Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quick! Help me…

need some advice from my smart peoples.

So I'm an AVG guy... I like free, but obviously AVG will not be free soon. So what AntiVirus should I make the switch to? Or should I just pay for AVG? I dig it, it's easy on the system. I'm sure there's other options out there too. The other issue I'll most likely run into is the fact that every computer that I've worked on in the last... oh, year or so, has AVG free on it.

I tried the Windows live security thing for my Grandfather who just doesn't know a lot about computers. Seems like it's going to be perfect for someone like him, who doesn't need/want a lot of control, but needs the protection still.

But now I'm looking for an alternative for mine, and other computers that AVG Free is used on.

Comment, let me know!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time for a change… again

Doesn't seem like that long ago I did this. But hey, I'm very goal oriented and want to be on top of my industry... so that means moving forward when I can. After nine good months, I'm moving on from Chattanooga. And you'll never guess who I'm going to work for now. First let's recap the last year or so.

I will now take you all the way back to 2005... I know, hard to think of isn't it?!
Here I am, Murray, KY graduated from College, in the same job I had been in for close to 5 years. In the same company I had been with for almost 8 years. Granted, there had been lots of changes since I was a 15 year old part timer inRussellville , KY. But still, I had been loyal, learning, hard working, and now educated. What's the first thing you're supposed to do when you graduate from college? You go out and get a job that makes you more money. For me, I wanted to stay in my job and make more money... even though I knew that wasn't possible. But wait, there's light at the end of the tunnel! The company buys some stations about an hour and a half away in Jackson, TN from Clear Channel. Looks like an opportunity to advance a current employee right? Nah. I was used to this kind of luck though... after all, a couple of years back when it looked like I was going to advance by taking more responsibility with the other stations close to Murray... they sold all theMayfield stations. So the second time around, I was about ready to move on one way or another. I didn't get along with the GM, they had cleaned house with some people that I still question, and I just knew I wasn't going to go anywhere anytime soon in the company.
So, After a long and grueling search I had it narrowed down to a couple of places. An on air position with long time Bowling Green rival stationWGGC , or an engineer position with Clear Channel Chattanooga. So I move on to Chattanooga. Clear Channel... keep that in mind. Obviously it was more money, but it also appeared to have more growth potential. I was an assistant engineer underneath another young engineer... sound familiar? Still there seemed like there could be quick growth. I mean come on... it's selling almost 500 radio stations right now, and it's still the biggest broadcast company by far! Fortune 500, leading edge of technology, etc etc etc. It was hard to turn down all the flashy lights and potential. A couple of months in I started thinking it might have been a bad choice. I was missing on air work, it was a long distance to the people I know and love, and it was just new. But I stuck with it, I learned, and I waited.
Meanwhile in the industry... things were changing. Things had been changing for about 3 or 4 years now, but radio is kind of slow, and they just now realized maybe they should do the same. I wrote a paper in college with cited sources about 3 years ago explaining this change if that tells you how long it's taken all of radio to realize the evolution. Seriously... if there was time for people to write books and articles, and me to figure it out and write a thesis on it... don't you think radio would have noticed earlier? Anyway... they're seeing it now. Radio stations are starting to see the potential in online outlets. Clear Channel has started a full swingtorwards online content, so they can make online dollars. Even my former company realizes what's going down. You seeing where this is going?

Prophet. NexGen. PSI. Coyote. All four of these words pretty much mean the same thing... but I never thought it'd get me a management job. Clear Channel is a very uniform company. Uniform in the fact that they make all of their stations use similar equipment, this makes troubleshooting and implementation much much easier when you make, use, and support the automation system that the entire company uses. It's really brilliant actually.

I need to stop beating around the bush.
Here's the rest of the story.
When Forever Communications (my old company) bought those stations in Jackson TN from Clear Channel (current company) they left the Prophet automation systems. Which goes against everything Forever inc. is. But, it gives me a job! They needed someone with prophet experience (which I've gotten down here in Chattanooga) to help out the IT side of things down in Jackson, and on top of that, they were going to create a new corporate position for someone to direct online operations for the entire company.
That would be me too.

So as of the new year, I will start back with Forever Communications. This time in a new role, new city, and new more experienced thoughts. January 2nd, I start in Jackson, TN as the Corporate Director of Online Operations and an IT specialist.

It's kind of weird how things work out really. I left for 'the nooga' looking for a new and better job. I found that, plus I ended up making myself even more valuable to other companies... So while some people may look of it as, "well, if you had stayed in Murray, you would/could have been promoted to Jackson..." They'd be wrong. I wouldn't have gotten the NexGen experience they're searching for. Plus, sometimes leaving is the only way to let people know how valuable you were to the company. I'm learning a lot... about the industry, business, and life. (heart warming smile here)

I'm extremely excited about getting started. I have had a vision for a long time about this future of radio, and I hope very much that I can make some waves and do things more effectively because I won't be held back by people that don't share my vision. Yes, a similar role was offered here in Clear Channel Chattanooga, along with many other Clear Channel markets. But with this position in Forever, I will not be hindered by a corporate mind set of how to do things. I also won't have the advantage of the most powerful media company in the nation... BUT, Forever really seems to be committed to moving forward with this.
Yes, it is slightly more money. Yes, I'll be working again with people I know. (from Murray and Bowling Green) Yes, there are other benefits that helped me make the decision. And yes, it is a little closer to people I know and love. It's not Murray orRussellville ... but it'll be nice. Growth potential, management, new developing part of the industry that I believe in... yea, I'll be fine.

I felt I needed to post this so the loyal readers (ha) of would know what's going on the next few weeks.
Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.

On a twilight zone moment
Is it any wonder that my starting date is also the day of the Orange Bowl that Louisville will be whipping up on Wake Forest. (Jan 2nd)


(even though I can't seem to get in the Christmas or Holiday spirit this year... I hope YOU have a great one!)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gearing up…

This is a post about getting ready for... well, stuff.

Christmas, coming up real quick. I'm reminded of how broke I really am every year about this time. That, and how bad my skills are when it comes to gift giving and creativity.

Plus there's tons of trips I'll have to take to places. Jasper, Russellville, Louisville, Chattanooga, is that not enough?

Wedding in Jan. yea, my pants just don't fit. Even if I let them out, I am reminded just how much weight I've gained since Western. How sad...

Getting ready for another big change. I'm reminded of good and bad things. I promise there will be a post dedicated to explaining the change. I'm really ready for a/the new year.
On the fun side. I'm ready for next season so the titans can make a playoff run again! I didn't get to watch this weekends game... (annoyed face) but I'm sure it was fantastic.

Fantasy football playoffs! Yes, I made it! I'll lose the first round most likely... but for my first year, I think I did ok!

So Sunday was my mom's birthday... if I had made this post earlier like I had planned to, maybe I would have thought of it easier, even after an awful day. But hey... it's cool because Riggs has the same b-day. And since I'm terrible at dates, the more I can group together, the better off I am!
I had something very important to say... but I honestly can't think of what it was. Must not have been THAT important then.

Later this week though, look for the big post.

Sunday, December 3, 2006



What a game... and for the record... yes, I did call this win. And yes, it was just a little sweeter that it was against the magical colts. For those of you traveling on I-75 near the Clear Channel building and saw a mad man jumping up and down by his car with the door open and radio blasting... that was me, and I hope you know what I was yelling about.
Thank you WVU! Thanks to you... Louisville wins. It's a real shame that they didn't go all the way... maybe this whole "what 1 loss team should play" stuff wouldn't even be going down. That'd be nice. Makes for good TV and Radio though.

Went to a Pat Green concert tonight... first off. Congrats to Casey and Krista... cool stuff.

Second off... I wasn't a Pat Green fan until tonight... what a show. And it was just all him and his personality. No, I'm not going to go out and buy all of his albums or anything... but I've changed my thoughts about him... that's for sure.

I never did review the Incubus album did I?

Well crap...

Maybe later.

Just go get it... listen to the first 5 tracks... you'll know how good it is by then. Pretty good in case you can't tell.

Stuff going a little better today... let's keep it that way for Monday ;-)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Incubus Album

Please... Go... Get... This... Album... NOW!

I wouldn't say it's their best... but it's right up there.

I'll edit this later tonight to give you a full rundown of the cd.

Sunday, November 26, 2006



Let me set the mood. Backs against the wall... 4th quarter... TN down 21 to 0... all hope seems lost. TILL THEY STARTING ROCKIN!!!

Pacman played great... couple of huge INT's And I'm finally "convinced of Vince" (yea, I made that up) after the way he handled the fourth quarter comback.

And huge kick for bironous to win it all... totally made up for the 48 yarder he missed to end the first half.

I had almost given up all hope... I wasn't even going to watch the end of it! In fact, I was going to put up a post about how I had given up all hope, and I wasn't going to care about games I watched anymore... I was going to talk about how UK had let me down in the forth on Saturday and stuff... etc. But the Titans wiped all that away with great come from behind play. They might turn this season into something afterall... nah.

