Monday, September 17, 2007

Just a quick one

Hey hey everyone... Just a quick note for a couple of things.

First off... My post Titan/Colts reaction. Why, oh why did you just not try and kick it for the win on 4th down?! I just don't get it! If he had nailed a 60 yarder in December last year to win the same game... why couldn't you let him do it again this year?!
Maybe I don't know much about coaching, but I've got confidence, and I wanted that win!!!

Still... it's should be a great year for my Titans, and I'm really looking forward to not starting the season 0-5.

Found a really good article today that I liked. Explains things pretty well about the technology gap of my generation vs. my dad's or similar age difference.
Check it out and read at least a little of it.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

I’m not dead… yet

Just wanted to write something to let everyone know I'm still alive.

I've just been super busy with everything, and haven't really had any time to write anything substantial for the site. Sure I can do stupid and boring stuff... but why?

If I had time, I know I'd be writing about lots of stuff though.
Sports stuff obviously. Cards are trying to make a comeback for the post season. Titans tuneups are over and I'm geared for a great season with V.Y. And the Open is making me happy and annoyed all at the same time as usual.
Personal stuff too. Work and radio in general is always a subject that gets me talking. I Had a fun time last weekend at Eddy Creek marina. And I still never wrote about the vacation!
And of course just the normal day to day stuff that happens. You know, the stuff that amuses me and would normally warrant a post here.
You get the point. I don't have time for real meaningful posts... so I make time for one post that I write "I don't have time for real posts" and I crawl back into my busy hole. You know how it works... You've been here before and long enough to know how it works!

So with that... I guess I'll see you when things slow down in... Let's shoot for a month?
See you then!

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