Thursday, December 30, 2004

Big win = Tough final

Well, the girls played ok in the second half, so they got themselfs a win last night against Mercer. Which means they'll play in the final of the cyclone classic. The only problem... they're playing Iowa State. I most likely do not have to tell you they're a tough team. In fact, one of the toughest teams they'll face all year. Good luck to them, and to me because I've got to try and sound excited... I just hope they don't blow us out. If they do, it's hard to get excited on the air.
I wish I was good at this stuff... I don't think I've done very well so far. But who knows, Maybe I'll do something good tonight. And I might have a chance to go back to Western and call their game on Monday the 3rd. How neat would that be? Ok, I'm getting off so I can check e-mails and stuff.
In case you're wondering... food has not been as good today. Wait, what food? Same meal as yesterday. Waffle in the morning, pre packed turkey and cheese in the afternoon. Atleast they had a good chicken meal yesterday too. Maybe that'll happen today as well?

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Iowa… again

Well, this is my second trip to Iowa... and much like the first time, it sucks.
Hardcore style at that. There's just nothing to do except stay around the hotel and type a blog entry.
So I guess this one could be long.
In case I didn't say before, I'm in Iowa to cover the Lady Racers in a Tournament here. They play today and Thursday.
I still haven't had Christmas... And people around here are just talking about what they got and stuff, blah blah. Kind of depressing. But hey! Everything gets better on Friday hopefully.
I must share with you that I had the best steak of my life last night. Not the best meal ever, but without a doubt, the best steak ever. I ate every single bite, and the only part that even had a remote taste of fat was the last chunk, which I soon washed down with a little small slice of meat I left behind... Which left my mouth wanting more of the 10 ounce goodness. Oh how great it was, perfectly cooked, seasoned, and eaten. I only wish half the steaks I eat are almost as good as this one was. And though pricey, it didn't matter, because my years of paying Murray State had finally paid off. That's right folks, the bill was over the 400 mark, nearing the 500... And you people wondered why college is mucho mula.
What a cool phrase... mucho mula.
Well, I guess I will stop talking about steak.
No on to the waffle.
I made my own waffle this morning. IN YOUR FACE HUDDLE HOUSE!!! I mean, charlie murphy.
It was pretty good actually!
I never eat breakfast though, so my stomach is kind of hurting. oh well, I guess that's what happens.

Last night, was loud. We have an air conditioner that has a loud fan or something, and man, when it gets going... whew! Its loud. But when it gets going, and you fall asleep. zzzzzzzz nice. But then again, when you wake up. It's just loud again!
But all and all, it did not hurt my sleeping last night.

I think I want to own a hotel. Put a radio station in it, and make all the tenants wake up with it. How cool would that be?
What's the difference in a hotel, motel, Inn, suite, lodge, etc etc.
Just seems like a lot of names for places to sleep.
ok. I'm going to see if I can edit some of the websites since I haven't done much of it lately... and it's about time to start spreading the word about
Ok wish the team luck. wish me luck. and if you catch this post in time, listen live on teamline. (
It's the girls game at 5:30 btw.

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas?

This will not be an intellectual post…
I hate snow. I love it though… but right now, I hate it much more than I thought possible. This is the first Christmas in my short life that I have not woke up early in the morning and run to my stocking which was always overflowing with presents from “Santa”.
This is also the first Christmas that I have been forced to not see my parents or the rest of my family. Are they in Jail? No… I am… A-Wood penitentiary as a matter of fact. It wouldn’t be so bad if Brooke was here with me or something… but I’m by myself! I didn’t even bother taking a shower today!!!
Patrick was cool… he brought by some food from his family dinner. That made me feel a little better. This is also the only time I’m hoping for something to go wrong at work in the morning so I can justify me not going with more than just snow and ice and crappy roads.
I need to figure out what’s going on and try and clean the house a little more so I feel productive… I know I’ll end up just playing a game or something though.
Oh well…
On top of it all… I fell and hurt my arm. Ouch.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004


