Monday, May 17, 2004

last outing…

Well, I just had my last outing with Severo last night... he's moving to Rome Georgia. So I don't guess we'll be playing much. Anyone knows someone that needs some to play tennis here in Murray... let me know.
Getting geared up for my vacation! WHOO!!! I'll let you all know more when it gets closer. Right got to get ready.

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Sunday, May 9, 2004

First day of Summer

So really, today is the first day of summer... it feels good. Well, when I say summer, that means that school is out. I think it's June 21st that summer ACTUALLY starts. Anyways, I'm at work... so it's about the same. Now that I think about it, Friday I will have been in Murray for 3 years... wow.
ok... I'm out for a while...
More later...

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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

school is over!

ok... no it's not... Well, kinda.
I'll never be out. But this semester is done. Feel pretty good about it too! I'm modding my case up too.. kinda fun. Kinda frustrating sometimes too... but atleast I'm doing something with it and didn't chicken out. Hey, wait... I never chicken out! I just act before thinking sometimes. oh well, this one might turn out ok actually!
so you're prolly wondering... if I'm modding my computer... how am I posting this? yep! I got my wireless to work on my laptop! I'm actaully watching the last show of "Friends" like everyone else in America is prolly doing. It's actually funny... wow, did I say that? Ok, The caulk is starting to dry... so I'm,

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Tuesday, May 4, 2004

here I go into the battlefield

Last actual final... JMC class... fun
so far everything has gone as expected... and for once, my doing good during the sememster has paid off I think. I don't have this pressure to do well on all my finals. I could fail them and be ok, I think... but I won't fail... I just won't rack my brain AS much as I could.
I've still got the movie one, which I'll do tonight... then it should be all said and done, and I can work more on... well, work!
Just a never ending cycle isn't it...
wish me luck.

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Sunday, May 2, 2004

new month!

So school is almost out... April is FINALLY over (took forever) And Lia starts tonight on Froggy. Lots of change... but that is life! When you start living every day the exact same is when you're dead.Got some more computer parts in today... bringing me closer and closer to the finished product. WOOO!
School went well this semester... I guess that's what happens when you find something you enjoy, and your away from jackasses. I do miss spending time with some of the percussion folks though. Social time went down 100% with them this year... that kinda sucks. That'd be one of the few reasons I'd do racerband again I think. Oh well, Summer is coming up... I've got to get in shape so I look good in my new preppy clothes (don't ask)
I'm going to try and get Lia to run now I guess... she's only on in a couple of HOURS!
got to love the engineering department :-)

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