Wednesday, May 16, 2007

time for a catch up…

Well, sorry. It's been a while. My bad.

Since my last post... let's see, I have:
-Stopped doing the morning show on 'The New Z105', but still continue with the PD duties. (Which is at least a fairly light load.) I also think I'm going to be able to get going on what I was actually hired to do fairly soon as well! It's been an interesting few months at work. We'll say that.
-I've had my second successful year of Derby. Fun stuff... photos turned out OK. I personally don't think they were as good as last years, but what do I know? Thanks to my uncle for playing a great host again! Advice for next year; never bet $20 on a parking job without specific rules in place.
-And I also had a great mother's day weekend with my family. Got into the Rville at a decent hour on Friday night, and actually spent time with my parents and family. Fun stuff there too.

My Mom and Me on Mother's Day

Surely there are things that I'm missing or forgetting... I am forgetting something, and don't call me Shirley.
Unfortunately, I can't think of what it is... so forget it.
I am going to attempt to upgrade my wordpress after I post this... so if you can read it, either everything went well, or I haven't tried yet.

Post Script... I didn't try to upgrade yet