Monday, March 29, 2004


So, cool stuff going on... I've got Jet for a while here in Murray. She's doing great! I'm doing all kinds of stuff to the website. Cool stuff.
and to top it all off, outside... it's hailing! what is the world coming to? :-)
Wonder what everyone else thinks of the new look on the site... I'm going to have to change the blog prolly to fit with the rest as well. Too much to do... But it's kinda fun I guess.
time to work on public file...

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

cool stuff…

So I got a new phone the other day... it rocks! Motorolla v400. It's really good, like the v60 or whatever, with more bells and whistles.
I've got a paper due tommorrow... so I should polly be typing that, instead of this.
I've got a bet with brooke today... should be fun to see who wins the dollar... (but I'm sure it'll be me)
I sold the oak custom snare drum, cause my sonny emory came in after I got back from NCAA. I also shipped the keyboard that I sold... I can't believe how big that thing really was. The room with a biggger bed, and a dresser, without the keyboard is still more roomy than when I had the keyboard and a smaller bed and no dresser in here. So it all worked out.
Ok, I'm going to work on that paper.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

next year I guess…

Well, we lost today. But I'm pretty sure I was on tv! The camera was all over me... so I better have been.
We just got beat... they were a better team than us overall.
Well, guess we're heading home tommorrow... I'll catch up then!

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next year I guess…

Well, we lost today. But I'm pretty sure I was on tv! The camera was all over me... so I better have been.
We just got beat... they were a better team than us overall.
Well, guess we're heading home tommorrow... I'll catch up then!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I’m in Ohio right now…

Yea, so our flight was good from Paducah to Columbus. I'm here in Ohio now in a really nice hotel for the most part. I had to go to the bathroom so bad on the plane, but I didn't think they had one... till I got to the front of the plane, then I saw where I was mistaken. It was the longest pee of my life...
Anyways, everything has been pretty good I guess considering we left one day earlier than I thought we were supposed to. Oh well.
I'll keep you updated on what else is going on. Free day tommorrow, I'll check in again then.

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

good weekend!

well... MSU heads to Columbus, Ohio. We play Illinois... tough.
I've already been there for PASIC a couple of years ago, and there's nothing to do. :-( we play Friday... same day as UK does... so I will be trying to get in there!
I did have a great weekend though! Me and my parents did the furniture dis-staining or whatever... it turned out pretty good! I'll have pictures up later.
dad is coming up tommorrow to finish it up. New bed, dresser, table, etc...

more tommorrow!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

why? why?

why is it that everytime you make a buy... you find another chance to buy it cheaper somewhere else?! Ohwell... classic stuff.

I'm so freakin ready for this spring break... this weekend will be great... just like to see my parents, and sleep for day in and day out!

Getting geared up for NCAA too! We'll find out Sunday where we're going!

My mind is drawing a blank right now... so I'm out.
Oh, and btw... check this out!
Tiffany and Evan rejoicing; Squeaky's ending unhappy
By Jim Turner-Editor

"I'm terrified this is going to be our last game," Tiffany White confided to a fellow senior cheerleader as the second half of the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament finals began Saturday evening.

When it appeared in the final couple of minutes that one of the Murray State players was going to cost her team the lead it had held most of the night, White's eyes filled with tears.

When the game was over, she said, "I had tears in my eyes because I was afraid we were going to lose. Now I'm crying because I'm so happy."

Tiffany White and the many Logan Countians who are students at Murray State are rejoicing this week because their Racers are champions of the OVC and are waiting to find out where they will play in the NCAA Tournament next week.

White's fellow LCHS graduate Evan Elrod will be beating the drum wherever they land in Bracketville. He's the lead drummer for a very good Racer Pep Band.

"I got to cheer in the NCAA Tournament in Chicago when I was a sophomore. I can't wait to find out where we'll be going this time," said White, one of the most honored cheerleaders in Logan County High School history.

As fate would have it, the N-D&L's seats at both the OVC Tournament and the Sun Belt Conference Tournament this weekend were directly behind the Murray and Western Kentucky University cheerleaders.