On an unrelated note... this was my post on myspace that I felt should get some play here too.
The world obviously changes a little everyday. For everyone!
I woke up this morning and was watching some TV... and I ran across a news story on Tower Records closing up shop. And of course, this begs the question... will all music soon be digital? Will we look at audio CD's the same way we look at tapes and records? I'm slightly conflicted about this. I'm a huge supporter of stuff like Itunes and digital media. But at the same time... when the Incubus album comes out on Tuesday... I'm not getting it online. I'm going to a store so I can touch it feel it hold it and listen to it the way it was meant to be heard from the studio!
So what do you think? Will it be a sad day for you when a music icon such as Tower Records closes their doors do to the changing world?

I had something else that I wanted to get on here... but I can't think of what it was. If I figure it out, I'll let you know.

Oh yea, my dad got his new car. He had been looking for a while now... and they pretty much got the same exact car they already had... so now Mom and Dad have twin cars. Slight differences of course.

That's not what I couldn't think of... but it'll do.

Friday, November 24, 2006

feels like home…

Sometimes all it takes is a 24 hours to realize and remember where you came from.

I intended to only have the one short post about Thanksgiving, and I had meant to finish this post last night when I got home... but I still have found myself slightly moved by the short thanksgiving holiday I had. So I'll start from the beginning.

After a short day at work, I started my journey home. My mind clearly on other things... but relaxed none the less. And of course, it's the day before Thanksgiving... so traffic is... let's say "busy". I expected Chattanooga and Nashville to be rough, so I wasn't too frustrated. But it does make the drive slightly longer than normal.

Here comes the turning point.

You always know when you're home. You've got things that you pass, and memories start to flood. Adairville square, Cemetary, The old Beaver/WRUS studios, then the new one, Take the shortcut just to see my grandparents/fathers old home, and it just keeps on going... one after another. You see things that change too, but no matter what changes, you still think about the way it used to be for you.
Then you go on the last road to home... you know, the one you bump up the pedal just a little because you know there's no cops, and you're just so close. I'm sure that's different for everyone though.

I pull into my drive, and I open the door. I look up to the sky, and just drop my jaw at the night sky. Just filled with the bright lights of stars in outerspace. Sometimes when you're in the city, you forget just how many stars are in the sky. I can think back to when I grew up, being outside at night, and just laying down in the drive sometimes, or out in a field playing spotlight in the summer, looking up just to stare at the stars. This is a very humbling thought as well. To look up, and realize again, exactly how small you are. No matter how important, or big shot you are... you're still just a spec in the space of things.

I walk into the house to be greeted by my dad. Just a hug from your parents can bring you back sometimes too. We just sat on the couch, watched TV, talking... I'm sure I talked his ear off, but it's just fun to not have to catch up, and instead, sit back and make fun of a Jean Claude Van Damme movie. Mom came home from shopping, then we all just sat back and watched some basketball for a few. Just nice being around them, even if for a short time.

The next morning, we get up... and it's the ping pong tourny! Dad and I have a tradition of playing big table tennis matches. The ones on holidays are even more important. Though it's normally one sided ;-) it's still a good time for us. Mom upstairs starting the meal, and listening to the sound of us battle it out for the world on a table.

After that, we went outside to see the work he had done to the forest. He's really done a lot of work actually! I helped him a little including getting ontop of the shop roof to cut down some tree limbs that could have hurt the roof even more. While I was up there, waiting on him to come back with a tile, hammer, and roofing nails... I again found myself looking out in the brisk air, thinking back to memories of home. Even though things had changed, I still thought of it like it was. Like home.

Family started to file in. Dad and I started to decorate the tree. This has become more of a new thing for us since they've made the switch to a fake Christmas tree instead. Poor Westin broke his toe that morning... so my sister Robin had to take care of that all day. But they still made it. My Aunt Barbra, my sister Robin, her two sons Taylor and Westin, Mom, Dad, and myself. Great family, and great company. What's really strange, is looking for those that were missing.

Jet wasn't in the window waiting for atleast a few left overs. Pappy wasn't there to slow down the meal. Nana Betz wasn't there to break out a red velvet cake for an early present for mom's birthday. It's strange how things can change so much, but it still feels like home.

I want to show you a picture of before our meal... and of course, I'm still working on the photo gallery so I can show you all the pictures. But I'll upload this one on picasa so you can see them right away.

Family Dinner

I feel like I can add to this all day and night, but I've already put the post off too long. I could talk about how cute Westin is, even though he's a ball of energy that won't even slow down with a broken foot. (oh, and he made the cutest comment to Robin. "I love uncle Evan, and he loves only me." cute...) I could talk about how good my mom's dressing always is, but you'd just have to taste it for yourself. I could talk about how Taylor is at that age where he's hopefully on the verge of finding out who he is, and what he wants to do. I hope he sticks with the guitar, not only does he have a really good one... but I guess he's got the hair of a rockstar now. (He'll cut it eventually, I did the same stuff.) I could talk about how Robin just refuses to become old, and can still convince people she's young. I could talk a little bit about everyone in my family and how good they are. We don't fight or have many strange moments or anything like that. Maybe I should just leave it with a fact. My parents are fantastic, I have a great family, and there's not a moment that I tell myself otherwise.
So after dinner and such, we relaxed a bit... well, dad and I did/tried. As soon as I got to a decent sleep, Brooke called and woke me up... luckily Westin was just as interested in talking to her, so it gave me a sec or two to wake up while they had a cute conversation. People then started to file out, including myself. I gave the proper goodbyes, and took off. As I left, I had forgotten about all the above. I wasn't remembering anything about the past like I had. I was again, looking to the present and future like I always do. Looking to go back to Chattanooga, getting back to the city lights that I hate sometimes.
I needed to get something to keep me up before I left, so I stopped off at the first open gas station I saw to get some Live Wire and a Take 5. That happened to be the Shell station on the corner. And again, I felt out of my element... like it wasn't my hometown even though I had tons of memories to go with that place. Then I heard a voice from the gas pumps say my name. It was one of my buddies from high school that I played tennis with him, and basically his entire family that was our age! But anyways, we caught up a little while he was filling up his truck. But we didn't talk about the past really... we talked about changes. I got my stuff, he paid for his gas, and as soon as I said, "good to see you Alan" I realized again that I was home, and I should be thankful for a great holiday. It's good to take some time to think back to where you came from to keep you grounded sometimes. Things will always change... no matter how small the town. People leave, people stay, families change, families stay the same in that there's always love, no matter who's left at the table. There's always love, and memories.

This is without a doubt the sappiest post I've ever written... and I'm sure it's awful... but for the first time in a long time, I had something emotional and thoughtful that I wanted to share to the not so dedicated audience of

I hope your thanksgiving was fantastic, and you had a chance to reflect on what's really important to you, your life, and the people that make it special every single day from the past present and future.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

If only…

If only I were a west coast dude, and I lived where Tennis is the status sport almost more than Golf. Then I could join huge companies, and do fun stuff like this! Oh well...

I still think Google will own the world eventually, even though they didn't buy Clear Channel and can't beat Yahoo in Tennis. What's strange is I made the comment about them owning the world BEFORE talks of them buying Clear Channel ever came up. Once again... Nostradamus of radio? Probably not... since that was really about them buying youtube, which is proving to be a nice buy. It's got Microsoft talking, and buying people that can help them out.

But actually, even though they didn't buy any of Clear Channel, you've heard me talk about their relationship with radio, and how they're looking to build it.

UK is off to an awfully mediocre start. They played a semi good second half against UCLA despite a loss. And of course MSU got spanked by SIU... so they get off to a pretty crappy start as well. Oh, and I hate to say that I called the Colts loss, and did not even dream about the Titans win this past weekend.

This must be the most boring and content driven post ever. And I also can't tell if the post was about google, radio, basketball or tennis!

well, it's NONE of those!

This post is about THANKSGIVING!!!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Shut up Bill!

I try to agree with anything reasonable... but this is the dumbest thing Bill O'Reilly has ever said... and he's said some pretty stupid stuff. I really try to like Bill... but this kills me.

Hey Bill! Newsflash... the "youth of America" that you worry about being too tech savvy... A whole lot of them are "Killing real people over there" in the most technologically driven war ever fought. Because of tech, "jihadists" can be on a simulation screen first, before we send our troops out to fight them.
Bill, you're ridiculous... You make me so frustrated sometimes. You realize some people make a living out of this tech stuff you hate. Like me! You know what, THIS IS OUR REALITY! Guess what else... I know you hate to hear this... but the youth of America, they ARE learning the skills needed. The world is turning tech. You should know this. You've got a website, and podcast yourself. You're on TV, Radio, Print... But that wasn't enough, was it? Nope... you had to go to where EVERYONE else is! Websites and podcasts are just the beginning... I'm sure you stream on your site too!

You sir... are a hypocrite.

I always hated Savage too... They both always reminded me of the stereotypical mean old man that says, "Damn kids and your computers!" Savage thinks all people under the age of his typical demographic must be retarded because they're not of his Intelligence level. Well, we're not... so get used to it.

Soon, you'll both be too old to even be on any media... so live it up while you can. Because when you can't keep up with the changing world like the changing world of technology... you'll just sound like senile old men bitching and whining about things you don't understand anymore.

Talk about frustrated... sorry. Things are actually good for me right now, despite how this sounds.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Nostradamus of radio?

ok... that might be a little far.  But some things that have happened lately, have caused me to go back and look at some papers that I had written in college a few years back  These papers most likely seemed "out there" at the time, but were things that I really thought could, and very likely would happen.

