Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quick! Help me…

need some advice from my smart peoples.

So I'm an AVG guy... I like free, but obviously AVG will not be free soon. So what AntiVirus should I make the switch to? Or should I just pay for AVG? I dig it, it's easy on the system. I'm sure there's other options out there too. The other issue I'll most likely run into is the fact that every computer that I've worked on in the last... oh, year or so, has AVG free on it.

I tried the Windows live security thing for my Grandfather who just doesn't know a lot about computers. Seems like it's going to be perfect for someone like him, who doesn't need/want a lot of control, but needs the protection still.

But now I'm looking for an alternative for mine, and other computers that AVG Free is used on.

Comment, let me know!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time for a change… again

Doesn't seem like that long ago I did this. But hey, I'm very goal oriented and want to be on top of my industry... so that means moving forward when I can. After nine good months, I'm moving on from Chattanooga. And you'll never guess who I'm going to work for now. First let's recap the last year or so.

I will now take you all the way back to 2005... I know, hard to think of isn't it?!
Here I am, Murray, KY graduated from College, in the same job I had been in for close to 5 years. In the same company I had been with for almost 8 years. Granted, there had been lots of changes since I was a 15 year old part timer inRussellville , KY. But still, I had been loyal, learning, hard working, and now educated. What's the first thing you're supposed to do when you graduate from college? You go out and get a job that makes you more money. For me, I wanted to stay in my job and make more money... even though I knew that wasn't possible. But wait, there's light at the end of the tunnel! The company buys some stations about an hour and a half away in Jackson, TN from Clear Channel. Looks like an opportunity to advance a current employee right? Nah. I was used to this kind of luck though... after all, a couple of years back when it looked like I was going to advance by taking more responsibility with the other stations close to Murray... they sold all theMayfield stations. So the second time around, I was about ready to move on one way or another. I didn't get along with the GM, they had cleaned house with some people that I still question, and I just knew I wasn't going to go anywhere anytime soon in the company.
So, After a long and grueling search I had it narrowed down to a couple of places. An on air position with long time Bowling Green rival stationWGGC , or an engineer position with Clear Channel Chattanooga. So I move on to Chattanooga. Clear Channel... keep that in mind. Obviously it was more money, but it also appeared to have more growth potential. I was an assistant engineer underneath another young engineer... sound familiar? Still there seemed like there could be quick growth. I mean come on... it's selling almost 500 radio stations right now, and it's still the biggest broadcast company by far! Fortune 500, leading edge of technology, etc etc etc. It was hard to turn down all the flashy lights and potential. A couple of months in I started thinking it might have been a bad choice. I was missing on air work, it was a long distance to the people I know and love, and it was just new. But I stuck with it, I learned, and I waited.
Meanwhile in the industry... things were changing. Things had been changing for about 3 or 4 years now, but radio is kind of slow, and they just now realized maybe they should do the same. I wrote a paper in college with cited sources about 3 years ago explaining this change if that tells you how long it's taken all of radio to realize the evolution. Seriously... if there was time for people to write books and articles, and me to figure it out and write a thesis on it... don't you think radio would have noticed earlier? Anyway... they're seeing it now. Radio stations are starting to see the potential in online outlets. Clear Channel has started a full swingtorwards online content, so they can make online dollars. Even my former company realizes what's going down. You seeing where this is going?

Prophet. NexGen. PSI. Coyote. All four of these words pretty much mean the same thing... but I never thought it'd get me a management job. Clear Channel is a very uniform company. Uniform in the fact that they make all of their stations use similar equipment, this makes troubleshooting and implementation much much easier when you make, use, and support the automation system that the entire company uses. It's really brilliant actually.

I need to stop beating around the bush.
Here's the rest of the story.
When Forever Communications (my old company) bought those stations in Jackson TN from Clear Channel (current company) they left the Prophet automation systems. Which goes against everything Forever inc. is. But, it gives me a job! They needed someone with prophet experience (which I've gotten down here in Chattanooga) to help out the IT side of things down in Jackson, and on top of that, they were going to create a new corporate position for someone to direct online operations for the entire company.
That would be me too.

