the wind that whips snow flakes into you.

While I was out here, I talked the other two members of the "trio" into playing football, and I got some really cool shots of them as well. I shared their photos with them, and would have easily put those photos above these... but since I work with them, and they might not want to have their pictures up on the web, etc. I'll go with these.

And finally... on the way up the dangerously slick hill in my Jeep... I stopped at the top of the road for what I thought was an interesting site for some reason. Can't exactly put my finger on it... but I enjoy looking at this.

I'm sure there will be some other snow photos tomorrow as I plan to have a snow fight at some point. Hopefully though, it's the last winter weather of the year...

A new adventure

Anyone that knows me very well... probably knows how I have a tendency to try a new project from time to time.
Well that time has come. Things are going pretty well for me... enjoying the new job a lot, loving the new house, the new life, etc. So that's usually when it's time for a new adventure for me.

Frequent visitors to also know my love for google, and google products. So you can imagine how bad I've been wanting a way to try and use my account somehow. Since I'm pretty fond of wordpress, and because of older projects I've done, I can't just use as my blog and get rid of the web server... So needless to say, I was pretty excited when it finally hit me yesterday as to what I should do with it.

As I've said here lately... I am really starting to enjoy photography more and more. Though I'm not great at it, I do enjoy it... so I've decided to turn into my "photo blog". In doing this, I'm going to try my best to at least post one new photo once a week, and more if possible. I'll also break out some older shots if they fit the topic of the post. Though it won't exactly be a "photo a day" blog like others have... I'll try and put as many on there as I can. (limiting myself on the sub-par stuff, obviously) I just wanted another opportunity to do something I like a lot, and explore the art of photography even further. No big deal really... just for fun and learning.
You can read the other introduction to the new blog here

So check it out next time you get a chance. You'll also find the link to the page from now on under the 'My Other Links' list

Old Fashion Shoe Shine

Ironically, I was trying to think of my first photo to put up here tonight, when it hit me.
Brooke scuffed her shoes up pretty bad this morning, so I told her I would polish them for her. As I was doing this tonight, I remembered one of my favorite shots of the 06' Derby. Caught this young lady trying to do the same thing, only the old fashion way.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've decided...

Well, it took me a very long time to figure it out... but I've decided to make this a photography blog.
Just out of the blue really. Figured I didn't have enough interesting content for a radio or technology blog... and I love taking pictures. So why not do more of that and give myself a chance to learn the art of photography a little more?!
So I'll be posting photographs both old and new of things I've taken.
I will try and at least post one picture a week... but would love to do more than that.

So here we go... the journey of life behind the lens of an amateur photographer.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Otis Jam 08′

So the Jam session a couple weekends ago is officially being called Otis Jam 08'
And I now have the main attraction. ;-)
I'm playing percussion on these pieces btw... not drumset
Visit HERE for now... but I should have it up on this post as soon as I figure out why it's not working.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

well… crap (EDIT!)

Just when I thought big blue nation was going to turn a crap year into something decent... This happens

Here comes 3 or 4 more in the right side of the column... See ya at the NIT! Or next year...


After watching the second half of a tight game with UT, I think we could have a shot at still making it in the big dance. We played well, and hung in there with a good game plan from Billy G.
Dad and I have been talking about this quite a bit lately, because I don't think I was alive the last time UK wasn't in the big dance! (due to a lackluster record that is) But I stand by the fact that if we can win the next two... including the gators, (sorry friends and family down in the sunshine state) and win at least two games in the SEC... there's no way we can be ignored for the tourny.

BUT, if we are ignored, and we must go to the NIT... dad pointed out that in 78' (a year we won it all) the season before, we went to the NIT and won it all. So the point is... big blue nation just has to be patient.

Just a quick note to mention I had over reacted about the loss of our big man, and that I'm going to be positive the remainder of the year... no matter what.

On another note... GO RACERS GO! They beat the crap out of UT-Martin to lock up a close second place in the OVC. And as always, it's just us and Austin Peay at the top of the heap. Good luck tourny time boys! Hope to see you in the big dance!

And on a final note... Federer might just be on his way down! Not that I really think that, but dad and I were also talking about how nice it would be for Pete to keep the title as best player ever, etc. :-)

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Friday, February 29, 2008

jam session 1

Ok, so here's that audio from the jam session party I promised you.
I'll make sure and post a few more of the tunes when I get them... but for now, this is all I have.

