Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get my old professor out of jail!

Not exactly what you were thinking... but yea.

Help my old College professor and good friend Jeremy McKeel get out of jail

Good cause, & good fun...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For the free loaders

This post is for my free loading friend(s) that need cool free software... especially if they're traveling out of country sometime within the next day or two. Billie P, I'm looking at you ;-)

Faithful readers of know my love for google. So much so that I advise you to take advantage of everything they offer, because rest assured, they will rule the earth before it's all said and done. Sign up for a gmail account first, and use all your mail on it. Then that same log in info works for everything else google too!
google calendar to keep appointments and remind yourself of things (even send reminders to a cell phone I discovered today!)
blogger in case you want to publish your thoughts and photos in a well layed out format.
picasa for those photo albums you want everyone to see
google video for those rich enough to own a camera, or a cool phone that takes good video
google pages for people that need some space to upload their own pages, or even files like mp3's and pdf's etc.

Google honestly offers just sooo much stuff, these are just a few of the things I use, and I think could be used for people that are supposed to be reading this post... Billie
I also personally use Google Docs, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google checkout, and all kinds of specific searches too like image search, video search, and of course... google maps. (I honestly don't know why I use google maps, because they don't even have my apartment as a physical address! crazy.)
One thing I really love is the fact I can get a lot of my favorite services on my cell phone too! I use the Gmail and Google Maps applications a lot on my phone. I also found today that I can use Calendar on my phone as well now!

Now for some other stuff that's free that I love.
Can't afford photoshop? Get GIMP, no question about it, the best free editor out there. Even now that I have photoshop... I sometime still just use GIMP

Computer didn't come with Microsoft programs like Word, excel, Powerpoint, etc? Well, if you can't get the job done with Google Docs... get Open Office! Big download, nice programs.

Need some audio editing? We all do from time to time... Check out Audacity, it's nice and free. Still does a lot of stuff that Audition and ProTools does.

Need to talk to friends with computers for free? Check out Skype... although I'm interested to really try out google talk and see if it rivals Skype. Anyone messed around with google talk before?

There's other stuff that I love too, and maybe one day I'll just list my favorite software... but for now, all those people heading to Turkish countries know what to get now before they get on a plane and leave the US.

Take care Billie p, and if you get a different blog address... which I hope you do. ;-) Let me know.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh, this will be a good tourny

Just check this out, and look the draw...

I can't wait.

After a very disappointing French open... I'm ready for the All England Club to step it up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

who’s the spy?

So now I know I'm being spied on. Dad and I had a conversation about this exact thing over the weekend!
Now, all of a sudden it happens?

I'm ready to watch some good tennis though... and that's all.

Is it really so much of a coincidence that my vacation starts when Wimbledon does?
I think not...

Monday, June 18, 2007

shut up… it’s my site (edit 6-19)

Yea, so I said like over a week ago I'd have the second rant up.
It's my site... and if I don't want to put it up the next day like I told you I would... then it's not going up till I'm good and ready for it!

We're still cool though, right?
thought so...

So on to rant 2.
I can't believe I know someone that got busted. Yea, so all these scare stories about the RIAA coming to get people... must be somewhat true. I know someone who downloaded 10 songs illegally. What makes this person any different from the other people I know that have downloaded thousands of dollars worth of music and movies?
4,000 bucks is what.

Yep... that's no typo! I know a girl that downloaded 10 measly songs at college, got caught, got threatened with jail time, and ended up paying the RIAA 4 grand for 10 freakin songs.
Is it just me, or is that just a little much? Sure she should have paid for the songs... but come on! I know guys that have downloaded 4 grand worth of stuff... I don't see them behind bars, or paying a mark up. (in case you're doing the math, it's 400% and they'd owe $1,600,000)

What if 4000 is the minimum payment or something? You'd be better off downloading a bunch of stuff so you atleast make the 4 grand mark to make it worth your while!

You ready for the saddest part about this? I remember a time when I downloaded stuff for free... back when I was at wku and Napster was the coolest thing going. I look back at the stuff I got online, and listen to it, and quickly realize the quality is CRAP! So not only did she most likely download 10 songs she could have easily paid $9.90 for, but she also got someone's crappy hand-me-down that sounds like it was ripped in as an mp3 at 128 (if you think that's good quality, please leave this site now) and got rammed for more money than I used to make in 2 months!

I'm not saying I don't agree with her being caught. I'm not saying she shouldn't have to pay at least a little more than what she would have doing it legit. But come on... this is just too much. It really is ridiculous. There's a lot worse people out there, that are downloading a lot more. Don't pick on the little people. Pick on the people that really abuse the system... don't be stupid.

