Sunday, May 15, 2005

a new step?

well... as many of you most likely know by now. I have graduated from Murray State.
Do I feel any different? nope... not yet.
Will there be a change? maybe... depends on stuff.
Should I keep taking classes? sure! why not just go to school the rest of my life?
What's wrong with grad school... nothing at all.
I'm out for a bit yo...
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Sunday, May 8, 2005

coming to a close?

Well, my sickness seems to be closing down... my throat is still horrible. I'll have gross pictures later, it's great. I'm having fewer and fewer fevers. But whenever I get one... MAN!
Graduation is coming up, and I'm done with the bulk of my final stuff already. Turned in my independent project which was not as involved as I wanted, but it was a nice 12 page paper typed. No double space you whiney kids! I might actually post it up on the website so people could read it if they wanted.
Anyways, I was having a discussion with my advisor today about something interesting we found on my final map report. And I'm afraid my worst fear might be true... I might have to take one more class before I can get my actual diploma. I'm sure this will prompt a call from my parents, so I'll tell you about it later guys.
It's cool though, I still will walk this Saturday, and I'll just take a class this summer and be done... no big deal. I had rushed graduation so hard for this semester that I just didn't have enough to actually be done without pulling a WKU semester... 22 hours for those of you not in the know. It's cool... I didn't want to spend all summer working anyways!
Maybe this is the way God wants me to do it... after all, school has been a huge part of my life for umpteen years... it's like a drug, you can't just come off of it.... you have to slowly remove it. This might be better.
And if I go in the Summer, it might help me make up my mind on the grad degree or not. Because if I do stop going... It would be hard to make myself go back. So maybe that's the way this should happen.
But hey... anyone that wants to come out on Saturday... you're more than welcome to come see me get a piece of paper rolled up with nothing on it like everyone else. I'd be cool with a fan section.

Ok, I've got jello waiting for me... Thanks for the ideas mom!


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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

have an update…


if only my hero were here today...
he could do my work for me.
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