Wednesday, August 10, 2005

long time no see

So yea... haven't seen ya in a while.

But I'm back and rollin again folks!

So it's sports time again...
Just so no one thinks I'm a band wagon fan, I'm listing my favs
NFL = Titans, Colts, a distant third is St. Louis
NCAA ftb = Murray, Florida gators, WKU
NBA = Sonics, Pacers and Boston tied.
NCAA bb = UK, Murray, U of L, WKU, and sometimes Florida
MLB = Cards, and I don't care about anyone else really.

There it is... my favorite sports teams for this sports season.
Go lakers and cougars

that is all for now.
don't want to throw anything important on you for the first post in a long time.
Posted by evanelrod at 01:37 PM