Friday, February 25, 2005

so we continue

Here's a list of words you can start using now... after all... I am for some reason.

Golden = good, great, cool, etc.
pure = funny, good, golden, etc.
bad assest = the best of the bas asses
Tunnel = moving quickly
Monkeys = crap, damnit, etc.
Rock wall up = leaving, or goodbye (if you say it with force, it's a angry bye)

That is all for now...
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I will attmept to do this now…

I'm going to do it quick... because there are other things I want to post now... but I've been putting off the famous "100th post" friends list.
So I could possibly miss someone, or not do it perfect like planned.
But here goes nothing.
Level 1 friends = people I've shared a close bond with. Often times doing things with these friends by ourselfs, and not having to hang out in a group to be hanging. Being able to talk or not talk, etc. Most of these people I surprisingly don't talk to much anymore... which is a shame. But here we go.
Oldest to newest btw...
Kris, Brent, Joe, Will, Travis, Chuck, Jason G, Los, (Patrick, Jason M, and Rip are really close to Level 1 as of recently, Collin and Brandon are/were pretty much up there too.)
Level 2 = people that I think a lot of, and hang out in small groups or just like enough not to bad mouth behind their back.
Eric, Josh, Neal L, Matt, Calvin, Daniel, Chad, Kelly/Bill, Seth, Nathan, Tim, Derek, Lee, Jason C, Haynes and I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but I can always come back and edit.
Level 3 = These are people that either A, I consider Friends... but I can only have them in small doses... B, I consider them friends... but we're not really close. Or, I really respect them, and don't get to see them often, and enjoy what they have to say, etc.
What do all these people have in common? I would stop and talk to them for a sec if I saw them on the street... that's about it.
Justin, pookie, Ced, Aaron, Brent (94), Bur, Justin (low), Gibbs, Gibson, Bittel, Shane, Joe, Clark, Boone, and I'm sure I'm forgetting tons and tons of people on these lists.
BUT!!! If I spent all day thinking about this list... I'd never get any work done.

So here's what I'm going to do.
If I forgot you... I'm sorry... But I'm going to be leaving the comment box open on this special post, just for you to post if I forgot you.
If I don't think you belong on the list you request... I won't put you there either. :-)
I guess the moral of this story is, who really has a best friend anymore... I can't pick out one of these people and actually call them my best friend. So who's gonna be it? maybe you!
Oh, and yes... this list is for guys only... don't ask for the girls list, it ain't gunna happen for a while.
Ok, I need to work now...

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

this is post 99

The only reason I'm posting this one is because the next post will be meaningful

I will be listing off all my guy friends and where they rank in my lifetime, and how I classify them. it took me a little while to actually think about the three groups of friends I have, and who they are.

But I'll explain all of this in my 100th post.

(100 posts on this mt software in case you're wondering)

Oh, and don't ask for me to do a girl friends list... that'd be really hard... but hey, maybe someday.

post 99

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005


In case you want to comment on this stuff... since I've pretty much turned off the comment stuff for the blog because of problems discussed before... you are still all more than welcome to sign up to the forum.
You don't have to play tennis to belong to the forum. There's a whole section just for you! We want you all!

Wow, I've posted a lot lately.

I'm like two away from 100 posts! How do you like that?!

Only 5 or 7 has meant anything. :-)

I made the best ebay auction of my life tonight... it's only getting better I guess. WHOO!!

well... that is all.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

*WARNING* Bad words follow

I felt the need to take time out of my day to post this because it pisses me off so much.
Why would I take time out do do something? Because other lazy ass people can't. I'm not saying I'm not lazy... Because I am. But when it comes to my job and other people, I might go the extra step to help someone.... not even a mile... just a step.
Therefor the next phrase is not directed toward everyone, but one lazy ass person. Trashmen can SUCK IT!
What caused this hostile attitude?
So I'm getting ready today, and the trash truck was quicky approaching.
What do I do? Throw on my pants, a shirt, socks, shoes and hurry the trash can (which was full) out. I also have some boxes I needed to take care of. But there is obviously no room in the can. So I went back inside and got the box and put it right behind the can. By this time, it's raining, and I want to get back into the house.
I'll get to the point.
I watched the trashman from my room window where I was finishing getting ready. Did the trashman pick up my box? hell no! That lazy ass just knocked down the box, did the trashcan, and left... Didn't pick up the box, didn't take the extra effort to put the box in the freakin truck or anything.
I really want to just go on a rampage... but I won't, because I know sensitive ears could be reading this.... but oh man does that piss me off.
I realize his life didn't turn out exactly the way he wanted... and it's raining and he wants to get done with his route or whatever... but you know what? Screw your policy... if you just see the guy put a box out in front of the curb that's too big for the can. Do us a favor and do your damn job.

NOW, the box is wet, I have to try and fit it into the trashcan, and wait another week with a filled can that I can't even freakin use now.
screw you trashman... you suck

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I hate video now…

I love radio... and remember why
didn't get done filming till 7 in the morning helping Patrick.
The problem isn't that I didn't catch up on sleep or whatever...
The problem is that it's 2:15 and I don't think I can sleep tonight.
I told Patrick that this should be the last late one we do... in the back of my mind, I was saying... it's the last one I'll do. We had no crew again... but the filming still went ok considering.

I did however get to play a zombie.

I also made a purchase... I could not stand having a cheap printer anymore.
So I bought another one.
suprisingly cheap... but seems to work... and when I checked out, I got a 50 dollar mail in rebate that I didn't expect. So it ended up being a great deal. Even if it breaks in a year. which it will.

Um... I'm going to atleast try and go to sleep.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

stupid wrench

welcome to life, where things can be thrown apart with a wrench into the plans anytime.

just to let you know... news has come about that has changed the senerio I'm in.

It could change what happens later...

that is all. More later as it comes along.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Florida… where are you?

I want spring break here...
I just want school to be over I think.
Why am I even thinking about grad school? I hate school...
naw, I like school. I hate General Education Classes. That's where it's no fun.
I enjoy my major studies.

Check out these songs...
Bright eyes - Lover I don't have to love
Scissor Sisters - take your mama out
Blur - Coffee and TV (possibly a new favorite)

This has been the kind of different music I've been listening to lately.
And I'm slowly liking pop music more... that's bad. Rock is becoming more and more... well, crappy. I do like some of it still... but yea.

So, about spring break. I GET TO GO TO FLORIDA, AGAIN!
I'll take this trip with my parents, which I haven't done in a while.

Those of you that know me are saying. "So what Evan? You have family down in Florida." Yea, but you forget about all the nice things that are down in Florida other than family.... Sun... Tennis... Sun... Pretty pictures :-)
Please refer to Christmas 2003 in past blog posts.

Speaking of past blog posts... I'm coming ever so close to 100 entries.

I played ball again last night... I swear I'm going to get into shape. Somehow, I'm going to start swimming every day again.... I don't know how I'm going to pull this off, but I will. And if I don't do that, I'll be active somehow every night/day. I'll bring my tennis stuff into a racquetball court if I have to!!!

I've got class very soon... so


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