While the WKU spirit squad members were handsome/pretty and seemed to be very good at what they did, their emotional involvement in the game was not a tenth of what the Murray cheerleaders were experiencing. The WKU cheerleaders didn't seem as upset that their season was coming to an end, that their team was about to end its three-year string of SBC championships and NCAA appearances.

Perhaps the difference is that the OVC is still filled with natural rivalries and there is so much school spirit at OVC schools, much like high schools used to be. The Sun Belt is an airplane conference; they still ride buses in the OVC, primarily because schools are located closer together.

That's one reason it hurt Austin Peay so badly to lose this game to Murray. The Governors had put together one of the most outstanding seasons in OVC history, winning 18 straight conference games this year and 24 in a row over a two-year span before falling to the talented Racers Saturday at Municipal Auditorium.

Now the Govs know that despite that marvelous year, chances are slim that they will become an at-large invitee to the Big Dance. "Mid-major" conferences like the OVC rarely get more teams than the tournament champion a ticket to The Show.

n Russellville's Maurice 'Squeaky' Hampton is one of those feeling the pain in Clarksville. He had a good season, yet the final game of his sophomore season was painful in many ways.

He played over 11 minutes in the first half and did several good things. But late in the half, the Governors were playing for one shot. Hampton saw an opening and drove the baseline. As he got under the basket, however, he lost his grip on the ball and his layup wasn't close. The Racers rushed downcourt and Squeaky's man, former Mr. Kentucky Basketball Rick Jones, hit a shot at the buzzer to put the Racers up 31-27 at the half.

It was obvious Coach Dave Loos was unhappy with Hampton. He hardly played him in the second half, choosing to go with the less talented Levi Carmichael instead of Squeaky when APSU point guard Corey Gipson was injured.

In the press interview room after the game, the first mistake Loos pointed out was Hampton's: "We were playing for one shot at the end of the half and Squeaky missed a layup. Then we left our feet on defense on the other end, letting Jones score," he said.

Through it all, Hampton kept cheering his team on from the bench and being a team guy. And when Murray's Brown drew the technical foul he seemed to be seeking the last eight minutes of the game, it was Hampton who came off the bench to hit both free throws with 1:19 remaining. That pulled the Govs to within three points.

"I never had any doubts about bringing Squeaky in. He's done it for us all year," Loos said.

Hampton finished his sophomore year with some remarkable statistics. For the season, he was 20 of 23 at the foul line for 87 percent. He had 24 assists and only 10 turnovers for a 2.4-1 ratio. He made a turnover once for every 31.2 minutes of playing time, even though he was a primary ball handler. He hit 22 of 54 three-point attempts for 40.7 percent.

It's possible the Governors' season will continue in the National Invitational Tournament. They deserve it, and Squeaky deserves another chance.

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Saturday, March 6, 2004


GO RACERS!!! One of the better basketball tournaments I've been to in a while. Action packed, good match ups, huge wins for us! Minicipual auditorium (i know I miss spelled that) in Nashville... now the second biggest place I've ever played drumset in. and the cool thing was that I played in the same place as Incubus has before! how cool is that?! So with a huge win over Austin Peay, we'll go on to the NCAA... seems like every team I play drumset for ends up going to the big dance... hmmm at first I thought it was whatever school I went to, the percussion instructor ended up leaving... too bad that didn't work on Hill... how come I ran the two good ones off?! Doesn't matter, cause I'm enjoying the new major I think... Ok, hungry... see ya Just want to test this square... I don't know what it does! Posted by evanelrod at 06:23 PM

Monday, March 1, 2004

Ever feel like playing in the mud?

It's not raining or anything... I just feel like it should be raining, and I should be playing in a big mud puddle or something... I just feel like being a kid.

Jeremy came today... threw me off my schedule... All is well though.

MSU game tonight... got to win this one to go to Nashville Friday and Saturday... we'll see!

I've GOT to type this freakin paper soon too! mid terms suck when you're actually trying to do good in school.

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