So as of the new year, I will start back with Forever Communications. This time in a new role, new city, and new more experienced thoughts. January 2nd, I start in Jackson, TN as the Corporate Director of Online Operations and an IT specialist.

It's kind of weird how things work out really. I left for 'the nooga' looking for a new and better job. I found that, plus I ended up making myself even more valuable to other companies... So while some people may look of it as, "well, if you had stayed in Murray, you would/could have been promoted to Jackson..." They'd be wrong. I wouldn't have gotten the NexGen experience they're searching for. Plus, sometimes leaving is the only way to let people know how valuable you were to the company. I'm learning a lot... about the industry, business, and life. (heart warming smile here)

I'm extremely excited about getting started. I have had a vision for a long time about this future of radio, and I hope very much that I can make some waves and do things more effectively because I won't be held back by people that don't share my vision. Yes, a similar role was offered here in Clear Channel Chattanooga, along with many other Clear Channel markets. But with this position in Forever, I will not be hindered by a corporate mind set of how to do things. I also won't have the advantage of the most powerful media company in the nation... BUT, Forever really seems to be committed to moving forward with this.
Yes, it is slightly more money. Yes, I'll be working again with people I know. (from Murray and Bowling Green) Yes, there are other benefits that helped me make the decision. And yes, it is a little closer to people I know and love. It's not Murray orRussellville ... but it'll be nice. Growth potential, management, new developing part of the industry that I believe in... yea, I'll be fine.

I felt I needed to post this so the loyal readers (ha) of would know what's going on the next few weeks.
Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.

On a twilight zone moment
Is it any wonder that my starting date is also the day of the Orange Bowl that Louisville will be whipping up on Wake Forest. (Jan 2nd)


(even though I can't seem to get in the Christmas or Holiday spirit this year... I hope YOU have a great one!)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gearing up…

This is a post about getting ready for... well, stuff.

Christmas, coming up real quick. I'm reminded of how broke I really am every year about this time. That, and how bad my skills are when it comes to gift giving and creativity.

Plus there's tons of trips I'll have to take to places. Jasper, Russellville, Louisville, Chattanooga, is that not enough?

Wedding in Jan. yea, my pants just don't fit. Even if I let them out, I am reminded just how much weight I've gained since Western. How sad...

Getting ready for another big change. I'm reminded of good and bad things. I promise there will be a post dedicated to explaining the change. I'm really ready for a/the new year.
On the fun side. I'm ready for next season so the titans can make a playoff run again! I didn't get to watch this weekends game... (annoyed face) but I'm sure it was fantastic.

Fantasy football playoffs! Yes, I made it! I'll lose the first round most likely... but for my first year, I think I did ok!

So Sunday was my mom's birthday... if I had made this post earlier like I had planned to, maybe I would have thought of it easier, even after an awful day. But hey... it's cool because Riggs has the same b-day. And since I'm terrible at dates, the more I can group together, the better off I am!
I had something very important to say... but I honestly can't think of what it was. Must not have been THAT important then.

Later this week though, look for the big post.

Sunday, December 3, 2006



What a game... and for the record... yes, I did call this win. And yes, it was just a little sweeter that it was against the magical colts. For those of you traveling on I-75 near the Clear Channel building and saw a mad man jumping up and down by his car with the door open and radio blasting... that was me, and I hope you know what I was yelling about.
Thank you WVU! Thanks to you... Louisville wins. It's a real shame that they didn't go all the way... maybe this whole "what 1 loss team should play" stuff wouldn't even be going down. That'd be nice. Makes for good TV and Radio though.

Went to a Pat Green concert tonight... first off. Congrats to Casey and Krista... cool stuff.

Second off... I wasn't a Pat Green fan until tonight... what a show. And it was just all him and his personality. No, I'm not going to go out and buy all of his albums or anything... but I've changed my thoughts about him... that's for sure.

I never did review the Incubus album did I?

Well crap...

Maybe later.

Just go get it... listen to the first 5 tracks... you'll know how good it is by then. Pretty good in case you can't tell.

Stuff going a little better today... let's keep it that way for Monday ;-)