I'm dreaming of a white christmas
let it snow let it snow let it snow
oh the weather outside is frightfull
since we have no place to go...
any other christmas songs I can think of that are kicking us in the butt right now?
it's horrible out there... people were/are stuck on I-24 for over 15 hours. yes... that's right... they slept in gyms, churches, and hallways of hotels... I stress hallways.
so where am I stuck at you ask?
work... doing 18 hours of voice tracking... and should be doing another 4... but I don't think I can handle that.
ok... so why am I writing this now then? because i'm on hour 5, and I'm already hurting (i just got done working a live 5 hour shift, and if you can imagine how much i've had to talk about these traffic back ups and stuff... imagine more than that.) so yes, i need a break. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to go home for Christmas, much less louisville... I'm hungry... and I want out of here.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

well… stupid…

Ok, I was in a pretty good mood till JUST THEN! I did something really dumb with my computer... oh well, I'll fix it.
Yea, so Lakers are 5-0 WHOO! What a good game tonight... kinda sloppy, but good.
My alternator has just been changed everyone... and last night sucked hardcore style. I didn't think it could get any colder last night while changing out my battery... that is, until today when dad came to help me put in my alternator... I was mistaken.
Um... I'm tired now.
I think I'm just going to wake up and write my mass media law final. I've got most of it done... Just a little left.
Then, only one more final to take. WHOOO!
I need to catch up at work hardcore style. So here I go to catch up on sleep if possible.

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Friday, December 10, 2004

some observations

so yea... school's winding down... I should be finishing my script, being creative, staying up late and stuff... but I can't get my mind to work.
But I did realize something tonight.
Ever watched late night cable TV?
Women rock... but honestly... if those girls are 18... I'll listen to my least favorite song in the world over and over with personal noise cancellation headphones. The song, I will not reveal.
Women do rock... but how much alcohol does it take to show parts of your body for free that you could easily be paid for if you just fill out an application.
I'm not trying to offer my services as a pimp or anything... just making a fun observation about commercials that come on late night TV.
Want another one?!

Ok... so once again... women rock. Is that why songs can be anchored in your mind that remind you of them? Like, a commercial on TV plays a song... and it's really a crappy song. But the girl in the commercial is interesting... she doesn't even have to be hot... but just interesting. The song (after seeing the ad a few times) can become suprisingly good... and remind you of the girl... so you automatically look to see the girl, even though you know every second of the commercial.
Or maybe someone in the ad looks like someone else when they were younger or something, and now everytime you look at the ad, you're like... "hey, that reminds me of blank... Every hundred times I've seen it!!!" Song the same...

off the women subject.

So yea... Justin is moving out. End of this month. Should be a fun safari to find a new roomate I can tolerate within a month.
Brooke got me a killer sweater for Christmas... and I've got more coming from her!!!
I can't concentrate on this script... so I'm going to bed now.
and in closing... Calloway County Basketball is fun... and I couldn't have picked a better year to be the voice of the lakers! WHOO!!!


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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


Lakers move to 3-0 on the year, and I'm moving to finals next week.
Of course most of them are this week in a way. Stupid... I got my Mass media law one today that is DUE next week... my Art one is Friday... and my script writing is due Friday as well. Check this out though... I've got a test in Math tommorrow?>! What is that?!
So really, I'll just have a final in Math, and a slide recall in Art, and I'm done after this week.
That doesn't help though... BECAUSE I HAVE 4 GAMES OVER 5 DAYS!!!
My head is all basketball right now...
and on top of it all... I have a cool chance coming my way later this month I'll be talking about later...
ok, starting to yawn... so

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

happy holidays

Hello blog lovers...
Incase you up on whats going on with me, you might be interested about the first couple of ball games for Calloway I've done. They went well... no complaints, and all good things have been said so far. Should be a good year to be with them too. The boys are off to a great start. Tim has done a great job for just starting out. He knows so much about CCHS that it makes for a very interesting broadcast.
I'm actually running the AM board right now for a Lady Racers game... which is not a common thing... Infact, it's the first time I've ever had to do something like this here. Kinda fun... but then again, very boring. That's why I'm here!

For some other news... MCL is rockin! I'm going there next weekend... and hopefully I'll get to go home for at least a little bit to see my mom for her b-day. Time is an endangered species... kinda like good spelling.

Yea, I just almost missed a break... I'm getting OUT!

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