Take a listen!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What a crappy time of year.

The weather is terrible, cold, and wet... And for the last month and a half, we've had at least some type of major storm every week... most of the time on Tuesday. Storms, tornadoes, snow, ice... any kind of storm or severe weather you can think of, that doesn't have to do with a tropical paradise... we've had it at least once since the new year. Even had a night without power in the new house, and about 36 hours without power at work during the ice storm one. Trees down in the yard, etc. Just nasty stuff. I love the term "wintery mix" by the way... It basically means, ok this weather is so bad, we don't know what to call it, so we're going to make up a cutesy term to make it sound less threatening.

Spring is supposed to be right around the corner, and I feel like I've got nothing to look forward to!

Even the pro-bowl is over... And there's no football left.
I guess there's some pretty good basketball coming up, but right now it's just speculation on who's getting to go to the big dance.

Just depressing.

I did have ONE semi-bright spot this past weekend though. My coworker/boss has been playing bass for a very long time, and he's very good at it as well... So needless to say, he's played with a lot of musicians over the years. Well, several years back... they threw a surprise birthday party for him with all the people that he had ever played with... they got together and jammed all night! It was so much fun that it became a yearly tradition... (I hope I told that story accurately!) Well the time came this year, and he invited me to play percussion with him in one of the "main attraction" groups! Which also needless to say, is awesome! We put together about 6 tunes, practiced early that afternoon... then that night, when our time was up... we jammed! And it was fun... There's been very few bands I've played with/been in where I've felt like I might be the "low person on the totem pole" but this was one of them. It's not that I played bad, because I didn't... The group that was playing was just that good! Even the drummer for the group I played with, graduated from Murray State, and studied under Tom V. too! Fun stuff, considering I hadn't played with any group in probably 2 years! Even got to play some kit with one of the "you play this time!" groups. It was all just a very fun night that I think everyone enjoyed that was there... even people that didn't play. I hear there's a video and possibly a good audio recording of the night... if there is and I get my hands on it, I'll pick out some of the better tunes and put them up on the site.

See... now I'm done talking about the bright moment, and now I'm slowing coming back down to earth... my legs are getting cold again, I'm wishing the heat would kick on, and the snow just keeps falling outside.

Nothing much else going on really. is a lot closer to being done if you want to check it out.
I've been slowly updating this site as well. Things that are just out of date, etc. So if you can think of something I'm missing, or you see something that needs to be changed... please let me know before I get started on another project as I've got a few others lined up.

Hope things are well in your world...
I'll holla! :-)

Friday, February 8, 2008


Do not edit this page

Close calls (edited)

Not like I can top the last post... but as they say in Hollywood, "The Blog must go on!"
Or something like that.

I'm sure many of you, if not all of you, heard about the storms that ripped through the south on Tuesday. And maybe some of you saw the destruction of Jackson, TN... the city I just moved away from. I do feel for the city residents, and friends left behind in Jackson... but a part of me can't help but think... "man I'm glad I was out of there." Because literally, the tornado hit the north end of town... guess where I lived, along with a bunch of my friends too... The north end of town. Kind of scary when you think about it. Even though there weren't as many deaths around there as there were in other parts of TN... It's still a close call, and there are several injured students at Union University.

Brooke's parents also had some damage on the property up in Indiana, but luckily no one was hurt, and all the animals escaped without a scratch as well. Pretty close call for them though, and I'm glad the worse thing that happened was a grain auger tipping over.

That's two weeks in a row that Tuesday's have produced pretty dangerous storms in Paducah, and the area. I'm really hoping that this Tuesday doesn't bring the same thing. I don't know how much more we can all take.

Other than wx stuff, things have been pretty good. Big congrats to the Giants who knocked off a giant. What a huge couple of years for the Manning family! I can just see the manning family gathering around the dinner table on a Sunday during the off season with the boys comparing Super Bowl rings, etc. Fun times!

Oh, and the Cats are on a great little run! We might make the tourney after all! Several big time wins, and we're starting to win on the road now too! Maybe this Billie G guy actually knows what he's doing!