Here's the strange part... they have for the most part!  Now, I'm not saying that I'm a future teller of radio or anything... but maybe I know more than I give myself credit for sometimes. hmmm... makes ya think!

Anyone who wants to read these "fantastic fortune telling" works... let me know, I'll shot them to you electronically of course.

I guess you're wanting me to say something about the Clear Channel sell.  Well, I honestly didn't see it happening 1.)so quick 2.)to the people it went to.  Here's the story  Chattanooga and a few other clusters out side of the top 100 markets will not be sold despite the wording in the release.  I'm still trying to grasp the situation right now... and I'm still somewhat shocked about all that has happened with our stations and our company within the past month.  When I get a good handle, maybe I'll say something about it... but right now, I really just don't have anything to say about it.

But hey, If you've got some/alot of extra money to spare, pick up a great deal on a cluster of radio stations that Clear Channel is planning on selling.

Personal stuff.

Grandfather is good, pacemaker is pacing.

I ended up going to the doctor so I can hopefully enjoy turkey day coming up soon.

And thinking about all that fantastic food has me hungry right now... so I will leave.  That actually sounds good... Mashed Potatoes and Corn for lunch anyone?

Before I leave... yes, possible big news coming up sooner than I expected.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

never brag…

You should never brag, you should never even think that things are going well for you... EVER!  I'm going back to the just "eh" attitude.

First off, say a little prayer for Papa, (my grandfather) who had a pacemaker installed for his heart.  Installed... listen to me, I'm talking like he's a car!  Hope things get better there.

Second... say one for me too.  I sat and watched the rest of the staff here in Chattanooga get sick the last couple of weeks, and I thought, wow!  I'm not sick at all!  guess what?  Yea, it's that time of year, and I should just expect it... but still, I hate being sick.

I'll finish this one off later today.

Friday, November 10, 2006

oh crap…

This isn't good...

Things are starting to not go so well.  Maybe I got spoiled by things being go good!  The sports gods are not happy with me anymore.  UL lost last night in a close game that I couldn't even watch the end of it.

Yesterday was just an awful day.  really really really bad.  It's been a pretty crappy week actually.  And it just seems to be a downhill stuggle too.
I'm really hoping this weekend goes well.

Just because I'm such a negative person, I feel that I need to mention positives.  I'll mention the negatives in ( )
-I still have a job (though several good people I know, don't now)
-possible fantastic weekend  (though I'll still be working most of it)

-Life will go on (even though it feels like it was crashing down quickly)

And the loss for UL was just the last kick in the gut last night.  I never thought I'd see a defence change some things and shut down the cards offense like that.  I hate this because I really think that the only way a big east team would have had a shot changing the minds of everyone that thinks it's still a weak confrence, was UL running the table.  I can hear the sports guys talking already.  Coherd, I know will say something like... "see, I told you... not that good.  I just haven't bought in to the big east.  This is why" blah blah blah.

Why do we have stereotypes?!  It happens all the time!  It happens in sports in situations like this... and it happens everyday even with friends and loved ones!  People see something once, and no matter what happens, they revert back to their beliefs.  Brooke and I had this converstation yesterday... we do the same thing to each other as well!

Words of advice... people change, situations change... everything is different, so look at everything with a new eye.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

More news on the radio front

Just as some people in Clear Channel are starting to feel the squeeze, we get a deeper look at what really might be going down.


It would be a move in new direction. But realistically, that new direction is starting to happen right now. Radio is feeling the shift, and though it might be several years down the road... Clear Channel has always been a front runner in media. And of course, "the power house" knows, the first ones in the room always get the seats. Don't be left standing.

These new techonlogies can really change radio as a business.

Things other than technology can change radio as well... like business.

I'm really bummed right now... and it wasn't even me that got it.  Good luck guys... I know you'll be fine.  miss you already.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Ready for a long one?

This will be one of the longest posts I've ever done, with a lot of information... so don't expect anything for a while after it.

First off… how awesome are my teams doing?! My UL Cards getting a big win and looking at a possible championship this past Thursday!  Even the Wildcats got a huge SEC win! It just keeps getting better and better! If the Titans win again this weekend… I’ll know the “sports God” is smiling down on me.

So you know I got to take a trip Tuesday and Wednesday… Great visit with everyone. Seriously… let me run down the list of people I got to see.

Brooke, Bittel, Eric, Kyle, Ashley, Katie, Josh, Billie, Liz, Joe, Calvin, KG, Stark, Nate, Neal, Krista, Shelby, Little Zak, Emily, Christan Ann, Dee, Kendra Ann oh my this list is getting too long. Anyways… Thanks for everyone who took some time out to visit.

Great food that I miss from Murray, and a great concert on Halloween night… yes… only “a” great concert. HA! Sounding good "Goodbye Grey"

For the rest of the week, it's been interesting. Nothing good yet... just interesting. oh, and BDK! Happy 21st bud... you throw a pretty good party!

I'm really getting hairy... It's "No Shave November" and it's been 5 days now. Only once have I gone more than a week... So who knows. Where Papa left off, I may pick up... not really. We'll see how long it lasts, but I doubt I'll be able to handle all of November. My "no grow" patches are starting to show pretty bad... if it starts to look too awful, I'll have to break it.

My plan for now is to be done with the new website by Monday. I just haven't found exactly the look I'm going for... so it could make for a long weekend.

oh, and if Clear Channel is going to sell... I'd be cool with this. When they bought Dmarc who had bought parts of Scott Studios who had bought Computer Concepts who had created Maestro, it was a welcome change to have some good backing.

And now… time for the main event!

This will be geek talk, so if you're not interested in radio... find something you are

HD radio... could it bring about a new revolution to radio? Or does it just again improve something we've used for a lifetime now? The trick will be getting it out there this time as well.

This review will kind of be a combination of a view into HD radio , but, hd radio specifically on the JVC KD HDR1

You most likely haven't heard much about HD Radio... you may never have actually. But being in my industry, I obviously have. And being in my position, I feel that I must be on the bleeding edge of technology. Hence the reason I decided to get, to my knowledge, the only affordable car stereo that hashd radio built in. And though even Chattanooga only has one hd radio station, I am super happy about my purchase. Here's why.

HD, can, and will make a huge wave in time. Here's a short and simple explanation of HD radio.

It uses radio's existing frequencies to transmit digital signals instead of analog. This in turn theoretically can make a station sound better, and give them an option for other "channels" on that frequency. This is called multicasting. Mosthd radios are capable of receiving a stations hd2 signal, and in very few cases, an hd3 signal.

I have some real issues with the way HD radio is trying to sell it though.

  • FM stations now with CD-quality sound

  • AM stations now with FM-quality sound

  • Crystal-clear reception with no audio distortion

No, no, and not really. These are close, but not quite true.

"FM stations now with CD-quality sound" Absolutely not. In most cases of HD music stations, I really heard the digital encoding on most stations. Granted, the average listener will not hear this... but an audiophile can tell. The other issue is that stations are having to "re rip" the music to make it easier to encode and sound decent on a digital signal. I could tell a big difference from brand new cuts that sounded decent, and older cuts that sounded like I was listening to a 128kbps mp3 or something. I also noticed that HD signals that were not multicasting didn't have this issue... that in my opinion gives them another advantage over multicasting stations. we'll talk about the other later. I would assume that this all goes back to the technology. The more information you're pumping across your signal, the less quality you're allowed. After all, there's only so much "bandwidth" to work with.

"AM stations now with FM-quality sound" no way! not even close. Yes it is an improvement... but not even close to FM quality. This is what I was most excited to try out too. Going in with the expectations of FM quality... I was sorely disappointed. After listening a while to the one HD-AM in Nashvegas, i can safely compare it to a decentinternet radio station. There is a noise/frequency that won't shut up on it... and becomes very annoying. Much like normal AM. :-) The only saving grace is that it might have just been the station. It was way high on the band, and it's signal wasn't the greatest. I'd be really excited to hear a clear channel AM (lower on the band, not company) with a big stick and power out try and go HD to see if there is a difference. I do think however there is still an improvement and it should be embraced and implemented as quick as possible for AM.

"Crystal - clear reception with no audio distortion" eh... you're just reaching for a third reason. The reception is decent when you're in range of the station. It obviously shortens the radius covered because you either "have it, or you don't" when it comes to the signal. This is one of the many reasons why terrestrial analog signals will have to continue to be on in my lifetime. (in addition to digital) I didn't hear distortion because the processing was so light, not because of the signal. I think what they're trying to get across is that when you're locked into anhd signal, there's no fading like with analog.

hmm, where to start.
Ok, it may sound right now like I already don't like hd radio... but I really do. Please don't mis read this as a bashing. I like it, I think it will change our business again. But I know there are bugs and issues, and I have to address them... that's just what I do.
Here's some observations.
multicasting can be a fantastic tool. One of the great examples I thought was WUBT in Nashville. Urban on their Analog and HD1 Signal... flip to their HD2, it was a Smooth Jazz format. And it sounded FANTASTIC! to me, it sounded better than the HD1 signal. Which makes sense because it's a clear channel owned company, and CC offers a feed for hd2 stations so they don't have to be programmed in house yet. therefore, everything was ready for that digital signal. Other stations did similar formats on their HD2. WRVW had only the newest music on their HD2 to complement the CHR format on their analog and HD1. So If a station chooses to extend their format, or put a whole new one on... you're still reaching a new audience and chances of TSL to your station increases in both cases.
What I didn't like about multicasting. Here in Chattanooga, the one HD signal is WUTC. No multicasting, and it's NPR stuff. So when I would lose the HD signal, it would flawlessly, and seamlessly just switch to the analog. You could hardly even tell it happened. Back and forth with ease when I got on the out skirts of it's signal. But with multicasting stations in Nashville, there was at least a 2-3 second delay if not more. And when the radio seeks the analog signal first, even when searching specifically forhd signals, it grabs that, plays it, then switches to the hd signal, which is 3 seconds or so behind the analog. Once again, I'm assuming this comes down to the amount of bandwidth given, and how much information is being transmitted across it.

