Sunday, October 29, 2006

something fun

well... Since I'm not having any fun lately, maybe you should!

I remember doing this back in Murray with the guys, but it was fun to try it out again.  You should too!  lots of fun.  What's really odd is the celebrity I'm most told that I look like... was not on either photo I tried!  Crazy.  But Lance Armstrong ended up on both... weird.

Have fun!  lord knows I'm not...   I swear the radio review is coming... I haven't even put the replacement one in yet!  Too many remotes, not enough time.  I thought "less is more" in Clear Channel?!  Yea, and as soon as I figure out what's going on there, I'll try and let you know... it's not looking good.

Friday, October 27, 2006




a quick thought.

Tigers pitching = most errors

Cards pitching = every starter wins, including Weaver who made up for the one loss in Detroit by winning the whole thing!

This was a spanking... don't make excuses either.

eh, we had a long layover... eh, we made some mistakes that cost us... etc etc.  You know what, Cards played fantastic baseball.  Don't take it away from them making excuses for Detroit.  It's only the post game show, and I've already heard it.  "Detroit can look back at this series... and they'll realize they could be up here tonight."  NO THEY CAN'T!!! BECAUSE THE CARDS ARE THERE AND THEY SPANKED YOU FOR 4 GAMES!!!  GOT IT?!


I got my replacement radio in today... I'll let you know!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

review… but not THE review

I highly doubt any of you were coming back just for the review of my new JVC HD radio that I put in my Jeep this week. But just in case you were clicking in to read HD radio from your favorite radio dude ;-) You will be sad like me, to hear that the HD part of the radio... didn't work. Looking into a fix, even if it's a replacement radio from Crutchfield. I was super excited to hear HD-AM too... I was so looking forward to trying it out, I printed out a list of HD stations in the cities I'd be passing through.

So that will come at another time.

Today, I'll be talking about the Indiana State Marching Band Finals at the RCA dome this past weekend. (watch people click away to ebay or something)

Warning... if you were a judge at this event, you might want to go to some other site... because I'm about to call you an idiot. Maybe I'll go with stupid instead... or dumb, or something else that signifies your lack of musical intelligence.

If you’re a regular reader of you know that I think there is a lot more talent in Indiana bands than there are in Kentucky… which is tough for me to say because of my deep KY roots. But after this weekend, I know why. The reason IN bands are so much better is because the judges up there are morons! So just to make it to stuff like State competition, they have to have fantastic shows with fantastic sound.

Here’s the rundown… Brooke and I went up to Indianapolis to see this. Yes, she is bias toward her Jasper Wildcats because she went there, and is teaching pit there as well… but I am not nearly as bias… keep that in mind. We decided we’d have a little competition between ourselves. We were going to judge the bands from the stands. We judged on Music, Visual Effect, and General Effect… and we placed them in our order at the end of the contest.

Ten bands in class B by the way.

“And in 9th place… Jasper High School.” Followed by a gasping of the crowd, silence then the required clapping as a very good band was given a 9th place trophy. Unbelievable. Just ridiculous. Brooke picked them 1st… like I said, very bias. But I had them 2nd and at least in the top 3.

To put this awful judging in perspective… the band I picked to be 2nd got 9th as I just mentioned, and the band I picked 9th… GOT 2ND?! How does that happen?!!! Unreal. Even Concord fans behind us (who I had 3rd, but got screwed and got 4th) were saying things like… “Well, I think Jasper is just a tick below us” and then after the results they were like… “Oh, my gosh! That’s not right”

Here’s a run down… with some random thoughts from me.

1. Greenwood - Well deserved, good show, great sound… I had them here.
2. Northview *TIE* - Holy crap… this is part of the reason for this post. Terrible everything.
2. Decatur Central *TIE* - Pretty good stuff. Way over rated though. I had them 4th I think.
4. Concord - Good fun show, deserved to be higher though.
5. New Castle *TIE* - Talk about a color guard stealing the show! Terrible band sound though.
5. Bloomington North *TIE* - they should have been like last or something. Boring!
7. North Side (Fort Wayne) - can’t remember if it’s this one or the next one…
8. Plainfield – One of these had a great show and concept and didn’t deserve this low.
9. Jasper – come on, phantom of the opera, awesome ending, just wow.
10. Northridge – not the last place band… but not great either.

And I know that the judging can’t be that bad. I did pick the number 1 band as Greenwood, and there was another couple of bands that were in the right places… but somehow they missed some real talent in Jasper this year. And they had some bands that had no talent what so ever way too high. Anything with a “North” in the name was not good by the way… yet two of them are top 5. Just terrible judging from the ISSMA.