(Edited part)
Anyways... I WAS planning on going home this weekend to see the work Dad did to the basement ceiling, and it was hopefully going to inspire me to do some work on the house... Like I needed another reason. But instead, we're staying here this weekend to catch up on everything. Hopefully I'll get up and edited, etc. I've also already done some work on this site as well. You know, changing 'About me' sections and such. So check out the whole site, and see what I've forgotten.
(end edit)
Getting tired of writing, and it's getting close to quitting time on a Friday!
Hope you have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Big one

So to say the least... a lot has changed lately.
I couldn't talk about it as usual because one... it was all a bunch of secrets, and everything wasn't finalized where I even could talk about it.
Oh, and I didn't have time to type it all up either. I really don't right now for that matter, but I feel like I must because I've left you all in the dark for so long now!
Let's see... where to start.
I guess we'll go in chronological order of events.
I'll do these as little "mini posts" that summarizes things, so this doesn't become too long to read.
(If you need more in depth details about any of the changes... talk to me!)

First up... "See ya!" Friday, November 9th 2007
So I put in my two weeks notice today at work. I'm leaving Jackson to pursue a new career with Bristol Broadcasting in Paducah, Ky
I've come very close to working for this company before, but our time schedules have just never been on the same watch. This time seems to be different.
It's been interesting working in Jackson, but really I think this new opportunity in Paducah will be much better for me in a life changing way.
Normal questions I'm sure you wanting me to answer... yes it's more money and better hours, there is probably less responsibility, and there is a little room for advancement.
Should be very nice, and I'm looking forward to working with them.

Next up... "Yay for new jobs!" Early-Mid November 2007
Not only did I get a new job... but Brooke got one too! She had several offers from different schools, but she was offered a great opportunity inMassac County, Illinois!
Those of you not familiar with the geography of this part of the world... Metropolis is right across the river from Paducah! How perfect is that?! I told you my move would be much better for me in a life changing way! She actually had applied for some openings close to Frankfort, Ky which could have possibly kept me in Forever Communications due to the sale of some extra Clear Channel stations... but I think this will work out better for both of us anyway.

Next... "I'm hunting" Early-Mid November 2007
I realize it's probably open season... and no one reading this can imagine me with a rifle... so let me explain.
I'm very tired of this moving thing. I'm very tired of looking for that perfect radio job. I'm very tired of paying $669 a month for a small 1 bedroom apartment that I can't even play my drums in.
So what kind of hunting am I doing? That's right... house hunting. We piled up the whole gang and went to look at about 10-15 houses... And we've got it narrowed down to a couple of real nice ones.
Who knows... maybe I'll be a homeowner by the end of the year! Wouldn't that be neat?

... "Gettin' Hitched!" Sunday, November 11th 2007
Well, it's been a long time... Over 4 years of ups and downs. She's stuck with me all the times I've been an idiot, and for that I thank her. And through the years, there's never been a moment that I don't think she couldn't make me smile if she wanted to. I see the happiness that both of our parents have together... Family, Friends, and others have seen the same in their own lives, and now I want to feel the same connection to my special someone for the rest of my life. Brooke has truly been the one that makes me a better person. Even if it was just as simple as making me smile when I had a crap day. She's been there, good times and bad. I like to think that I've been there for her as well.
Sometimes I think there's just something more than sense of humor, physical attraction, common interests, and all the other cliche's in the dating world. Something that connects you to a person, no matter the differences or obstacles you face. And I think I've found that something with Brooke. I just had to grow up a little to see it.
So I've asked her to marry me, and she's accepted. More details and the story coming soon, most likely to our wedding website that will be located at
see the bling?

Next, like I can top it... "Saying goodbye" Mid-late November 2007
So I didn't spend a lot of time here in Jackson either. And I can't help but think that my job in Chattanooga, and this one in Jackson were very similar even though they weren't at all the same position. I had a chance to spear head something new... but I'm not sure I (nor anyone else in the company) understood exactly what we were going after. We knew there was money to be made (and there still is) but I don't think we know how to get there. (we meaning radio in general) I think some stations/sites get it... but the concept isn't solid yet, and doesn't work for every market. Is radio really hurting this much that we force ourselves to adopt a new model of business we don't yet understand or know if it will even work? Granted, I think online is the next big thing for media and our industry... but I also don't believe that the small local station has the time, knowledge, money, manpower, or resources to correctly compete in this arena. I have a model of how I think it could work... but again, no one would ever listen for me to voice my opinion... and it was also just opinion, and I know nothing about the bottom lines and true inner workings of a radio office. So I guess I'll shut my mouth. But I'm just saying that it's probably going to fail for small markets until they figure out how to localize, consolidate and sell together as two mediums acting separately. I still think radio is in trouble if the radio aspect is gone... but what's worse is the little guys.
Anyways... thanks for all the memories Jackson. It's been fun, and I'll miss you all.