The text was good. It was just like RDS really. I don't however think traffic or advertising would be a great idea like I originally did when HD radio was more of a concept. The scrolling of radio displays would just not be good for driving.

I realize this is also about the JVC radio... but I really don't have much bad to say about it. at all. I wish I could change the back lighting of the buttons to Green... but I guess red/amber will have to do. I really thought it would look like Christmas all the time, but I honestly haven't noticed. The volume knob could be a little better in my mind. It's somewhat too flush with the face... though it's not hard to change the volume, I just would like a little more finger room, and maybe make the "att" button there instead... and make the "att/power" button a "play/pause/power" button since there is no "play/pause" button. I thought I'd really miss it... but it honestly hasn't bothered me too much. Plays CD's well... MP3 discs workok . The fast forward on it is somewhat slow for me because I like to put 4 hour pod casts on discs and listen to them on my long drives. 10 seconds at a time seems slow when you're holding it down and accidentally hit it and make it skip to the next track... DOH!
For the price, it's a fantastic radio. And because it's JVC, you're not paying for the name... just the quality. I recommend it highly.

Back to HD radio. I really think it's coming along. quickly too! I'm really surprised that some stations didn't have it yet. Though a lot of the power house stations are holding out on new transmitters because of the lack of power right now available in solid state transmitters. That is quickly being solved from what I've heard from transmitter manufactures.
Though I don't think we will be able to get rid of Sattelite radio with it... it could be a killer if used correctly. But already we've marketed it incorrectly.
If we were going to try and get rid of sat radio, we should have put all stations with HD2's on first, ready to go, and then sold the radios cheaper, and as a subscription type thing, but a one time charge instead. Keep the HD2 signals commercial free music and have great programming. But hey, it's cool the way we're going to be able to see it progress in the public eye. But all I can say is, Owners... keep your AM stations... they'll be a valuable commodity soon. I can already see towns that try and cover more than one high school for sports, but need another station to do it... this is the answer to your prayers.
HD radio is coming, slowly but surely it will be the new way you listen to radio. You don't know it yet... but it will be.

That's the beef of the review. There are going to be other things I add to it as I have more exposure to it. I really really wish I could have had a working unit when I went to Indy with Brooke a few weekends back. Oh well.

I really need to get to work on other stuff, so I'll leave you with this till I have a bit more time to add to it.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

something fun

well... Since I'm not having any fun lately, maybe you should!

I remember doing this back in Murray with the guys, but it was fun to try it out again.  You should too!  lots of fun.  What's really odd is the celebrity I'm most told that I look like... was not on either photo I tried!  Crazy.  But Lance Armstrong ended up on both... weird.

Have fun!  lord knows I'm not...   I swear the radio review is coming... I haven't even put the replacement one in yet!  Too many remotes, not enough time.  I thought "less is more" in Clear Channel?!  Yea, and as soon as I figure out what's going on there, I'll try and let you know... it's not looking good.

Friday, October 27, 2006




a quick thought.

Tigers pitching = most errors

Cards pitching = every starter wins, including Weaver who made up for the one loss in Detroit by winning the whole thing!

This was a spanking... don't make excuses either.

eh, we had a long layover... eh, we made some mistakes that cost us... etc etc.  You know what, Cards played fantastic baseball.  Don't take it away from them making excuses for Detroit.  It's only the post game show, and I've already heard it.  "Detroit can look back at this series... and they'll realize they could be up here tonight."  NO THEY CAN'T!!! BECAUSE THE CARDS ARE THERE AND THEY SPANKED YOU FOR 4 GAMES!!!  GOT IT?!


I got my replacement radio in today... I'll let you know!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

review… but not THE review

I highly doubt any of you were coming back just for the review of my new JVC HD radio that I put in my Jeep this week. But just in case you were clicking in to read HD radio from your favorite radio dude ;-) You will be sad like me, to hear that the HD part of the radio... didn't work. Looking into a fix, even if it's a replacement radio from Crutchfield. I was super excited to hear HD-AM too... I was so looking forward to trying it out, I printed out a list of HD stations in the cities I'd be passing through.

So that will come at another time.

Today, I'll be talking about the Indiana State Marching Band Finals at the RCA dome this past weekend. (watch people click away to ebay or something)

Warning... if you were a judge at this event, you might want to go to some other site... because I'm about to call you an idiot. Maybe I'll go with stupid instead... or dumb, or something else that signifies your lack of musical intelligence.

If you’re a regular reader of you know that I think there is a lot more talent in Indiana bands than there are in Kentucky… which is tough for me to say because of my deep KY roots. But after this weekend, I know why. The reason IN bands are so much better is because the judges up there are morons! So just to make it to stuff like State competition, they have to have fantastic shows with fantastic sound.

Here’s the rundown… Brooke and I went up to Indianapolis to see this. Yes, she is bias toward her Jasper Wildcats because she went there, and is teaching pit there as well… but I am not nearly as bias… keep that in mind. We decided we’d have a little competition between ourselves. We were going to judge the bands from the stands. We judged on Music, Visual Effect, and General Effect… and we placed them in our order at the end of the contest.

Ten bands in class B by the way.

“And in 9th place… Jasper High School.” Followed by a gasping of the crowd, silence then the required clapping as a very good band was given a 9th place trophy. Unbelievable. Just ridiculous. Brooke picked them 1st… like I said, very bias. But I had them 2nd and at least in the top 3.

To put this awful judging in perspective… the band I picked to be 2nd got 9th as I just mentioned, and the band I picked 9th… GOT 2ND?! How does that happen?!!! Unreal. Even Concord fans behind us (who I had 3rd, but got screwed and got 4th) were saying things like… “Well, I think Jasper is just a tick below us” and then after the results they were like… “Oh, my gosh! That’s not right”

Here’s a run down… with some random thoughts from me.

1. Greenwood - Well deserved, good show, great sound… I had them here.
2. Northview *TIE* - Holy crap… this is part of the reason for this post. Terrible everything.
2. Decatur Central *TIE* - Pretty good stuff. Way over rated though. I had them 4th I think.
4. Concord - Good fun show, deserved to be higher though.
5. New Castle *TIE* - Talk about a color guard stealing the show! Terrible band sound though.
5. Bloomington North *TIE* - they should have been like last or something. Boring!
7. North Side (Fort Wayne) - can’t remember if it’s this one or the next one…
8. Plainfield – One of these had a great show and concept and didn’t deserve this low.
9. Jasper – come on, phantom of the opera, awesome ending, just wow.
10. Northridge – not the last place band… but not great either.

And I know that the judging can’t be that bad. I did pick the number 1 band as Greenwood, and there was another couple of bands that were in the right places… but somehow they missed some real talent in Jasper this year. And they had some bands that had no talent what so ever way too high. Anything with a “North” in the name was not good by the way… yet two of them are top 5. Just terrible judging from the ISSMA.

Note to self… if ever in charge of a bands show… never use straps to connect band members because of ugly looking forms, and noticeable interval problems… unless you’re in the Indiana State Band competition. Then go all out and be as ugly as possible.

Note to self… to succeed in Indiana, make sure and get a killer color guard so you don’t have to worry about the way your band sounds, and how many notes your soloist cracks.

Note to self… don’t waste money on an awesome tarp or expensive rights to music that people know and love… you’ll be just as good in Indiana writing a crappy and corny original show with a couple of props on the side that don’t do anything but take up room.

Yes, my main problem is that Jasper got screwed out of the top 3… or even top 5! But the other part of that problem is that bands that didn’t have a good sound or show got some top honors that they didn’t deserve. The saddest part is that Jasper almost got tenth… only like .05 or something away from it. Just awful judging. They play in a BOA competition at MTSU this weekend… 5 bucks says they do well there. They have a very good and expressive show with one of the best ballads and emotional ending I’ve ever seen… ever.

Bottom line… impressed again with Indiana Bands, not so much with the panelists.

Come on back for my review of the JVC KD-HDR-1 and HD radio whenever I get that worked out though! Should be interesting!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The sports post

I now have speakers on my computer at work.

I got sick and tired of having the oldest computer in the building, while having newer ones right behind me not being used. Ones that have sound cards and usb ports that can be very useful. Anyways... the point is, I've been listening to a lot.

Here's some sports thoughts from me.