Note to self… if ever in charge of a bands show… never use straps to connect band members because of ugly looking forms, and noticeable interval problems… unless you’re in the Indiana State Band competition. Then go all out and be as ugly as possible.

Note to self… to succeed in Indiana, make sure and get a killer color guard so you don’t have to worry about the way your band sounds, and how many notes your soloist cracks.

Note to self… don’t waste money on an awesome tarp or expensive rights to music that people know and love… you’ll be just as good in Indiana writing a crappy and corny original show with a couple of props on the side that don’t do anything but take up room.

Yes, my main problem is that Jasper got screwed out of the top 3… or even top 5! But the other part of that problem is that bands that didn’t have a good sound or show got some top honors that they didn’t deserve. The saddest part is that Jasper almost got tenth… only like .05 or something away from it. Just awful judging. They play in a BOA competition at MTSU this weekend… 5 bucks says they do well there. They have a very good and expressive show with one of the best ballads and emotional ending I’ve ever seen… ever.

Bottom line… impressed again with Indiana Bands, not so much with the panelists.

Come on back for my review of the JVC KD-HDR-1 and HD radio whenever I get that worked out though! Should be interesting!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The sports post

I now have speakers on my computer at work.

I got sick and tired of having the oldest computer in the building, while having newer ones right behind me not being used. Ones that have sound cards and usb ports that can be very useful. Anyways... the point is, I've been listening to a lot.

Here's some sports thoughts from me.

St. Louis better freakin win tonight. That's not a deep thought or anything, just a statement about my favorite baseball team.

Miami is not going to do the right thing. Why should they? They'll get fired if they do the right thing or not. So they might as well skip the Duke game, and then try to make the best of a dismal year so you get a pretty good job the year after your roasting.

I'm starting to think TO is the most overhyped players ever. Speaking of overhyped... anyone watch Atlanta/NY? good... no one is talking about it either.

Titans win?! wow... maybe I should stop watching and caring more often! Good luck in your bye week... then I don't care when you get back.

UL football is extremely underrated. They will rule the world, no matter what "weak" confrence they're in. Oh yea, 3 confrence teams in the top 25 from that "weak" confrence. yea, the SEC may be too tough... but PAC10 is way overhyped. UL WVU and Rutgers are the happy medium. Like I know what I'm talking about in College football... I went to the wrong MSU. Oh, and the morons of WKU that want to become the UK of the Sunbelt. YOU DON'T BELONG IN D1!

Chicago is good... But not the best. This will be a fun year of NFL... lots of really good teams.

I'm sure there are others... but I need a haircut before my trip this weekend. I'll tell you about that when I get back... oh, and I'll be able to tell you my true opinion on HD radio!!!

More on all that later.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

google will own us all…

I don't have any concept of how much a billion dollars is.

But I know if I had 1.65 billion... I wouldn't buy youtube

But google, (who will own us all at this rate...) can, will, and has!

I know why they would... but then again, why would they?   What will they gain?  They've already got a great video service in place, and with a little effort, could eventually take youtube down.  But I guess the saying goes, if you can't beat them, buy them... er... wait.  That doesn't seem right.  But it must be.

From here on out, it is my goal to start something small that threatens a large company, only to have them buy me out later for more money than I can even think about.

Here's the bigger question; what will happen later on?

"YouTube will operate independently, and the companies will work together on building new features for independent users"

Yea, ok... till all the lawsuits start coming in.  Then I'm sure google will put an axe on some of the stuff that's on there.

Will they eventually turn into one service though?  Will it eventually be google video only... but huge?

I use google video... will I eventually have to move to youtube, or will people come to me?

Why didn't they take that money and buy Fox who bought myspace... or why didn't they try and buy it before Fox did?

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I’m starting to think that…

radio people really ARE stupid.

All we can do is have studies on common sense measures. Much like I stated in "the Duh report" post, there's good information in this stuff, but it's just like... duh. People in the industry know this. and a lot of people that aren't know too! And it really doesn't matter, that's the more important part.

I saw this on yesterday. "A study conducted for the RTNDF says that most people say that they get most of their news from local TV, with local radio trailing everything but the Internet and national newspapers."

uh... yea. Where have you been the last decade or so?

Here's the page, and the report section I'll be refering to mostly.

Let's look at some interesting figures. 14.7% is the amount of people that get their news from radio. Let's look at radio. 1st off, I'd be shocked if 14% of stations in the nation are a news/talk format.

But those numbers don't make a difference anyways. Here's what does. I seriously doubt that 14% of radio stations in the nation even run any kind of news on a regular basis. (regular being more than just the morning hours) And if they do... they are quick, they don't take up much time, and don't contain a whole lot of information. And if they do run news, what are the chances people will catch it if it's a floating time thing?

