Friday, July 30, 2004

buyers regret?

ok... so the drum corps show was last night...
didn't go though?
Why, do you ask? Well, several reasons...
One being I don't want to get sucked back in... Cause I'm sure if I saw those killer drumlines, blaring horns, etc. And add that to talking to people I marched with last year in racerband... Yea, I could have very well joined racerband... and then I would have never gotten out of school... but damn, I kinda wanted to see some of that stuff without wanting to get back in.
once again, impossible.

I did however get to see the sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time...
The bourne supre... yea, that one
It wasn't a let down... but it wasn't as good as the first one to me. Camera work just sucked... I got dizzy
Well, I guess now that I'm doing a lot of video stuff in school, maybe I can learn all of it, go to hollywood, make millions, meet hugh heffner, buy overpriced electronics and cars, and a huge house that I can sell when I go broke...
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the E! True Hollywood story of Evan Elrod.

Wow, that would even be stupid to me.

Ok, I like not being in Hollywood actually... So


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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Well... I need to revamp this site again.... I found this great and easy photo resizer, so guess what I'm a about to do?! Yep, new photo gallery!

Just wait... it's going to be good.

Change that... it's going to be GREAT!

Tons of stuff going on, and I promise I'm going to do more blog entries...

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

I’m such a slacker

I slack so bad on this thing...
But I guess not too many people look at it anymore anyways now that my AV peeps don't come here...

So Maybe there's a point to slacking off...

I'd be suprised if more than 2 people read this...

As skinner said on today's simpsons, "Prove me wrong kids, prove me wrong!"


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Thursday, July 15, 2004

stupid truck

battery died tonight... Long story that I don't feel like typing....

If you want to know really bad, e-mail me.
This week has been crazy at work... I've actually done more voice work than I have engineering... which is cool, cause I still love voice work prolly more than engineering.

Class is cool, just ready to be done with it I guess. Ok, need to get ready... taking a trip tommorrow, and yes, I am glad my battery died tonight instead of tommorrow so don't tell me.


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Saturday, July 10, 2004


It's been a long time since I've been here... sorry so long

But I have purpose for coming here today...
Today was a milestone for me and UT2004... and I just want documented proof that I'm awesome for once.

I just kicked so much butt online on my favorite UT server... and no one I knew was in there to witness it!!! AHHH!!! No one will ever believe me.

Thought I did awesome... I still got second on all the maps... but I was not far behind the person that was always ahead of me... So yes, I am very very proud of myself. You don't have to believe me... but I would!

I'll catch you up in the extended...

ok, so I've been working a lot lately... I hate that.
My new class is cool... should be almost easy... but I'll learn a lot.
I THINK I'm done signing up for classes next fall... and HOPEFULLY will graduate in May... hopefully
If not then, for sure the summer...
And that's awesome to me. Don't know if I'll be going to graduate school right now... prolly not since I'm not even the best undergraduate student ever lived... We'll see I guess.

My week with Jet (last week) Was kinda fun I guess... she had some messes, but we made it.
The 4th was neat, big cookout at the A-wood
And Freedom Fest is over... and it turned out to be better than we thought it would be. And for your information... it is possible for women that are pregnant to be hot in the 7th month...
That is all...

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