St. Louis better freakin win tonight. That's not a deep thought or anything, just a statement about my favorite baseball team.

Miami is not going to do the right thing. Why should they? They'll get fired if they do the right thing or not. So they might as well skip the Duke game, and then try to make the best of a dismal year so you get a pretty good job the year after your roasting.

I'm starting to think TO is the most overhyped players ever. Speaking of overhyped... anyone watch Atlanta/NY? good... no one is talking about it either.

Titans win?! wow... maybe I should stop watching and caring more often! Good luck in your bye week... then I don't care when you get back.

UL football is extremely underrated. They will rule the world, no matter what "weak" confrence they're in. Oh yea, 3 confrence teams in the top 25 from that "weak" confrence. yea, the SEC may be too tough... but PAC10 is way overhyped. UL WVU and Rutgers are the happy medium. Like I know what I'm talking about in College football... I went to the wrong MSU. Oh, and the morons of WKU that want to become the UK of the Sunbelt. YOU DON'T BELONG IN D1!

Chicago is good... But not the best. This will be a fun year of NFL... lots of really good teams.

I'm sure there are others... but I need a haircut before my trip this weekend. I'll tell you about that when I get back... oh, and I'll be able to tell you my true opinion on HD radio!!!

More on all that later.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

google will own us all…

I don't have any concept of how much a billion dollars is.

But I know if I had 1.65 billion... I wouldn't buy youtube

But google, (who will own us all at this rate...) can, will, and has!

I know why they would... but then again, why would they?   What will they gain?  They've already got a great video service in place, and with a little effort, could eventually take youtube down.  But I guess the saying goes, if you can't beat them, buy them... er... wait.  That doesn't seem right.  But it must be.

From here on out, it is my goal to start something small that threatens a large company, only to have them buy me out later for more money than I can even think about.

Here's the bigger question; what will happen later on?

"YouTube will operate independently, and the companies will work together on building new features for independent users"

Yea, ok... till all the lawsuits start coming in.  Then I'm sure google will put an axe on some of the stuff that's on there.

Will they eventually turn into one service though?  Will it eventually be google video only... but huge?

I use google video... will I eventually have to move to youtube, or will people come to me?

Why didn't they take that money and buy Fox who bought myspace... or why didn't they try and buy it before Fox did?

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I’m starting to think that…

radio people really ARE stupid.

All we can do is have studies on common sense measures. Much like I stated in "the Duh report" post, there's good information in this stuff, but it's just like... duh. People in the industry know this. and a lot of people that aren't know too! And it really doesn't matter, that's the more important part.

I saw this on yesterday. "A study conducted for the RTNDF says that most people say that they get most of their news from local TV, with local radio trailing everything but the Internet and national newspapers."

uh... yea. Where have you been the last decade or so?

Here's the page, and the report section I'll be refering to mostly.

Let's look at some interesting figures. 14.7% is the amount of people that get their news from radio. Let's look at radio. 1st off, I'd be shocked if 14% of stations in the nation are a news/talk format.

But those numbers don't make a difference anyways. Here's what does. I seriously doubt that 14% of radio stations in the nation even run any kind of news on a regular basis. (regular being more than just the morning hours) And if they do... they are quick, they don't take up much time, and don't contain a whole lot of information. And if they do run news, what are the chances people will catch it if it's a floating time thing?

News radio now, is not meant to tell the news, it's meant to talk about the news. There are very few stations that have a full news staff that goes out and does reporting. Have you not figured out that radio is pure entertainment now?

Talk radio stations that run news on the hour (top, bottom, or both) have better chances of becoming part of this 14.7% but there again... Those news casts are 5-6 minutes long and are national stories.

Let's look at the daily routine of most people and their radios.
-Get up... alarm clock or radio. This is where you've got a chance to report your news if you want. What do most stations try to do instead? Entertain.  Inform is the by-product. It's something they feel like they HAVE to do. And they do.  Now, how extensive to make it, is up to how much stock you put in stuff like the above report.

-Go to work. If the radio is on, they can't afford to sit there and listen to people giving the news. Again, they're tuning in for entertainment, in their musical tastes this time.

-Lunch time! I've heard some stations run news at lunch, which is a good idea... but what time do people take lunch? 11, 11:30, 12? It's hit or miss at best. It's most likely best to keep on keepin on and make them happy instead of depress them with news.

-back to work, now I'm done for the day! Drive time... can somebody say morning show 2? slogan still can be entertain, inform, interact... but personally I'd put inform at the end, and here's why;

When people are home for the evening, cooking dinner etc. The radio is out of the picture the rest of the night.  (except younger demos, but they don't listen to radio or need news anyways, right?) What's on? TV.  TV has taken over the "family time" of old days. And it's been this way for a long, long time... This is why I don't understand why this report is making a big deal about 14.7%

OF COURSE TV owns us all. People are already watching TV when the news comes on. It's usually right before they go to bed! It's an hour long with in depth reporting and information... it blows radio newscasts out of the water!

I'm sure my TV buddies, including jbarr will chime in on this... because he/they know this is one place TV will ALWAYS beat radio. I remember a class in college that I took where a teacher told us there were only two or three live TV shows that weren't news in our area. And that's true. TV stations don't do anything but take network shows for entertainment, and hire a bunch of people that are going to keep you informed. Why? 65.5% that's why.

Media is about knowing your place.  radio is entertainment, information, and interaction.
Am I saying there shouldn't be news on radio? NO! are you dumb?! But I am saying that there's no reason this report should be taken seriously. You're just not going to beat TV, and people are attached to local newspapers like they're a favorite pair of slippers or something. So it might be important to raise that 14.7% to maybe 20% at the max... but it'll never happen.

I really don't want to go into the age groups/demos that this thing mentions.  I just wanted to say my 2 cents about how another over rated study has been done.

Good info... but I'd rather watch it on TV than read it.  (ooooo, that was a slam on internet news!  see that?!  HA!  No, seriuosly... internet news is awesome for poor people like me that can't afford newspapers and stuff... so, sorry internet, just couldn't resist.) 

So keep on huntin news hound.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

rough times…

It's a rough time to be a titans fan.

Not that our team didn't suck enough... but now haynesworth is gone for 5 games.  With good reason.  but still.  We didn't need anymore bad press.  And we get this?!  Thanks albert.

Notice the lowercase a and h that I spell his name with.  That's what he gets from as punishment.

Normally we would have just slipped under the radar of suck... but now thanks to this game, sportscasters are talking about how we could go winless or only win a couple of games all year.  Not that I don't think that's the case... but still, now it's really public.

I've stuck by you titans... even when they've all wanted Fishers head.

I don't know how much more of this I can take though.  I was glad to see Young starting to be honest... atleast you've got some faith in your new guy, and maybe this is why you got Collins to come in, so you wouldn't feel bad about benching Volek again after a few games.  Collins football days were pretty much done when he signed the one year contract.

Titans... I'll stick by you.  But I'm not going down with you.

I got rid of all my titan fantasy football players.  Including Drew Bennett (who put up a goose egg in points for me this week) and Ben Troupe. (who has put up some 0's in the past as well)  If I don't do any better in the next couple of weeks, I may just go all titans to see if I can get last place.
I love you guys... but until this awful play stops... I can't watch anymore.  This is worse than a slow UK basketball year.  Atleast they'll win some big games when they're going through some rebuilding.

For now, I will follow my secondary team... the Colts.  And even though Joseph Jefferson is off the team, and Shane Andrus got cut as well... I still have someone there on the field that I know.  Jason Chapman is on the Colts video staff... so there, I've got another reason.  (I had to prove i'm not a bandwagon fan so Brooke won't make fun of me)

Titans... get your act together so we can move on.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Well said James!

James blake make some great comments after his win today.

Granted, anyone with any sense would make these comments if they followed tennis/USA tennis from behind the curtains.

I felt compelled to post this because Dad and I just got off the phone talking about American sports over all, and how we've been on the down slope for some time now.


Why can't we win in Davis Cup play? Why can't we win the Ryder cup? Why are we not the best basketball team in the world anymore? Even though we did better, we've never been able to win in Soccer world cups. What is stopping us? Is it that countries aren't afraid of us anymore? no pride in country? No will to win?

I have a different theory, and I think we're going to be ok in one sport now.

I can't think back far enough to remember, but it sure seems like when I was a kid, sometimes we kept score, and sometimes, in orginized sports, we didn't for some reason. It was teaching us that it was OK to lose, and everyone is a winner even if you were a loser. Maybe that's why I was/still am such a good loser in Tennis? I only get mad cause I play bad, not because I lost.

Did the Pete Sampras generation keep score when they were kids? YEA! Did the Jordan era keep score? Well sure! They learned how to win, and that losing sucked! That's why they dominated when they were at their peak.

There is still hope for America though. The little league world series.

These kids keep score for real... they want to win, and they DID! Not only did they win... But USA won, twice in a row.

So count it.

While Federer is kickin our butts on the court, we've still got the Great American Past time, and we're kickin butt on the Diamond.

so ends my content post... now to the filler

Thursday, September 28, 2006

ok, so I’m late… again

Sue me... it took me a whole day instead. MY BAD!
Now, on to the post!


