Tuesday, May 16, 2006

stupid website…

Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 06:07 AM

So I can't get the website to do what I want it to... and I can't blame it on anyone but me because of my lack of knowledge. But that never stopped me from doing other things I couldn't!

I found out yesterday that the school that Tim and I used to do sports for when I was working in
Murray... was "given away" to the christian station up the road. That's right folks, the last year you'll hear Evan Elrod and Tim Stark with Calloway County sports is also the last year you'll even hear it on WNBS. I understand that they want to concentrate on one school... but wow. I didn't think they'd do that!

I guess I shouldn't be bashing them in public... after all, there are still a few people out there I like a lot. And one of them most likely helped make that choice.

So instead of thinking of it as "they're most likely making a huge mistake!" I'll be thinking of it as, "Tim and I were the last team to grace the airwaves with CCHS sports."

Thanks again for the memories Tim, there's no one else I would have wanted to do play by play with.

Why this warranted a post... I have no clue!

I am now also told that I look like a nascar driver?
Kurt Bush...

well, atleast I've heard of him.

Today marks 2 months at Clear Channel. Honestly, I haven't accomplished as much as I had hoped to by now. But I've got the rest of my life to do that. Brooke is teaching for the first time today... she's subing for a choir teacher at Jasper high school. GOOD LUCK! She also had to baby sit yesterday, which I've gathered was a fun experience.
Mom is getting close to getting done with school, and I can tell she's itching to get out and head to
florida. I'm excited for their stop down here in TN on the way. It's neat to let them see what I'm accomplishing as this was a pretty big step for me. I can see lots more to come as well now that I'm out of a place that couldn't let me go any further.

Happy two months! One more to go, and I'll either be fired, or I'll get a raise... which is something I never had in

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Derby recap

Sunday, May 14, 2006, 01:26 PM

yes, I realize it's a week late... but give me a break! I've been trying to build a new website! Put on your reading glasses, this will be a long one.

First let me tell you this. We had HAIL in Chattanooga last night. I'm on my wonderful computer last night when I look out my window and see lightning. This is strange to me because there was nothing in the forecast calling for rain, or even a cloud in the sky. Then, I hear this noise coming from the living room... I thought for a second it was someone beating on my door, till I heard the what I thought was rain outside my window. So I put on my pants to see what was going on. (those of you that know me, know that I hate wearing pants when I'm at home.) I'm shocked! Hail is pounding down, it's atleast a quarter in diameter size. like a large marble... I used to have some of those as a matter of fact. Nothing got hurt that I know of... but I'm glad mom made me stay home for the weekend, because it turns out it would have been a pretty tough drive up I-24! So I guess this post is dedicated to my mom for mothers day. HAPPY... you know the rest.

On to the derby!

For this post, I will be Tom Downs, the second.
For those of you that don't know, one of my uncles is a very good photographer for Louisville Magazine. Derby = Louisville... Uncle John = covering = extra pass from Tom Downs who can't come this year.
Enter Evan.
Now let's transform him into Tom Downs the extra photographer to cover the Kentucky Derby, the Parties… the floor?
You know what's cool about playing Tom Downs for a weekend? Being named Tom. Some of the coolest people and characters are named Tom. Off the top of my head... Tom Vanarsdale, one of my favorite instructors in my college days. Tom Bishop, Brad Pitt's character in the movie "Spy Game". And of course, Tom Downs who is cool enough to get to go to the derby... this year played by me.

Let me first say this. The derby is amazing. So many people coming out to see a sport they know nothing about. I would even bet some of those people don't even see a horse the entire weekend! That's no joke... the infield was nuts... I learned the meaning of "Trophy Wife" as well. So many knock dead beautiful women with fancy hats and the biggest rocks you've ever seen on a hand.
This is a spectacle. It's what Kentucky is most known for. oh yea, you're saying Basketball right now aren't you? Then tell me this... why is KY's slogan, "Unbridled spirit" or whatever? This is half the reason I wanted to go to the derby. People here in TN are always asking me "have you been to the derby" as soon as they find out I'm from Kentucky. yes this is annoying sense I have never been. So here's the recap.

