Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ok not really.
But everyone that is around Murray and knows me well... you know I do a lot of film stuff with our group of 4.
The drummer/radio/film groupies
Anyways... you might also know about a funny movie we did that spun from our tv show... well here's the link from the local university paper about it.

Yes, it was hilarious!
I was suprised at how good it turned out.
HUGE ups to Patrick and Chris for working so hard on the project they wanted to happen... THIS ONE WORKED GUYS!!!

For some reason, according to Patrick... a couple of people have actually said that I did a good acting job in the movie!
So I guess I'll just stick with radio. :-)

Had to share.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I know!!!

I didn't think I had it in me either...

to do a blog update that is.

But here I am, typing away on a crappy keyboard. Why the crappy keyboard you might ask. Well, I'm at work... and everything here is crappy!

now for the serious side... HOW ARE YOU?!!

I've been through a bunch of stuff recently... some bad, some good, some life changing even. but there's nothing I've learned more than how to make a peanut butter sandwhich even more delicous! I will spare you the details as that statement for purely for humor.

but seriously folks... get me out of here... cause I don't like it anymore than you do.
So, I'm showing off the nerdism here.
If you've ever been to Craker Barrel, or TGIfridays, or some other place that has weird stuff on the walls... and said to your self... "wow, that's actually a nice tamborine... I bet I could do a thumb roll on it..." and you've actually tried it and done it successfully... you, and I are nerds.
If you know what KOH does to your hands... you're a nerd... unless you thought it stood for KOA which is actually a camp ground.

and finally... if you thought Larry The Cable Guy was going to name his book anything other than "Git er done" you're an idiot.

I have lots of other stuff that I will eventually update you on... but this entry is kind of a trial entry to see if there's any intrest in me bringing it back.
So comment if you feel like you should.
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