Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There they are…

So randomly, Google/Picasa upped the storage space to 1 gig for free!
Thanks, Future ruler of the universe! (No seriously... google sounds kinda close to God doesn't it? Will Google end up being God? Struck by lightning...)
Either way, that makes things easy because I can just say
Go Here for those Derby Shots I was talking about. And here for the Mint Jubilee stuff.

I promise I'm so close to getting my own gallery here though.
I just need some free time to play with this program a little. I'm Sooo behind on everything.
Need a break... if you get an extra one, mail or e-mail it this way. THANKS!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Yep, I’m in magazines too now!

Howard Stern once said he was the "King of all media"
I beg to differ...
No, seriously... take this in the lightest sense, and remember to laugh often while reading.
This post is slightly overdue... but I haven't exactly had tons of time to spare to do a new post.
As some of the faithful to ee.com might know, I took some photos last year with my uncle (the photographer for Louisville Magazine, and possibly one of the top 10 most well known people of Louisville?) during the weekend of The Kentucky Derby. Well, believe it or not, with a little bit of coaching, and someone else's expensive camera... I took some shots that were good enough to be published in Louisville Magazine!

That's just one of the features in April's issue that has my "beautiful" work. ;-)
You may or may not have seen the originals of the weekend back when I had them up on the photo gallery on the old site. Either way, that site is gone, those photos are off the site now of course, and I'm yet to find a replacement photo gallery, even though I'm super close now!

But since you're here, and you're still reading this post... I'll share the original non edited photos that made me a published photographer... And the funny stories that go with them, of course!

Steve Shaluta and David Fattaleh get things kicked off.
This is after The Derby running, and I think I'm testing my camera for something?
Either way, this was used in the Contributors page... as photos of obviously two major photo contributors to the issue. The reason this is funny is because I thought I didn't get any credit for my photos in the magazine because I didn't make the "contributors" page... which was fine with me to be honest. I mean seriously... I don't even think I could have made up a fake paragraph about my so called "photography experience"
I'm stupid because I didn't even check the title pages of the features I have pictures on. My mom said something about seeing the pages with my name on it, and I said... "What pages?!"
Yea, I had no idea... My name's in there, twice... I'm dumb........... NEXT!
This is some Jockey at The Mint Jubilee.
The reason this is funny is because it's credited to be some BMX racer named David "Tinker" Juarez.

You can be the judge... but I'll go ahead and tell you... they look nothing alike.
But hey... whatever.
This is even funnier to me because it was a section that focused in on "Seeing Stars"
Yet, I made it a point to get several decent photos of the beautiful Alyssa Milano. Say it with me men... mmmmmmmm beautiful. Anyways... I got photos of her, for obvious reasons... that's the reason we were at that event was to get pictures of stars!

If you looked at the article in link at the beginning of the post, you may have seen two quarterbacks got photos that were printed. What quarterback shot of mine didn't make it you ask? Hall of fame QB John Elway! Oh well... Tom Brady has one a few games in his day... and who knew Peyton would finally get his ring this year too? Last time I checked though, Elway is still a better QB stat wise... right now, that is. MOVING ON!

Miss USA Tara Connor and entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie at The Mint Jubilee.
I have no idea who Blake is... but if you've watched any TV in the past year... you know who Tara Connor is!
Answer... no, we did not "party" with her. I mean come on, I have enough trouble with my nose and allergies with out drugs in it! :-)
So pretty though... no wonder the Donald went light on her. MORE?!

Nice hat! I found this tipsy girl on the walk back to our vehicles after The Derby.
Not really too much that's funny about this one. It is the biggest photo I have in the magazine as this one takes up over half a page.
Something hit me while looking at the 6 photos that did make it in. Between myself, and the professional photographers... I'm betting that we all had our "favorite" shots... and I'm also betting that the majority of them didn't make it in... I know mine didn't.
I guess it's not up to us though...
It's not like the ones that did make it in are bad. But you know... NEXT UP!

Are those horses doing what I think they're doing?
Yes they are... and neither Uncle John or myself can believe this one made it in!
Cool shot though... probably my favorite out of everything that's in the issue.
And Finally...
Lots of different shoes during Derby weekend!
Guess I need to thank Grace for this one... because it's her shoes that stick out and make this an interesting photo. Although the socks and white shoes would have been a neat shot by it's self. No real funny story with this one though... what a disappointing way to end the short slide show!

Either way... that's it. I'm pretty sure that's all I've got in it. Sure is neat though. It was tough waiting almost a whole year to see if any would get picked up. But I guess I've got a little bit of that natural talent from hanging around uncle John for so long now. I forget sometimes that I've been to several shoots with him while I've grown up, and I've seen what a good photographer sees... not necessarily through a lens like him, but from behind with the natural eye. Once I got the camera and some good pointers from him, it just was fun like it always has been hanging out with him during a shoot. It's especially neat for someone like me who doesn't like big crowds of people, to escape behind a viewfinder and keep my mind focused on the small things you might not see going through the motions of everyday life, as well as those not so everyday occasions...

I look forward to The Derby again this year... as now as a "published photographer" (and I use the term very loosely) I don't have to be Tom Downs the second time around... long story.

Radio, Internet, TV, and now magazines... what can't I get my hands into? ;-)
So this is the new "King of all media" saying goodnight.

Don't forget about the "NOTE" up top that says any form of ego in this post is meant to be a joke...

Oh, and I'll try and get the gallery back up asap so you can see all the shots from last year again... should get you geared up for the 5th of May, and the run for the roses! My vote is to bet on a Mexican horse... they're sure to win on Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NO! Why Vince?

This is not good...

I don't care if he doesn't believe in "the curse" it's just not what we need.
It's hard to not believe the curse really. But even if we just shrug it off, I don't think we need him getting a big head!

The sad part is, I don't see him getting a big head before I see the curse happening!
He seems like a kid that knows he's a good player, but wants to stay grounded and learn as much as he can to prove his doubters wrong. Plus he's got good teammates to keep him afloat as well.
But a Madden Curse can axe all of this!

A mist all of this, it seems trivial to talk of such things when something so tragic has happened in America. My heart goes out to those family who lost loved ones in the Virginia Tech Shooting.
I just hope you find some peace during this traumatic time.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

I guess this will work

Next best thing maybe?

Congrats different Billy... We'll treat you right if can keep us on track and get us back on top.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


see ya later chance at quick greatness...