Let me once again, start this off with a statement. I love most anyone until they give me a reason to not. All Mexicans/Latin Americans have always been nice to me. Mexican eats are the best! But I think we all know there's some problems going on in the states with people coming over the border. This is some good irony coming up.

Sgt. Weir from Cleveland, TN passed away in battle not too long ago. Of course this has been a huge deal around here at the station. As it should be. American hero, coming home to be buried. That's not what this post is about. I only tell you this to tell you a story.

Before his funeral, the station gets this great idea to go buy American flags to fly on the interstate overpasses as the cars pass under on the way to the burial site. Great idea, great tribute. I didn't have time to notice it before they left with the trucks an flags... but I did notice the day after when cleaning out the box truck. As I fold the flag (the wrong way) without it touching the ground (thanks papa for bringing me up right) I take a good look at the box to put it back in. Had a good laugh, and took a picture.

Front of the box

And of course... the very American... back

Back of box

Now... if this product is "Made in the USA" as it claims... and it's for proud flag waving Americans... why?

Not that people that ONLY speak spanish can't buy and wave American flags... but I'm guessing that the need is... um, less than large?

That's all for now... I might add some more later, or I'll just post something new on Friday.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

oh, sooo good!

oh my, do I have a great post for you today.

Give me till lunch... I've got to get some pictures to go with it.  It just makes the post soooo much better.

Yes, I'm not feeling good.  But for once, my throat is not gross, as it usually would be by now.  This is just some allergy stuff.  though I wonder if I would get these problems as much if I got my tonsils out.  I think I've decided on the Coblation method as well.  Looks least painful and less bloody of all the methods.  now to actually go through with it.

This past weekend, I cleaned.  Yes, I, cleaned.  The apartment doesn't look that bad actually!  I also reloaded my computer.  I chickened out on RAID 0.  But I did swap out for the 200 gb as my master instead of the 160.  So that'll help a little.

This is just filler right now... but seriously... you're going to want to come back after lunch to get this post.  Should be one of the better ones!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the “DUH!” report

Yes, this is a good report with good information... but I think anyone could have figured this one out!

(Edison Media Research Study)

I'll give you time to read it, and I'll post my thoughts a little later... and hopefully they'll be yours too! Even if you're not in radio... you could have guessed that this SHOULD have happened.
And now, on to my thoughts...

click 'more' by the way.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


-ok... so first off... BIG :-(

I will explain this to anyone that I know well, if asked.

"Shot through the heart, and I'm too late"

-Next up! tiger loses? Ok, so I don't follow golf... that's a given. My parents do, my aunt and uncle do, and that may be it for my serious golf contact. But tiger catches everyones eye.

In fact, I have kept an eye on him after the U.S. Open. The Tennis U.S. Open actually. (In case you missed why.)

I'm not saying that Federer had anything to do with tiger's loss... but I'm not saying it's not possible. If that makes any sense. Maybe I'm still looking too much into this?

This past Thursday and Friday around the stations has been the Radiothon for the Children's Miracle Network benefitting T.C. Thompson's Childrens Hospital.  It's been very good actually as far as raising money goes.  T.C. Thompson is like Chattanoog's own St. Jude type place.  Granted, I've done a lot of stuff for St. Jude for the same cause over the years, and I've never said anything... It's helping a great cause with your support and money.  I hope if you are able, you will give to the charity of your choice to help someone, or God forbid, yourself or one of your loved ones some day.

We've all been touched in some way, and can't begin to imagine what your help and support means to charities like this.

Now that I've said that, it's time for some not so nice comments.

Honestly, I've ran them, and now I've listened to them... radiothons are the most depressing programs!  It's draining, gulit blaming, emotional, depressing, crappy radio!  Once again, I'm super glad they're around because of the help and hope they give to millions.  But for real!  If you're in a good mood and want to be in a bad one... just flip it to one of the three stations we've got doing radiothons today.  Holy crap, let my battery die so I can turn my radio off!

Once again... there's hardly any way to make them happy other than when you read off totals.  But yea...  I forgot they were going on, and I tuned into our rock station at lunch ready to rock out... wow... just wow.  I just felt drained from like 2 minutes of listening!

But, it's all for a great cause.  I hope they make all their goals so that some kid can have a chance at a normal life that they should have.

See, now I've drained you too!

So check out the new 'Video' page for a good laugh.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

fun time!

ok... so I realized again that my blog is really negative most of the time.  So in effort to "even things out" here's some fun stuff to try next time you're on an elevator.

-Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up! all of you just shut UP! Please!"
-Crack open your briefcase or purse, and while peering inside ask: "Got enough air in there?"
-Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear yours upside-down.
-Greet everyone getting on the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them to call you, Admiral.
-Stare, grinning, at another passenger for a while, and then announce: "I've got new socks on!"
-Meow occasionally.
-Walk on with a cooler that says "human head" on the side.
-Stare at another passenger for a while, then announce "You're one of THEM!" and move to the far corner of the elevator.
-Wear a puppet on your hand and talk to other passengers "through" it.
-When the elevator is silent, look around and ask "is that your cell phone?"  (They'll check it... )
-Listen to the elevator walls with a stethoscope.
-Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers that this is your "personal space."
-Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button.
-Stop at every floor, run off the elevator, then run back on.

That should keep you happy for a weekend sometime.

In case you wanted a post with meaning... look below.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What I’ve learned from an Open

As I start this post, I realize I should be crying. Yes, I picked Roddick to win it all... and I stand by that. But my new statement holds true as well. Federer is just too damn good.


oh well... Andy played a very good match, but Federer really is, "that good". Although, I think the improvement of Andy far exceeds that of Roger's dominance. Now, on to what else I've learned.

Instant replay is a good thing. I heard very little of the common bad call “whistles” that you always hear at the Open. It helped the chair control the match by not having to worry about a player complaining. Very nice touch... I hope it becomes more popular on other events.

Mary Carillo is a sexist. She must have just got dumped, divorced, used, and abused by some guy before the final, because there was a few choice comments about the male sex that came from her. I'll see if I can find exactly what she said... but I'm pretty sure it had to do with a low percentage of something, and she comments, "Just like men in general". Nice Mary... way to not mistake you for a lesbian commentator we're used to hearing... Who the hell invited you to sit in on the men's final anyways? I hope after those comments, you're banned to women’s matches only... that way I have another excuse not to watch them. (I'm sure that the ads on the sidebar will now be filled with sex ads because I put the words "sexist" and "sex" in this paragraph... so maybe I can off set it by typing... TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS. There, that should take care of it. Tennis...)

Ok, so Roger dodger has a new friend? Not that I think they're gay or anything, but this Federer/Woods thing is kind of creepy. Yea, I realize they're both at the top of their sports... but come on... do they really think they're so good that they have to hang out now because they're one of a kind?! Come on... Just cause people compare me to someone else, doesn't mean that I have to be their buddy! Matthew Perry, I'm coming to hang out with you now, because people say I look and act the way you act when you're acting... Plus we both are pretty avid tennis players too! Are you a drummer by any chance? We should hang... because I think we have a lot in common, and I'm so awesome that I can only relate to you now.

Give me a break guys... I realize you may have missed some of your childhood, taking all your free time to the court and course... but honestly. gaw, I'm so bitter! Maybe I just think that an American golfer should want to hang with an american tennis player if he's wanting a new friend. I also think the media has kind of taken a weird spin on the subject, and blown it out of the water. eh... whatever. Have fun with your slumber parties guys.

On to fantasy football! I lost... made lots of changes, again... and hope to do much better in week 2.

In case you were wondering... this past weekend went MUCH better. Good time with Brooke... got to see Bittel and Ashley, plus KG and family. Also took a trip to the hospital. Tim's brand new baby is very cute... I'll see what I can do about some photos... which apparently I'm not working hard enough on.

And last but not least... I got word tonight about my old percussion instructor at Murray state. Tom Vanarsdel, you are in my thoughts. He's been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. Very sad time… I hope to see him soon if I can.

More news later... I think this has been enough for today… would you agree?

Thursday, September 7, 2006


I watched a meltdown on tv last night. Rafael Nadal got crushed in his quarter final match. And even though it was his best result at the open todate... I just can't help feeling cheated. Yea, it's cool to see new names come out. But Mikhail Youzhny is not the name I had in mind actually. He played way over his head to beat Rafy... but I can promise you this.

After watching Roddick run through Hewitt like he was barely there... I have full confidence that this is his year. He'll blow right by Youzhny on pure adrenaline alone. These unknowns that rocket through the draw in a major usually meet their match in the semi's for some reason.

I really didn't expect Nadal to roll over and die like he did though. And don't tell me that just because he was pumping his fists after saving points at 5-0, that he was in that game... he had already decided he lost after he lost the tie break and got broke in the third. He was gone.

Back to Roddick...  He made great shots, played super smart, served great, and is fired up!  The way he played last night... I don't see anyone beating him at this open... not even ol' Roger!  Mark it down on your calendar... this year belongs to Roddick!

On the other sad losing note, I wonder how much more we'll be seeing of Davenport?  Tough loss...

I can't wait to watch the rest of it this weekend.  Just wish I was there, that's all.

