Sunday, January 30, 2005

Go Safin!

Well, I like Marat Safin for some strange reason... much more than Leyton Hewitt. Not that I HATE hewitt... I just don't like him all that much.

So it was fun to watch the two of them go at it for the finals... and even cooler to watch hewitt shut up the last two sets, and get spanked by Safin.

I want to play like him... but I'm lazy

I also want to get back into shape for several reasons...
So I'm going to try and start swimming again... everday if possible.

I'll let you know how that goes.

in the meanwhile...

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

shhhhhh… don’t tell anyone

ok... this is on everyone's DL for right now.
I had my interview today with a certain company that wants me to come work for them.

The most surprising thing about it...
They want me now, not later. Which is understandable.
My outlook about how it went?
Pretty well. I made my point I think.
My outlook on how I did?
I was very cocky... which I think is ok in a way. I just sounded sure of myself.
Did I take it.... no, not yet.

There are many other details to it that I will not go into here... but it was very interesting.

Val Kilmer is still my favorite actor.
He's on E! right now with a re run of SNL... He's so good. He could play anything I think.

I played ball tonight... and SUCKED! I couldn't hit anything if it involved a layup. and I hit about 25% of my outside shots. not very good at all. But I hate playing at the RSEC, I just can't run well on that floor.

So I guess things are going ok really. Some big choices ahead of me though.

ok, I'm OUT!
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Monday, January 24, 2005

cake rocks

So yea, Cake rocks.
Do this... trust me....

1 pk White Cake Mix
2 pk Jello (3 Oz) Any Flavor
2 c Boiling Water
8 oz Cool Whip, Thawed

Bake cake mix as directed on package. Remove from pans to cool. Rewash pans and put cakes back in them when the cakes are completely cooled. It is best to use 2 8-9" round cake pans but you can use an oblong pan if you want. After cakes have been place back into pans (top side up), prick them with utility fork at 1/2" intervals. Meanwhile, dissolve each flavor separately in 1 cup boiling water. Carefully pour one flavor gelatin over each cake layer (if using oblong pan you must use the same flavors for the 2 pks). Chill 3-4 hours. Dip one cake pan in warm water for 10 sseconds, then unmold cake layer onto serving plate. Top with about 1 c. cool whip. Unmold second cake layer and carefully place on first layer. Frost with remaining topping. Chill.

This... is... the... bomb...

I forgot whatelse I was going to put on here.

oh yea.
So, I'm thinking of switching everything over to bellsouth. Which means I would have to swith from Charter to....

Bellsouth Phone Service (still)
Cingular Cell phone (which I already have)
Direct TV sat service
Bellsouth Internet

All for hopefully less than what I pay now.

Does this sound like a good plan? We'll see.

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting... oh well


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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Here it is...
I fixed the comment problem....
By not allowing comments!

I know that sucks... but I want to give you all updates, but I hate that I get spammed.

I've got the computer people workin on it.

Speaking of problems, I'm having some other issues with the site... and I actually got an e-mail about it. So I need to be working on that right now.

More later. Promise...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


not good...
Ricky died. A good friend of the family that I grew up to very close with. Dad's best man in mom and dad's wedding. Most likely his best friend for a long time.
He had a son named Kris that I was close too as well. So, a lot of people are hurting with his passing.

And not to be little the situation, but things aren't going so great here in happy-ville either. Couldn't call the game last night. No phone line, and only 2 of the 5 phones we brought worked down in Paris... What happened to those two phones? Yep, they couldn't hook up to the equipment, and the batteries died. We didn't even make it though the girls game. Both teams won, but the girls game was really good at the end.

to make matters worse, something bad wrong is going on with the webblog in case you haven't noticed.
i'm getting spam comments on all my entries. Even the old school ones. As of now I have 2500 comments on my blog. hmmm... you think something is wrong?

So yea, if you know how to get rid of this crap on MT, let me know.

School starts today... so that's all for now.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Will it ever end…

I'm actually ready to go back to school!!! This break is killing me!!!

I don't think it would be so bad if I wasn't looking at getting out of college this semester. How cool would it be if I actually got out of here?

I got a call this past week froma former band director I worked for... I won't mention who it was, or what he/she wants me to do this summer. But it's something I've never done, but wanted to for a while. More on that as it progresses.

oatmeal supreme? I just saw the ad for it... might actually be good! I used to love oatmeal in the morning. I had it everymorning in the winter my senior year... it was awesome.

I'm also meeting with someone Monday afternoon. should be interesting... it could be a good opprotunity, even if I don't take it... it would atleast give me leverage elsewhere in life.

ok... I still need the house cleaned hardcore. I also need to get going on the website...
Ok, I'm out I think.


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Friday, January 7, 2005

welcome to 2005

hello fellow peoples...
Hope everyone had a good new years.
I had a bunch of stuff to say... but now I can't think of it.
as nepolian dynomight would say... GOSH!
That movie is only funny if you plan on talking to other people about how stupid it is... otherwise, it is not funny in any sort of the way. Well, it's pretty funny to read the script actually. so, two ways.

So with the exit of my third roomate from the A-wood, I've decided to forget roomates... so if you have any tennis racquets that need stringing, give them to me, I could use the money. I can do voice overs cheap as well.
Basketball is a good bit of extra money, but it's not going to be all of the extra I need. I had to cut back on the cable bill quite a bit... which sucks because I really loved that 3mb internet... so fast, it wasn't even funny. now I'm lucky to even get 384kb... I'm even thinking of switching to DSL with bellsouth. atleast I'd get a solid 1.5mb with them. I also cut down on the phone bill by taking call waiting off... why would I need call waiting? I need caller ID though... but no one calls me on that phone I guess.
I say that... but at 5:30 last night, I got a call from Fannin wanting me to drum in the pep band for the game, that started at 5! did I go?
He was offering 10 bucks cash... OF COURSE I DID!!!
I didn't even have to do the CCHS and Marshall double header this Saturday... but I got offered 50 bucks to do it on TV only. Am I doing it? YES!
So I will once again, miss MCL this Saturday, but I will make the Sunday rehearsal hopefully... Who will be joining me you ask? LOS! He's back baby!
What else is going on. Oh, I brought back all of my cases for my CD's and transfered them back the jewel cases, and using my cool new rack. The only problem is I don't know how to arrange them, because I have too many to just use the big X rack, and all other kinds of problems too... like my sound system doesn't PLAY CD'S ANYMORE!
I'm still in the market for a couch and loveseat... don't know why since I'll be broke soon. I should just be happy that my grandparents decided to upgrade their furniture back in the 70's and then again in the 80's or so. guess which era funiture I have.
I'm tired of typing... I went from not having anything to say... to having way too much to say.
I'll catch up later. promise.

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