I hope you're as burnt up about this as I am, and have been ever since I heard it... and I gave it plenty of time to die down too so I could find out if 4 grand was a stretch, but it's for real.
The world is just stupid...

I'm almost hoping that she just got scammed by some clever people who saw a naive college kid, picked out 10 popular songs, accused her of downloading... got lucky that she didn't ask for proof, and that she actually paid that much.
That would really suck for her if that was the case... but I just don't want to believe that the RIAA is that unfair. You know?

I'll have another rant sometime soon... I had already forgot what else I was going to write about a week or so ago, but I'm coming up on a vacation, so it's hard to be too upset. I'm just relaxed actually. You should be too!

Here's some mellow out music (not mello yellow) to cool you down now.
Plus, we're actually in the month of June! How cool is that!

I heard a different song from Madita on a radio360 podcast and got hooked right away. Bought the album, and just chill to it.
I really need to thank radio360 for introducing me with several cool artists. Fink being another one recently that's just cool.

So I had a great fathers day weekend this past weekend too.
I should have got a photo of dad and I... but it slipped my mind till now.
It's still funny to me that my parents have a much much much better entertainment center than I do. Just the fact that I'm the techy geek type, and I've still got a 19' sanyo with a pieced together sound system in my living room... and my parents have this whole cool set up!
And I just added to the problem, We got dad a new sound system, and while setting it up, dad and I even went to the wally world to get him a dual deck vcr/dvd recorder... something I've been wanting for a while too.
So he racked up for his holiday... it's all deserved if you ask me though! I hope you always have a bigger TV than I do, dad.
I'm sure I'll get something else cool to write about soon.
If nothing else, it's time for the beach background... right?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beware… it’s a rant

This is a vent session. I'm not really mad, but I do need to get this out. It's been a while since I've posted obviously... but I've been strategically planning this one out in my head for a few weeks now. Ok, not really much strategy involved... just some ranting about everyday things.
Since it's rants... I'll break them up into a few posts each day. Plus I can't ever remember everything while I'm typing this stuff.

On to rant 1.

If I had known the future when I was a kid... I would have never let Kris get me hooked on Mello Yellow or Mt. Dew. Because apparently the world has gone mad. Who among you is supporting Surge, aka Vault? Please comment with a name and address, so I can come to your house and lock your fridge so you're never allowed to buy this threatening beverage again.

For some unknown reason, as I've mentioned here before... Jackson doesn't like Mello Yellow, and doesn't have a lot of pepsi contracts at restaurants for Mt. Dew either. Why? I don't know... I'm here now Jackson! I can support a Mello Yellow contract by myself!!!

What's worse? Places are now starting to replace my drink of choice with this god awful, caffeine infused, nectar from hell called Vault. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME COKE?!
I just don't get it... Have I not been good to you over the years? Sure, I've now made the switch to Citrus Drop... the Kroger version of your wonderful product. But that's not your fault, and I promise I still ask for Mello Yellow before I do Mt. Dew in every restaurant!

So let's get on the pepsi bandwagon. I went through a spell where I REALLY liked Mt. Dew Live Wire (the orange stuff) and drank it a lot... till I realized it was turning my teeth yellow. MY POINT BEING... I didn't ask for pepsi to replace something with this great product. So if I WAS a fan of Surge/Vault... I wouldn't expect it to make it's way to the restaurant taps so soon in it's career. That's just ridiculous to think that just poof, all of a sudden, we'll replace a staple of the coke brand! What's wrong with you?! Why would you even put the bug in places ears to make this switch?! Great eaterys as well! Chick-fil-A, Noble Romans, McDonalds, Steak and Shake, etc. I can except a whole town like Jackson to revolt against a drink together... but the next time it happens here... I will be extremely pissed. It's not like I don't have to put up with not having the comfort of walking into a establishment knowing my favorite beverage is only a couple of words away... Now I've got to go into places that DID have mello yellow, only to find out you conviced them Vault is a more popular drink, than the time tested nectar of the gods.

Who's in charge of your marketing? I want to put cotton in their mouth and then make them order their favorite drink. I'm betting it's the M.Y. HEY! That's a good marketing plan. "It's my M.Y." Just don't over-do this whole fad energy drink stuff... I'll be forced to switch to Sprite or some crap I don't want to drink.

I'll give you 48 hours to change everyone back... get to it.

Tomorrow, I rant about someone I know that got caught illegally downloading $10 worth of music, and received a jail threat, and ended up paying $4000 in fines... that's right. Not a typo.
$10 for $4,000 with a comma... You won't want to miss that one.

See you then!