On to other news...  The site is almost finished, and I think I'm liking it so far.  It even has ads for you to click on, that makes me very little money!  I'll be working on the photo album pretty hard, including new pictures of stuff down here in the Chatty, and the trip up north last weekend.  (dang, why didn't I get shots of the puppy?! so cute)  If anything else on the site doesn't quite look "up to par" or you just hate, please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Let's get this out of the way. No, the weekend wasn't perfect... I think everyone will agree with that. Infact, talking to Tug at work, seems like everyone here had a not so good weekend too.

Moving on. I had something important to talk about in this post. I have forgotten what that was. Why you ask? Well, thank my mom for changing the blog subject.

While I type this, I'm watching the DCI championships on ESPN2. (thanks for finding it and calling me mom) This is either the second or third year they've carried it on the network instead of PBS. (I'm thinking second year... correct me if I'm wrong) To inform you a little... PBS showed all the bands in finals, with the complete shows... which I liked. It was good. Even though you weren't there, you got a good idea of being there. Infact, that's how I produced the video of the Band competition in Murray we covered. When ESPN picked it up, I was cool with it, because that mean they're calling it a sport... no matter how long it took them to get it. Granted, hunting and fishing has it's own day on ESPN2 every week... but I'm just glad DCI has one day a year. What I'm not super happy about is the way the production is.

It is however a step up from last year... I can think back to last year, screaming at the TV thinking that it was the worst thing that came to the event because of how much they actually cut out, and how simplistic the features were. They cut out some of the best parts of shows, and the camera work was decent, at best. This year though, I am somewhat more impressed with the production. Infact, I was more impressed with the production, than I was the talent level of the corps this year. Then again, I didn't get to see a single show this season either.

BTW, Congrats to the Cavies, again... yet, I still felt it was lacking. It was visually fantastic, and I usually LOVE when they do original music... but this years show just didn't do it for me to be honest. It was still a neat show... but, eh. This is one of those times where I wish I was still in Murray at school, so I could talk to Joe about it. For that matter, I wish I could still talk to my so called music friends and maybe someone can give me some scoop on what it really sounded like. Back to the subject... Looking back, last years Cadet show (which I liked almost as much as cavies 2000 show, which I REALLY like) to me was still much better than this years Cavies show, and tons better than the the cadets sequel show this year. So does that mean less talent or not as good shows? Got to be shows right?

Oh, and before I forget... Big congrats to Phantom for winning best percussion. I've been saying for YEARS that they've had the hardest working drumline in DCI whenever I see them... and it finally paid off.

So while the ESPN2 production was a little better, it still wasn't perfect. And with the quality of shows this year, it all just kind of evened out to me. Tell me I'm wrong... was this not a "so so" year? I only had like one or two moments where I was like... "I want to play again!" or "Man, I wish I had marched Spirit that one time" or stuff like that.

Never the less, I still had those thoughts. So while the original post I had planned was most likely about tennis and the US Open matches... it quickly got changed for my love of music and the one night a year we get "coverage".

Friday, September 1, 2006

some more observations

I don't know about you... but I can live without cash. Easily in fact. I don't really like it all that much, because then I can't go to snack machines and stuff of that nature. But I can, and have lived off plastic for extended periods of time.
So why is that when I have cash, it runs out way to quick?! Do I feel the need to use it if I find it in my wallet? What stops me from saying... "hey, why don't you use one of your cards, LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO!"

I just don't get it. This is why I don't go to get money from ATM's anymore. I'm just going to start carrying change around for coke machines.
Why is it that I'm still always sick?! Do I really have to get my tonsils taken out? I really thought that I was going to grow out of it or something. I honestly do not want to have any surgery if I can help it. I hate anything that has to do with blood, needles, sickness, and my body!

So I'm taking a road trip for the labor day holiday weekend. why do I still have to "labor" on labor day? eh, anyways... Brooke invited me to a Purdue football game (where her sister, Brittany is a freshman at, and also in the band) to watch them kick the crap out of Indiana St. Yes, I'm just thrilled about watching two hoosier teams square off... you can just read the excitement....................

Why in the world would I surround myself with teams I don't even close to like? It's not bad enough that I have to deal with a bunch of UT, UGA, (I like Felton, that's it) and Alabama fans down here... but now I've got to go north and deal with boilermakers, hoosiers, and whatever Indiana St. is.

On the good side of sports... UK UL this Saturday in football. I think we all know who the winner of that contest will be. and if you don't... then you don't follow kentucky football... or lack of. I actually heard that UL is being picked by a couple of sports guys to win it all this year! I hope their right... but I know one of those guys is someone off of cold pizza... and we know how much that's worth. But they do have an outstanding QB and overall team.
Tennis is still looking good! Andre won last night in a tight match... emotion looks to take him further than his body will right now... which is great for someone who has given so much to the game. Hingis lost though... bummer. Good luck to the rest of the field!
OOOOHHH! I'm editing this to tell you, one... Ice cream is FANTASTIC! (for sure when you've got a messed up throat like mine) and two... Mayfield may now have the best ice cream ever. If you know me, you know my new found love for Peanut Butter Cookie dough ice cream... now hear this. They sell Orange Cream bars... WOW!!!

Go to your nearest ice cream vendor, and demand Mayfield ice cream. NOW!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Finally watched some tennis

so I watched a little of the Open yesterday and last night.
I'm feeling pretty good about how the US players are going to do.

I don't however think Andre's chances are very good. I love the guy, and what he's done for the sport and what he's done during his long career on the court. but the guy needed a shot after his first win.

Am I saying he can't do it?! no way... but it's going to be tough, painful, and full of emotional
matches. So who do I go for if I'm not going for Aggassi all the way out?  Just look below...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

true talent

So I just watched an online video. (don't watch it unless you're ready for some "fun language" and drunken laughs)
This video changed my whole view on Kelly Clarkson yet again. This is a girl who has amazed me in the past with how much rock she can put into a pop song. I realize because of the whole American Idol thing... she has to be a pop singer. But this girl is a ROCKER!

And the fact that I watched this video of her at an unknown metal band concert, where she was wasted, but still had enough talent to get up there and blow every singer away just speaks volumes about her talent. This was not like a Karaoke night at the bar... this was good stuff! She was singing harmony and everything!

It just tells me that there are people out there with too much talent and not enough wisdom for their own good. Am I saying she shouldn't go out and have a good time? no way... she's young, and she's had to grow up fast... so by all means... take your boyfriend from Yellowcard and go get drunk. But please!!! Don't let kids think that they'll be able to sing that good while drunk!!! We'll have EVEN MORE bad karaoke!

and so ends my long story only to complete with a lame punch line.

But seriously... I hope the next album she puts out will be with a rock band or something. I may even buy it. So to you, Kelly... thanks again for making pop loving kids and chicks love rock music without even knowing it. There may be hope for this world afterall.

Monday, August 28, 2006


So the new york ratings came out not too long ago.

it AMAZES me that the number one station only pulls a 6 share.

That's how much diffrent, and how tight that market is! It also amazes me that a spanish station can hold the number 2 spot... where there is obviously more than one spanish station in the market, and the hispanic population is not the biggest percentage! radio is a strange she devil.

nothing really important to post on this... just kind of testing out the function of more than one blog category.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I’m diggin it

yea... so far, I'm really liking wordpress. it's easy enough for an idiot like me to do stuff on it... but also has the "flex" for if I ever actually learn how to manipulate it.

Plus, I can change styles without having to redo the entire site!

So I went to a club premire last night. "The Mix" here in Chattanooga. It was more of a dance club than it was a bar or anything... so needless to say, it was interesting. But I have to say, it was unique dj'ing. infact... I would actually call it true VJ'ing (Video Jock). Every song that was played, was played up on the screens... and every song that was mixed/scratched was still on video... I don't know what kind of equipment they were running, but it was a site to see for a geek like me.

Weekend, here I come!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hello world!

I'm testing this wordpress program to see how I like it.

It's pretty obvious that I'm still not happy with the current website... so I'm trying new stuff.

We'll see how it works.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

another year… another year older

yea... my birthday was yesterday.
I was hoping for something that didn't happen.
actually, a lot of stuff didn't happen. But I'm not going to let that get me down.

I really didn't have much to say. But I wanted my first post in the new blog to be after my birthday.

I hope by the end of the week, or next I can tell you some good news. Because now I've got my goals in mind, and I'm going to work towards them and not let anything get in my way by distraction. It's going to be tough again... but this time around, I'm going to make the right choices.

Hopefully I'll be able to explain this to you all soon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


So the new site is coming along... slowly, but it is moving.  I again want to thank for serving me with great domain name service for years... but for stepping up as my new web hosting company!  Great prices, and great service.  I've been super happy about the switch.  Also, be looking for to be up and running soon.  It should be a neat site for my uncle.  oh, and I gave in to myspace.  So if you're on it and a want to drop me a line... feel free.  I'm such a fad chaser.  But I admit when I'm wrong... and I was right about facebook!  HA!

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Derby Weekend!

I've got Derby weekend 2006 photos up. They almost look like a professional took them! It's amazing what a good camera will do for even me! Also, in case you were wondering... the website is STILL under construction. But I for sure have the right web host this time, so big thanks to godaddy! I've bought domains from them for years, and now they're proving their hosting plans are a great deal as well! So keep coming back to check for changes to the site as it's obvious that I dismantled it with the switches. Plus, We're working on putting up a professional photography page actually. I'll keep you posted on it all! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

stupid website…

Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 06:07 AM

So I can't get the website to do what I want it to... and I can't blame it on anyone but me because of my lack of knowledge. But that never stopped me from doing other things I couldn't!

