Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Ever just looked at your life and said... this is not what I thought it would be.

of course you have... please tell me you have... maybe it's just my life. Nah, I know it's not. They even made a song about it in the 80's.
There's people a lot worse off than me. But most of those people complain about where they are, but they actually deserve to be there. I hope that I'm not one of those people.
I work hard, I've been to school, I've got some sort of smarts, and I like to think that I have some ounce of talent. Maybe I'm just destin to never get what I want.

You know what though... good things are going to happen. They already are as a matter of fact.
I'm back on the blog... that's a good thing
People think I'm a good actor apparently... that's cool, except I'm not an actor.
I've got my computer back... that's a GREAT thing
I did not get to go to Sol Azteca last night though... THAT IS A BAD THING!!!

that is all for now, I shall get back to work so I can afford new shoes.

by the way... thanks to "Enlarge your penis" and "Satisfy your mate" ads... comments will once again be shut off on the EE blog. Thanks a lot porn spam... you've ruined it for everybody.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In class…

I'm doing this post from class... because I won't have any time to do it after this...
Movie is tonight...
Art test in the morning... that I'm not ready for.
gave up on the tonight show idea thing... so, forget that.
Going to try and do the areatennis thing instead. Because of several reasons now... (mutters under breath)
don't ask... I won't rant...
yea, finally got both my plastics though... happy about that. Now I have my purchase power back!!! Checks do not work anymore... thanks to people with bad money managment.

ok... I shall now shut up and pay attention in class.

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

guess what I’ve got?!

This one is another good one, but of course... it's going to take a lot of work.
it's up there with some of my best ideas that never came through.

and let's face it... my trend will keep going...

prove me wrong Evan... prove me wrong...


If you're wondering what the idea is...
Think TV 11
Think lack of a late show
Think guests, bands, and comedy...

Yea, got the idea watching Connan last night, and then got inspired by something mom gave me this morning...

oh... and, BROOKE ROCKS!
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Friday, October 8, 2004

somebody told me

Somebody told me, I don't update my blog, like I didn't know...
the three things that prompted me to make an entry is this new killer song by "The Killers" that's called somebody told me. hence the title.
Next is the person that told me... just shows me that two to three people read this on occasion.
and Third reason is that I'm number one... No, I'm not an ego maniac. I really am number one! Let me explain... For a long time now, I've worked weekend mornings at Froggy. Saturday morning to be more specific. And this past spring, I started to work on into the day a lot to... in fact, a lot of times I'd do 6am - 12noon and longer. We got our Spring ratings back. Not only is Froggy the #1 country station in a 6 county market... But myself and Kelly Green are #1 on weekends 6am to 12 noon! and I'm not talking #1 country... #1 over EVERYBODY!!!
we got a 1.3 share in case you're wondering what we got, and know what that means.
and those are the three reasons I posted.
see you next time I get a tri reason


oh, and incase you're wondering about my life.
TV11 rocks,
I'm better at interviewing that I am anchoring on TV...
Copyrights suck...
Boone and I have played tennis a couple of times
Bonds are a good idea until you try and cash them
Don't go to Holiday World without going to Splash and Safari
Selector is primative
some people rock, some people suck, and some are just annoying!
whatever happened to summer?!
Should I go to grad school?
I'm growing up... kicking and screaming sometimes
All of these questions won't be answered on the next episode of... "Evan's Web Blog!" (dun dun DAH!)

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