Thursday, April 28, 2005

by request

here is a new blog...

being sick sucks.
School sucks.
work sucks
my brain sucks.
the word suck, sucks.

why am I negative?
hello, read the above!

I need just a week to gather together to get everything done... will I get that week? NOPE!

on the good side...
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college, it’s not just for idiots anymore!

It's for flippin morons too!!!
This will be a rant session... so unless you find my rantings funny, you will most likely end up mad or depressed after reading this.

It's raining, all the time... and there are puddles everywhere. and its too cold to wear shorts. wow... this sucks

I had a short interesting conversation leaving the fine arts building this afternoon.
There's a normal pattern to speaking to strangers, correct? A poetry even.

There was an obviously lower class family, walking on Murray State's campus. The mother, the most polite and outgoing of all of them most likely... decided I was the best canidate to ask a question to.
"Hey, where's Carr Health?"
I politely said, "keep walking here, and it's on your right".... not thinking about how incorrect this persons interaction with me was.

Then after realizing that I helped her, while they past me, she said under her breath, oh yea... then yelled, "Thanks!"

I know that TFL's won't be reading this, but I must rant.


This is how the conversation should have been.
Lower class family mom - "Excuse me sir, you look like a college student, could you tell us how to get to Carr Health?"
Me - "Sure, it's right on this sidewalk, on the right side. You'll see a sign if you keep going."
Lower Class family mom - "Thank you!"

I know I've lived in redneck country for 22 years... but when I'm on a college campus, I don't want to see this kind of ignorance.

I think I want to live in a bubble from now on, where only people that are approved for interaction with me, can hook up to my bubble and speak.
This is why god invented cell phones... so you can look busy on the phone, and stop eye contact from idiots.
Why do I work in Country radio... I'm just asking for it.

[turns on king of the hill and other slapstick comedy]
Irony is a funny word.

please... if anyone knows how to stop time, let me know.... that'd be awesome.

oh, and I must confess something to you all. Brooke got me semi hooked on american idol... and after our favorite singer was voted off... I have once again, banned stupid programming from my watching habits.
Good thing I've got the internet... cause TV is not giving me much, other than the return of family guy!!!

I could keep on typing... but I'm hungry, and my lymph nodes need to eat...

the rod, out
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Monday, April 11, 2005

biggity baow

Miggity maow, sliggity slaow, piggity pow...

Why do all these things sound the same?
cause they are... duh
Word to the wise... if you spend all day outside on a sunny day, you will get burned, badly. If your forehead is burned badly, it will peel... oh yes.
Someone just buy me so I don't have to do anything anymore. Is it possible to do nothing and not ever be bored? Someone rich needs to marry me then... because there are times where all I want, is nothing. and then there are times where all I want, is everything. Isn't it strange that someone rich would have to be involved in both those scenes?

you know what's dumb? stupid jokes... yep, they're dumb

ok, I'm going home or something.

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Thursday, April 7, 2005

long time no see

If you're still coming here and checking for updates...

what's wrong with you?!!!

I looked at my own site today, and was like, what the crap was I thinking?!

So I did get my free ipod yesterday... yes, it rocks... and yes, it was free.

you want to know what else is cool that I got?
my freakin cap and gown! oh yes... the first sign of graduation. I don't even care if I graduate anymore, I'll just walk the line for the fun of it!
I figure as long as I can get everything done before the end of this year... I'll still be a 2005 graduate!

yes, it is the seniorits kicking in. haven't gotten that in a while.
what else is new you ask?

Evan playing drums again... oh yea, hows that for new?! hell, that's NEWS! WHOO!
Just been playing with a couple of guys, and it's looking good so far! I'm excited!

So here's a post... but I have lots to do tommorrow... so I'll see you again soon maybe.

oh, and since Ryan Seacrest says "Seacrest, Out." I will stop the famous ee saying, OUT!
I will go back to the original high school saying I did quite a bit. Coined by Josh Hunt of "Josh hunts mad beats" Owner billy bob joe jim jack magillacuty

SEIZURE! (translated = see ya)
don't let the door hit ya, where I'd like to kick ya...
don't let your meat loaf
don't let your weed eater
so on and so for in JH style.

oh, and if calvin warren reads this... you're not allowed to be called Calrod... you don't have a rod in your name at all... and it's way to close to Elrod... who you marched next to if you, and started an indoor line with, just in cause you can't remember. Please discontinue use of this nick name or risk being sued... or something else scary.
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