Friday, August 3, 2007

Another b-day has come, and gone

25 as of yesterday...

Thanks to all that wished me a happy birthday. And to the rest of you... it's cool. Honestly, I won't remember yours either. But really, it's just another year. Who makes a big deal about turning 25? It's only half way to 50! I get cheaper car insurance, and I'm expected to be more of an adult now... which I guess I'm ready for.

Quick story, and I'll move on.
So I went to a local hang out in Murray last night. (Yes, I drove to Murray for my b-day) I ordered a beer, and the waitress proceeded to card me... which is fine. Here's the kicker though... It's obviously my birthday, and she didn't say anything!
I know what you're saying... "But Evan, they look at the year first and then move on!" That what I would have thought... until her only words to me were, "Be careful, this license expires pretty soon." Ok, if you're paying attention to my expiration date on my drivers license, you better pay attention to the full date, and instead of lecturing me... you better wish me a stinkin' happy birthday! TIP = $0
Actually, it was a group of more than 8, so she added gratuity to the check... but if I had a choice, it would have been a fat ZERO!
Here's the really strange part. Went to the restroom... there was a guy in there. As we both did our business, somehow or another, we found out that both of our b-days were yesterday! Not only that, we were both born in 82! Weird... Not that weird though, because as you may or may not notice, August is a very popular time of year to be born. I know of more late July and August birthdays than I know any other time of year.
And now for the most strange part... the same thing that happened to me with the waitress, happened to him too!!! So I left "the john" and sat down, and he came out afterwards, and as he passed my table... we wished each other a happy b-day. Not normally the type of guy I'd try and befriend... but we're cosmic brothers. So there's some love there.

Moving on

So there's like a hundred things I've been meaning to post here, but I just haven't gotten around to it, and I apologize. I still owe you vacation stories, and some new photos, etc.

In the meantime... take a look at me when I was 5 years old.
Not really, but it'd be cool if I was.