"New Job and all kinds of good stuff!" Late November 2007
Started the new job, and I think it's going to be good. Sure, I'll miss the old job a little... but not much. I'm trying to move on, and things just ended up being perfect timing for everything. I mean think about it... Got a good job offer, in a great town, in a good company, in a position that I love! Then on top of all that, Brooke gets a great job offer in the town right across the river. We get engaged, and everything is just falling into place. A bunch of little stuff fell into place as well... Like where I could stay while my apartment lease runs out in Jackson, etc. (HUGE thanks to Shane and Andrea for letting me stay for the week.) And now on top of all that, I've started making bids on a house in Paducah! I told you, I'm tired of moving around, and I'm tired of throwing my money away to rich rental property companies. So I'm one step closer to becoming a home owner. More on this later I'm sure.

"Home owner!" Late November 2007
Wow, that was a major hassle compared to renting... and it sure is costing me a lot of money upfront... but guess what?! I own a house!!! It's perfect... Already fixed up for the most part, in a great neighborhood, basically a total remodeled home. Oh, and it's got a basement! I know that's not very exciting for you all... but to a drummer that hasn't been able to play anytime he wants to for years, it's a big deal. Lots of room for improvement, so the house could not only save me money because I'd be owning not renting... but hey, it might make me some money one day! It's a 3br 2bath with a downstairs basement and pull in 1 car garage. Oh, and it's got a toilet in the basement. So by the time I'm done with the place, it'll be a 4br 2 1/2 bath!
My parents have been a HUGE help in getting this obviously. And both my parents and Brooke's parents have been great throughout the whole experience. It was stressful, but it's going to be well worth it.
First Home!

"Moving" Early December 2007
Let me share something with you... moving twice in one year is stupid... doing it two years in a row is insane. Ok, so I didn't quite make it to this milestone, but I was closer than I wanted to be. Either way... this WILL be the last time for a while. At least, it better be. HUGE thanks to Big AL for all his help before and during the move, and for just being a good friend. Another thanks to Slater for helping during the move. You're both beasts of men! And as always, thanks to the 'rents again... I promise next time I'll hire a moving company. Went pretty quickly though overall. Had plenty of help on both ends actually. (Thanks to Brooke's parents on thePaducah end.) Had a few "friends" not show up on both ends too though... so I'm disappointed a little in that. Oh well, It all worked out.

"Plans" Mid December 2007
So we've got some plans settled in. July 19th in Jasper Indiana at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Reception to follow in Huntingburg at the Events center. Should be a lot of fun. Getting everything else planned is not however. It's just one thing after another! From big stuff like a band or a DJ... to little stuff like what color the flowers are going to be. I realize some of you are saying... "But Evan, it's a wedding! It's all big stuff!" And I agree... to a certain extent. But I guess I just have very little knowledge when it comes to the color Lavender or Champagne. Good thing I've got a gal who does. ;-)
Speaking of that Gal... She's an official Murray State Grad now! Got one really cool shot from the ceremony that I'll share. If she wants to show you the family ones and stuff, that's her deal. But I thought this one was really neat, and I got lucky getting it.
just a little editing... LUCKY SHOT!

