Saturday, February 28, 2004

changes everywhere!

yea, so all kinds of stuff has been going on. Today was a really busy day. Worked in the morning... got ready for the A.V. Banquet... had the banquet... had the MSU game... came home... tired.
Brandon and I changed the living room all around yesterday. It looks good! You should come see it! Wait.... I'll just put it on the site!

I need sleep...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

hell is now very chilly…

That's right everyone... it finally happened, I just didn't think it would. Upper Managment decided there needed to be a change in our magagment here in Murray. Kinda strange that when Greg and I start almost getting along, or atleast not having problems... he gets fired... kinda ironic. I felt bad for him for a little while, then I remembered all the stupid stuff he's done over the years and remembered all the times I thought to myself... wow, this place could be great with a new G.M. I still have a feeling it's not the end of this. He'll be back somewhere... he's too good of a sales person to not be out doing his thing. I could tell you the whole story... but I don't want to right now... I want to wait till things settle down. Several people have told me to apply for the job... but I just don't think I could do it till I'm out of school. I'm too young anyways...

Took a test today, did ok I think.... Got one on Thursday too... I'll be fine for that one too.
Played ten times better at the game last night too btw... it's amazing how much more fun games are when you're playing well, and people will talk to you and not avoide you like a bad drumming plague... I'll have to do it again Thursday and Saturday... Saturday is going to suck too... just a heads up. I'll be complaining about that later most likely :-)


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Monday, February 23, 2004

Good weekend…

Well, this was a fun filled weekend for the most part.
Saturday, went to Nashville with Brooke and Los... and watched the WGI show... one word. WOW!!!! There is some unreal talent out there. Music City is soo awesome... it's scary... really. There are some other really good lines out there too... but no one is going to touch MCM this year, unless something awesome comes out of the west side. Unreal.
Sunday, played some Tennis with Severo. I played like crap though. Man am I out of shape. We're going to start playing every day so I can get back up! I still don't know if I want to do the 4.0 team in Mayfield. I might just coach some place or something.
ok, have to get back in the groove this week. GROOVE!!!

Oh, and I still haven't decided on what snare drum I want...
Leave me a message and tell me what I want.

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Friday, February 20, 2004

didn’t get better…

Well, after the game... I felt not better...

Ever just played bad? wow, did I have a bad night on the kit. I felt so rusty... I've been doing too much watching and wanting of drumming... and not actually having a chance to sit at the kit and just play! I hate that... I dropped a lot of beats... and forgot songs etc... just a bad night.

So no... the night didn't get any better... and from Tuesday night on has been pretty crappy...

I'm going to Nashville Tommorrow... maybe that will help.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

wow… how crappy

How crappy can three days in a row be? very!
so yea... I don't even feel like talking about it actually.

Pep band game tonight... I'll be in a better mood after that... maybe I'll explain then.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


sigh of relief to be back in a groove.
selling a lot of stuff right now... only so I can buy stuff though. Selling my keyboard that I can't use to it's fullest... getting something smaller to just control MIDI, then looking for synth units. Looking at new snare drums... my oak is just too loud. I've been trying to buy a beech snare to match the kit... but they're telling me it's going to be 4-6 months from yamaha! IT'S YAMAHA!!! they should have it in stock! "well, all the beech custom colors are custom, and will take 4-6 months..." tell me how that makes sense?
Just want to be able to drum again really. Not just pep band... but other projects. Darren called me the other day, wanted me to drum for his new band. I still want to try putting together a band with Stew Boz... but, just haven't done it yet.
I'm in one of those moods though, where I just want new stuff. I went home this weekend, and talked to my dad about spending my spring break stressing this old furniture because I want a bigger bed, and a dresser in my room. Always wanting a new computer... And then I guess I've been kinda looking at different houses around the area. Maybe not to buy, but atleast to rent I can have a drumset up there.
I'm tired of typing... I'll update more though. promise!

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Friday, February 13, 2004


ok... this will be a post on reviews.
I had the priveledge to see some outstanding musicians last night. and one of them used my drums! Jim Walker and Free Flight performed for the Murray Civial Music concert. And I must say. Outstanding playing. The type of music crossed over several times between classical jazz and free form jazz and made for an interesting combo. Piano, Flute, Bass, & Drums was the line up... so it had the great probabilaty of being an elevator music band. But with the help of extremly talented people... I was intriged the whole time.
The Drummer using my kit was unreal. I can't stress how good this guy was. My kit hadn't been played like that... ever! I can easily say that it was him that kept the whole thing from being boring elevator music.
The Pianst was outstanding as well. Same goes for Jimmy Walker the flutist... The guy playing Bass guitar you could tell was a regular 6 string player... when he played solos, he used the bottom strings and often times played harmony... just was an interesting player... not saying he wasn't good... just different. He didn't make me say wow very much.
The band itself did though... and I'll say it again. WOW
If you have a chance to check them out anytime soon... do so. they put on a good show!

review of snare drum heads.
Evans Power Center reverse dot.
and Evans hd dry.
Power Center has what the name says. Power... what a great sound and tone though. Just watch it on a loud snare drum... might make it too much.
the HD dry was just the opposite. Brought a full sound to the table with out a lot of ring... but still had the thin one ply feel. I can only hope that it will ring a little more when I crank it up. the air holes and internal dampening ring may be too much... but then again, it's call a DRY head.
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Monday, February 9, 2004

smile… but frown.

so... I'm happy. I'm enjoying school for once... I'm enjoying work again... A.V. is almost over, and things are looking good for next year.
But I'm also sad too for some reasons... Not getting much contract work with mediavost... but no one really knows about it yet... so that'll change. Brooke found out she'll most likely never be able to see out of her left eye ever again... Lauren is too busy to even talk to me any more. Just little small stuff that is bothering me lately.
But once again... I can't complain, because things are really going well for me! For the most part...

Keep on keepin on... and that's your routine.

Thought of the day... "yes, I'm an individual... just like everyone else is" (thanks bofe)
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Monday, February 2, 2004

funny stuff…

I'll tell you what's going on later.... but you have to try this.
So funny.
copy and paste if you must.

Family... GET BETTER!!!! everyone is sick, or hurt.... not cool!

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