I Arrived in Louisville on Thursday Night at John Nations house. (my uncle)
Met some cool people that were there hanging out. Can't think of their names right now... mainly because I meet too many people when I'm with John. I honestly don't know how he knows so many people, and even more know him. It's amazing.
So John has a nice house... but he has limited beds and furniture. And since two other photographers where staying with him for the week... I got the floor. The hard wood floor. He did his best to make it sleepable for me... and I did sleep.
We got up the next morning and went to The Oaks races, (Church hill downs) which is the races on Friday before the derby. This is the one that all the
Louisville people come out to see for the most part. The whole weekend such a big deal, that they close schools on Friday and some businesses too!
We walked around all day, and he got some good shots, but I was not shooting during the day. We went to the backside of the track and saw the stables and stuff... there may have been 50+ stables that held maybe 8 or more horses in each? Of course they're not full... but think about how many horses could be there!
We went to the infield, or college party... couldn't tell what it was. I'm leaning towards huge college bash with alumni invites.
Lots of people... lots of people.
Lot's of famous people. I even saw O.J. There!!!
Lots of fun. Came back to ready for our black tie event.
What do;
Jessica Alba, Anna Kournikova, Elisha Cuthbert, Eliza D, Jennifer Love Hewitt, & Alyssa Milano (I'm sure I spelled most of them wrong) have in common?
They're all on the list... you know, the list.
So I'm somewhat excited to know that I'll be shooting pictures of Alyssa Milano at a black tie function in downtown
So John and I are in our Tuxes.
BTW, try on your pants if you haven't worn something in 4 years. My cumber bun somehow turned into a belt and my jacket just had to be buttoned for some unknown reason. me = gaining some stomach width.
So we’re shooting jockeys and famous people that are walking the red carpet. I got some good shots that you’ll see on the site later. I got a cool shot of John Elway and his wife, and some nice pictures of miss America and miss
USA (this combo of pageant winners had never been in the same room before till this past weekend apparently.) One of them looked like Jessica Alba as a matter of fact… so yea, they were nice to shoot.
But I’m focused on finding my assignment. Miss Milano.
Sure enough, I found here… but she’s already at her table talking to people. So I didn’t really get a good shot… maybe one. But I was touching distance to her. If I wanted to for some reason, I could have spit on her? And her Boyfriend/husband (don’t know) that was there did not look like he was very cool. In fact, I stretch to say, he may have been a tool. Of course, I can’t say this… cause he’s at the least hanging out with a beautiful famous girl. But I just didn’t picture her the way she was. She had some crazy looking tattoo’s on the top of her back. Plus, she was a little shorter than I expected. The dude had this crazy curly hair that I wasn’t digging… and he just seemed to be the guy that she said “go get me a drink if you want to be with me” to. But I’ve been wrong before… actually, a lot. So anyways, Lee Greenwood sang, and blah blah. The Mint Jubilee was a cool event to go to, but not really, if that makes any sense. I was not Tom Downs that night either… so I felt off my game playing a character that was actually there and sleeping in the same house! Steve was a cool guy to be with… but I can’t get into a character that’s across town doing the same thing I am.
Oh yea, there were naked people there with body paint. That was neat. I’ll have photo’s of that for sure.

On to Derby day.

So John and Steve go to some thing that morning to get photo’s. David and I go pick up Grace (John’s daughter, my cousin) and go to some coffee type shop. They sold fresh squeezed orange juice… it was fantastic. BTW… Food is always interesting when spending time with John. Another post for another day.
So we head out to Church hill ready to go… today, I get to photo… I think
On the media bus about to head out when John says… where’s my camera? HA!
He had forgot to bring his camera. I think this could be a first for him. He was going to use Steve’s camera… which was going to be mine… but we convinced him to go back and get his. A good idea, because he would have been miserable. In his frustration, he takes the camera I was going to use, and we head to church hill, once again, I’m camera less with a press badge on… I feel like an idiot with a fake pass… oh wait.
He makes it back, and yes, gives me the camera back. So I get to work! I got some good shots, and it was a great time. It was crowded as hell, but it was worth it.
Grace and I put a bet on #8 Barbaro, and won 28 bucks! As I explained later… HE WAS 6 TO 1 ODDS! I had to.
Celebrities where hard to spot, so no cool stories there. But I do have cool photo’s that will be on soon enough.

That night, Grace and I go to our grandparents house. I had a good visit with Papa (my grandfather) and cleaned up for them after the party they had. Oh yea, If you don’t go to a derby party in Louisville, you have to hold one apparently. So I got to sleep in a bed again which was nice.

Got up, and went to John Hunters house (John’s old roommate) for a post derby party. It was kind of like the end of the Ocean Eleven movies where everyone meets back in one spot after it’s all over and then heads out. Cliché, I know.

So I drove all the way back to Chattanooga… NOT! I stopped in Russellville to see my parents for a second, then I headed to Clarksville where I met Brooke and ate at Outback. Then I came back to Chattanooga.

Yes, it was long weekend. But it was worth it!
Yes this was a long post… Don’t know if it was worth it or not yet.

If I missed something… and I’m sure I did… let me know