News radio now, is not meant to tell the news, it's meant to talk about the news. There are very few stations that have a full news staff that goes out and does reporting. Have you not figured out that radio is pure entertainment now?

Talk radio stations that run news on the hour (top, bottom, or both) have better chances of becoming part of this 14.7% but there again... Those news casts are 5-6 minutes long and are national stories.

Let's look at the daily routine of most people and their radios.
-Get up... alarm clock or radio. This is where you've got a chance to report your news if you want. What do most stations try to do instead? Entertain.  Inform is the by-product. It's something they feel like they HAVE to do. And they do.  Now, how extensive to make it, is up to how much stock you put in stuff like the above report.

-Go to work. If the radio is on, they can't afford to sit there and listen to people giving the news. Again, they're tuning in for entertainment, in their musical tastes this time.

-Lunch time! I've heard some stations run news at lunch, which is a good idea... but what time do people take lunch? 11, 11:30, 12? It's hit or miss at best. It's most likely best to keep on keepin on and make them happy instead of depress them with news.

-back to work, now I'm done for the day! Drive time... can somebody say morning show 2? slogan still can be entertain, inform, interact... but personally I'd put inform at the end, and here's why;

When people are home for the evening, cooking dinner etc. The radio is out of the picture the rest of the night.  (except younger demos, but they don't listen to radio or need news anyways, right?) What's on? TV.  TV has taken over the "family time" of old days. And it's been this way for a long, long time... This is why I don't understand why this report is making a big deal about 14.7%

OF COURSE TV owns us all. People are already watching TV when the news comes on. It's usually right before they go to bed! It's an hour long with in depth reporting and information... it blows radio newscasts out of the water!

I'm sure my TV buddies, including jbarr will chime in on this... because he/they know this is one place TV will ALWAYS beat radio. I remember a class in college that I took where a teacher told us there were only two or three live TV shows that weren't news in our area. And that's true. TV stations don't do anything but take network shows for entertainment, and hire a bunch of people that are going to keep you informed. Why? 65.5% that's why.

Media is about knowing your place.  radio is entertainment, information, and interaction.
Am I saying there shouldn't be news on radio? NO! are you dumb?! But I am saying that there's no reason this report should be taken seriously. You're just not going to beat TV, and people are attached to local newspapers like they're a favorite pair of slippers or something. So it might be important to raise that 14.7% to maybe 20% at the max... but it'll never happen.

I really don't want to go into the age groups/demos that this thing mentions.  I just wanted to say my 2 cents about how another over rated study has been done.

Good info... but I'd rather watch it on TV than read it.  (ooooo, that was a slam on internet news!  see that?!  HA!  No, seriuosly... internet news is awesome for poor people like me that can't afford newspapers and stuff... so, sorry internet, just couldn't resist.) 

So keep on huntin news hound.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

rough times…

It's a rough time to be a titans fan.

Not that our team didn't suck enough... but now haynesworth is gone for 5 games.  With good reason.  but still.  We didn't need anymore bad press.  And we get this?!  Thanks albert.

Notice the lowercase a and h that I spell his name with.  That's what he gets from as punishment.

Normally we would have just slipped under the radar of suck... but now thanks to this game, sportscasters are talking about how we could go winless or only win a couple of games all year.  Not that I don't think that's the case... but still, now it's really public.

I've stuck by you titans... even when they've all wanted Fishers head.

I don't know how much more of this I can take though.  I was glad to see Young starting to be honest... atleast you've got some faith in your new guy, and maybe this is why you got Collins to come in, so you wouldn't feel bad about benching Volek again after a few games.  Collins football days were pretty much done when he signed the one year contract.

Titans... I'll stick by you.  But I'm not going down with you.

I got rid of all my titan fantasy football players.  Including Drew Bennett (who put up a goose egg in points for me this week) and Ben Troupe. (who has put up some 0's in the past as well)  If I don't do any better in the next couple of weeks, I may just go all titans to see if I can get last place.
I love you guys... but until this awful play stops... I can't watch anymore.  This is worse than a slow UK basketball year.  Atleast they'll win some big games when they're going through some rebuilding.

For now, I will follow my secondary team... the Colts.  And even though Joseph Jefferson is off the team, and Shane Andrus got cut as well... I still have someone there on the field that I know.  Jason Chapman is on the Colts video staff... so there, I've got another reason.  (I had to prove i'm not a bandwagon fan so Brooke won't make fun of me)

Titans... get your act together so we can move on.