"Happy Holidays!" Late December - early January 2007-08
I'll try and summarize this one into a few things. Merry Christmas first of all... It's going to be a good one I think. First one in the new house, and the tree here is ROCKIN'
looks like we stole it from a store!Guess who decorated? NOT ME! Because it's awesome looking...
Starting to really get settled in here. Parents have been more than generous as they've given me the old leather couch. Sure they got a new one... but it saves me from having to buy one on my own. And with that money saved, we got a huge plasma TV! Merry Christmas to me! My first big screen tv actually! A lot different than the ol' trusty Sanyo 19' incher. Fun story behind getting the new one if anyone's interested.
Got lots of great gifts from the family as usual, and had a good time in Jasper and Russellville with the families.The ol' family
The ol' family
Weird, I'm going to have another family soon. Speaking of that other family... they did a good job reminding me I have a house to take care of now. They got me a weed-eater. Thanks guys... looking forward to using that. The House is looking great, and only a few small problems here and there. Mainly a little bit of water in the basement anytime there's some heavy rain... bummer. Good thing we put a water free guarantee in the agreement! We've got to get it dry before we can make it more than just a basement.
We started putting a list together of family and friends to invite to the wedding... and we now realize that we have to have a bigger church. More on that as it develops.
New Years was kind of dull this year. No seafood, no black eye peas, no champagne, no countdown on the right time?! We decided we would do the actual new years eve thing at the new house, and on the new TV! Well, watching the east coast version of the countdown is nothing different... but normally, it's repeated so central time can enjoy the countdown too. Not this year! I woke up from a daze about 5 after midnight only to see that I had missed a countdown. How depressing... Oh well, here's to a great 08!

"Change of plans" Early January 2008
So I told you we'd probably have to change churches... and sure enough, we are. Instead of Redeemer, we are now going to be at St. Paul's in Haysville (which is just a little north of the city)
We're still going to have the reception in the Huntingburg Events center, and we're getting closer and closer to the other details being hammered out as well. We're planning on having the rehearsal dinner at the Schnitzelbank Restaurant in Jasper. And of course there's other kinds of plans that we've been having to make that are changing everyday. Fun stuff.

"Lazy" Mid-late January 2008
I started this post a while back, and I typed up to this point... and I guess I don't know how to end it or something. But things just keep happening, and I still haven't posted this one! Back in the same habits of not posting of the site... (sigh)
Plus, I keep remembering things that I forgot, and I really realize after reading it all over that I'm missing sooooo much stuff. Like the cable/dish incident, the new camera, running out of ribbon, wedding plans like groomsmen and bridesmaids, registering for gifts, dead jeep battery, dead black birds flying into windows, and all kinds of other stuff! I even forgot to put up anything about Thanksgiving! (Which was a fantastic time with my family in Russellville...)
I guess I'll just end it with this past weekend in Jasper and Louisville. It was a super busy weekend to say the least. Uncle John set up a studio space for us basically at my grandfather's house in Louisville, and we took our engagement photos... I'm sure when those turn up, they'll be here and on the wedding site. Then we also went to the Derby Dinner Playhouse again. Good times had by all. Not the best show we've seen there, but it's always very good. Then we went to a bridal show on Sunday. Loads of fun... Just reminds us of exactly how much stuff there is to do. I've got to get to bookin' a honeymoon! But I've got a feeling what we want, and what we can afford are two totally different things. We might not even leave the country... Oh well, it'll be fun no matter what.
Super bowl is this weekend... go Giants! I know... I hate it as much as you do probably. But I just strongly dislike the Pats. Sorry Uncle Lee... You know you guys are probably going to win anyways. So what do you do if you're in my shoes and really don't like either team at all? Yep... Commercials!

So I guess I'm done with this huge post finally... Like I said, I know I forgot about a million things, but I hope I at least got the picture across that it's been busy lately.
I swear, things are settling down a little now, and I'm going to start posting some more. Probably with more pictures as well actually. Did I say that before?
Ok, well I hope you enjoyed it... it was a lot of work to catch up, and just makes me wonder why I still do this site to be honest. :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The biggest update to date

I realize I haven't posted in a very long time...
I assure you there is a very good reason for this.

Just know that there is a huge update coming within the next couple of days that I'm sure you probably already know about if you're close to me. If not, be ready for some life changing news. Not really changing your life... but mine :-)

Lots of stuff to catch you up on, and from here on out, I'm going to be updating the site a lot more... again.
Figured out a few technical things that should make things like photo posting a lot easier. I probably will also add a photography category as I seem to be becoming more and more interested in it as I learn more about it in my spare time.
Even a new site will be announced with this new post coming up...

So come back for the biggest news and change to

I'll holla!