I found out yesterday that the school that Tim and I used to do sports for when I was working in
Murray... was "given away" to the christian station up the road. That's right folks, the last year you'll hear Evan Elrod and Tim Stark with Calloway County sports is also the last year you'll even hear it on WNBS. I understand that they want to concentrate on one school... but wow. I didn't think they'd do that!

I guess I shouldn't be bashing them in public... after all, there are still a few people out there I like a lot. And one of them most likely helped make that choice.

So instead of thinking of it as "they're most likely making a huge mistake!" I'll be thinking of it as, "Tim and I were the last team to grace the airwaves with CCHS sports."

Thanks again for the memories Tim, there's no one else I would have wanted to do play by play with.

Why this warranted a post... I have no clue!

I am now also told that I look like a nascar driver?
Kurt Bush...

well, atleast I've heard of him.

Today marks 2 months at Clear Channel. Honestly, I haven't accomplished as much as I had hoped to by now. But I've got the rest of my life to do that. Brooke is teaching for the first time today... she's subing for a choir teacher at Jasper high school. GOOD LUCK! She also had to baby sit yesterday, which I've gathered was a fun experience.
Mom is getting close to getting done with school, and I can tell she's itching to get out and head to
florida. I'm excited for their stop down here in TN on the way. It's neat to let them see what I'm accomplishing as this was a pretty big step for me. I can see lots more to come as well now that I'm out of a place that couldn't let me go any further.

Happy two months! One more to go, and I'll either be fired, or I'll get a raise... which is something I never had in

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Derby recap

Sunday, May 14, 2006, 01:26 PM

yes, I realize it's a week late... but give me a break! I've been trying to build a new website! Put on your reading glasses, this will be a long one.

First let me tell you this. We had HAIL in Chattanooga last night. I'm on my wonderful computer last night when I look out my window and see lightning. This is strange to me because there was nothing in the forecast calling for rain, or even a cloud in the sky. Then, I hear this noise coming from the living room... I thought for a second it was someone beating on my door, till I heard the what I thought was rain outside my window. So I put on my pants to see what was going on. (those of you that know me, know that I hate wearing pants when I'm at home.) I'm shocked! Hail is pounding down, it's atleast a quarter in diameter size. like a large marble... I used to have some of those as a matter of fact. Nothing got hurt that I know of... but I'm glad mom made me stay home for the weekend, because it turns out it would have been a pretty tough drive up I-24! So I guess this post is dedicated to my mom for mothers day. HAPPY... you know the rest.

On to the derby!

For this post, I will be Tom Downs, the second.
For those of you that don't know, one of my uncles is a very good photographer for Louisville Magazine. Derby = Louisville... Uncle John = covering = extra pass from Tom Downs who can't come this year.
Enter Evan.
Now let's transform him into Tom Downs the extra photographer to cover the Kentucky Derby, the Parties… the floor?
You know what's cool about playing Tom Downs for a weekend? Being named Tom. Some of the coolest people and characters are named Tom. Off the top of my head... Tom Vanarsdale, one of my favorite instructors in my college days. Tom Bishop, Brad Pitt's character in the movie "Spy Game". And of course, Tom Downs who is cool enough to get to go to the derby... this year played by me.

Let me first say this. The derby is amazing. So many people coming out to see a sport they know nothing about. I would even bet some of those people don't even see a horse the entire weekend! That's no joke... the infield was nuts... I learned the meaning of "Trophy Wife" as well. So many knock dead beautiful women with fancy hats and the biggest rocks you've ever seen on a hand.
This is a spectacle. It's what Kentucky is most known for. oh yea, you're saying Basketball right now aren't you? Then tell me this... why is KY's slogan, "Unbridled spirit" or whatever? This is half the reason I wanted to go to the derby. People here in TN are always asking me "have you been to the derby" as soon as they find out I'm from Kentucky. yes this is annoying sense I have never been. So here's the recap.

I Arrived in Louisville on Thursday Night at John Nations house. (my uncle)
Met some cool people that were there hanging out. Can't think of their names right now... mainly because I meet too many people when I'm with John. I honestly don't know how he knows so many people, and even more know him. It's amazing.
So John has a nice house... but he has limited beds and furniture. And since two other photographers where staying with him for the week... I got the floor. The hard wood floor. He did his best to make it sleepable for me... and I did sleep.
We got up the next morning and went to The Oaks races, (Church hill downs) which is the races on Friday before the derby. This is the one that all the
Louisville people come out to see for the most part. The whole weekend such a big deal, that they close schools on Friday and some businesses too!
We walked around all day, and he got some good shots, but I was not shooting during the day. We went to the backside of the track and saw the stables and stuff... there may have been 50+ stables that held maybe 8 or more horses in each? Of course they're not full... but think about how many horses could be there!
We went to the infield, or college party... couldn't tell what it was. I'm leaning towards huge college bash with alumni invites.
Lots of people... lots of people.
Lot's of famous people. I even saw O.J. There!!!
Lots of fun. Came back to ready for our black tie event.
What do;
Jessica Alba, Anna Kournikova, Elisha Cuthbert, Eliza D, Jennifer Love Hewitt, & Alyssa Milano (I'm sure I spelled most of them wrong) have in common?
They're all on the list... you know, the list.
So I'm somewhat excited to know that I'll be shooting pictures of Alyssa Milano at a black tie function in downtown
So John and I are in our Tuxes.
BTW, try on your pants if you haven't worn something in 4 years. My cumber bun somehow turned into a belt and my jacket just had to be buttoned for some unknown reason. me = gaining some stomach width.
So we’re shooting jockeys and famous people that are walking the red carpet. I got some good shots that you’ll see on the site later. I got a cool shot of John Elway and his wife, and some nice pictures of miss America and miss
USA (this combo of pageant winners had never been in the same room before till this past weekend apparently.) One of them looked like Jessica Alba as a matter of fact… so yea, they were nice to shoot.
But I’m focused on finding my assignment. Miss Milano.
Sure enough, I found here… but she’s already at her table talking to people. So I didn’t really get a good shot… maybe one. But I was touching distance to her. If I wanted to for some reason, I could have spit on her? And her Boyfriend/husband (don’t know) that was there did not look like he was very cool. In fact, I stretch to say, he may have been a tool. Of course, I can’t say this… cause he’s at the least hanging out with a beautiful famous girl. But I just didn’t picture her the way she was. She had some crazy looking tattoo’s on the top of her back. Plus, she was a little shorter than I expected. The dude had this crazy curly hair that I wasn’t digging… and he just seemed to be the guy that she said “go get me a drink if you want to be with me” to. But I’ve been wrong before… actually, a lot. So anyways, Lee Greenwood sang, and blah blah. The Mint Jubilee was a cool event to go to, but not really, if that makes any sense. I was not Tom Downs that night either… so I felt off my game playing a character that was actually there and sleeping in the same house! Steve was a cool guy to be with… but I can’t get into a character that’s across town doing the same thing I am.
Oh yea, there were naked people there with body paint. That was neat. I’ll have photo’s of that for sure.

On to Derby day.

So John and Steve go to some thing that morning to get photo’s. David and I go pick up Grace (John’s daughter, my cousin) and go to some coffee type shop. They sold fresh squeezed orange juice… it was fantastic. BTW… Food is always interesting when spending time with John. Another post for another day.
So we head out to Church hill ready to go… today, I get to photo… I think
On the media bus about to head out when John says… where’s my camera? HA!
He had forgot to bring his camera. I think this could be a first for him. He was going to use Steve’s camera… which was going to be mine… but we convinced him to go back and get his. A good idea, because he would have been miserable. In his frustration, he takes the camera I was going to use, and we head to church hill, once again, I’m camera less with a press badge on… I feel like an idiot with a fake pass… oh wait.
He makes it back, and yes, gives me the camera back. So I get to work! I got some good shots, and it was a great time. It was crowded as hell, but it was worth it.
Grace and I put a bet on #8 Barbaro, and won 28 bucks! As I explained later… HE WAS 6 TO 1 ODDS! I had to.
Celebrities where hard to spot, so no cool stories there. But I do have cool photo’s that will be on soon enough.

That night, Grace and I go to our grandparents house. I had a good visit with Papa (my grandfather) and cleaned up for them after the party they had. Oh yea, If you don’t go to a derby party in Louisville, you have to hold one apparently. So I got to sleep in a bed again which was nice.

Got up, and went to John Hunters house (John’s old roommate) for a post derby party. It was kind of like the end of the Ocean Eleven movies where everyone meets back in one spot after it’s all over and then heads out. Cliché, I know.

So I drove all the way back to Chattanooga… NOT! I stopped in Russellville to see my parents for a second, then I headed to Clarksville where I met Brooke and ate at Outback. Then I came back to Chattanooga.

Yes, it was long weekend. But it was worth it!
Yes this was a long post… Don’t know if it was worth it or not yet.

If I missed something… and I’m sure I did… let me know