Wednesday, January 28, 2004


yea, so I took a trip to Clarksville for my truck... Got my window fixed atleast.... good thing dad was there, cause it cost over $300 I can't even get Brandon or Collin to pay me that much. But it's fixed now, and we've got a parts list so dad and I can try and fix the other stuff.
Radio Still needs fixing though, I never realized how much I need CD's ohwell, soon enough. I'm looking at some on the internet to get.

If you have any comments on what Kenwood I should get, let me know.

ok, so I'm at work, and I'm just ready for this Saturday to get overwith and stuff. I really love doing AV and all... but the lack of things we need makes me want this season to end soon, just so I can say we did it with nothing... and next year will be easy hopefully.
What have I learned besides the obvious? I miss drumming, I'm trying to put together a band right now so I can do it again. Pep band and AV just aren't enough. and more lessons to come.

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Monday, January 26, 2004

money time…

ok, so I need to collect on Collin and Brandon. So I can make some purchases.
Tuesday, Fast food will be entered back into my diet, because my window will once again... work.
And I also plan to order/buy a cd/mp3 player for my car. Most likely a Kenwood so I can hook my changer back up to it, and enjoy hours and hours and hours of music.
I might have to get a butt cast or something... Brooke, Liz, and I went Skating at the Circus Roller here up the road. I've been here almost 3 years now, and I've never been in there... those of you that know me know that I'm a big rollerblader. However, Saturday night I found I am not good at the ramps... wow does my ass hurt, plus I feel like one for even trying it.
I skated a while to get everything back... and that's like riding a bike, you never forget how. So I thought I'd try these ramps, afterall... all these little kids are doing it without a problem, why shouldn't I? I stood there and watched for atleast 30 minutes taking mental notes of what I should do. Then I desided I'd get up there too. This little 12 or 13 year old asks me, "you going to do it?" "I'm going to try. Got any pointers for me?" "Yea, don't fall on your butt." Yea, thanks kid...
He's up, he's going to try to go down the ramp... and he's down.
Then to add insult to injury, I wanted to try and learn some more, so there was this other ramp type thing, I must have went down it to slow or something cause I went down again. It was then I decided that I was not born to be an X gamer, unless it was speed skating or something.
Uncle John sent me a package of pictures from Florida this Christmas, so look for those up on featured pics soon.
School is going good. I enjoy it much much more without hill... some people just aren't meant to get along, and most of the time it's the people that are too much alike that don't get along great.
ok, out for now... lots of stuff to do. catch you up later.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

time to catch up…

ok... time to catch up.
Sunday went a little better... AV wise.
Monday... not great for my day off really. Jeremy came and kinda busted my chops a little... but we got a lot done. Just have to come to work more often now.
Tuesday was mixed... for the most part is sucked. I can't stay awake in my anthropolgy class. Then we almost got off to Lone Oak on time... but of course, everything got screwed up there... and even worse, when we got there, things got worse, and worse. But those kids are great, they can play through anything. The performance, when we finally got to do so, was great. Now the first is under our belt. but afterwards was bad again.
Something I've realized in life... If I had to seek out everyone I THOUGHT was bad mouthing me, or what I do/did... I'd be a very busy person.
Another thing I've realized is to never say ANYTHING at all... because the line of communication between you and someone else sucks worse than cell service in the country. This is how rumors get started.
And one more thing I've learned... can not be said. ha... thought you were going to be educated again.
A love life is worthless by the way... don't even bother with it.
Since I was with Lauren for years and years, she got me to believe that love is supposed to be sudden, and unplanned... like a fairy tale. Like you shouldn't have to work at it. I have news for everyone... it's not true... because we're mammals, and everything boils down to animal instict.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004


All I have to say is today better go better...

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

well, that’s cool

School is nice... I think. work is ok... I think. My truck is still messed up bad... but that's ok. I'm most likely going to take it down to Clarksville to get it fixed soon... so I can't complain about it much. Bills paid, food stocked, av shirts in... things are going pretty calm... I won't say good, because nothing has happened that has stuck out in my head... I'm just in a groove... which is something I couldn't get in earlier. ok... I'll start keeping up my blog better.
Check out the featured pics for the week!

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Saturday, January 10, 2004

here we go…

well.. I'm not really feeling any better. have had problems sleeping the last three nights... wasn't too bad last night... but I would have [b]Loved[/b] to sleep in this morning.
but I'm going to russellville, then to Nashville for Ledgend. to see if I dig it.
My truck is in horrible shape.
Window is duct taped shut... radio stuck on static... doors not opening right, or unlocking right. can't see my gas gage at night... just an overall mess.
Laura West came to see me the other day. Haven't seen her in 2 years. It was good.
We went to see the last installment of the lord of the rings... good movies.
ok... need to get ready for a painfully annoying 2 hour trip.
Need to get a hold of Los too... he said he was going with me... hmmm... but that's alway an ordeal anyways.
A.V. tommorrow... School the next... I need another month to get back in the groove.

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Thursday, January 8, 2004

stupid cough

well... it's three in the morning... and I should be sleeping.
but I can't
throat tickles way too much

what a horrible day overall.
started out ok... ended BAD
couldn't taste the los, fighting, my workplace has children and thiefs working there, window won't roll up (had to duct tape it)
wow... just crappy

I should just keep typing, cause I still cough without end. Maybe tommorrow will be better... oh wait... it is tommorrow.

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Monday, January 5, 2004

what the crap!

I'm sick again! what's up with that?!
but I have some resolutions now though.
new major... I want to be able to focus on stuff
do better at my job
Figure out what's going on in my life, and progress for once.
I'd like A.V. to go well too... but it already has been.
I still want to do some kinda of drum corp, and it's looking like Nashville will be the place.
I want to not be sick as much...
keep the house cleaner and keep people from just randomly showing up and staying for extended periods of time.
basically just the basic stuff for me that I never do...
someone come clean my place so I'm not sick again in a month...

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Thursday, January 1, 2004

Catching up

This will be long, so get ready for it.
If you're interested in some of the poems I wrote, comment on it, and I'll post what I can.

Christmas Day 12.25.03
Wow, This is better than any gift I could ever get. Good trip down to Florida, no hassels. Hotties on the flight and when we got there... BAM! What a house. prolly a two million dollar house. Just amazing. I have no words to describe it. Got to beat up on Dad on both courts, Ping pong last night, and today on a clay court here. First time either of us have played tennis on Christmas day. I ran today too... What the hell... I'm also struggling with those pesky roads in life I have to decide to take. Don't know what classes, what major thing lies ahead in my love life. It's like I have 7 choices for a road and I have no idea what to take. Grace asked me today if I was to listen to anyone all the time, who would it be? I told her, myself. How am I supposed to listen to my self if I don't even know the answers? Enjoying my vacation!
Mixed Day 12.26.03
Well, I'm warm... but not from the sun... Had a few drinks with my cousin Elisabeth & her b.f. Matt. How things have changed from the days when we sat in my grandfathers chair (which is in my apartment now might I add) and played with my snoopy doll. I don't ever remember being immature though... Guess times have changed for everyone. I had a vision of what Christmas might be like in a few years. When I was younger it COULDN'T change... now it must. No choice but to change, which I've come to relize Is Life!
Life is change. Even with the day in day out routines, everyday changes. When 2 days are exactly the same, you're dead...
Tennis in the morning, should be fun, or bad. We'll find out soon enough.
Missed opprotunitys or... 12.27.03
Woke up (no prolblems sleeping again btw) 7:20 got ready to play some tennis with Sarah Jeans B.F. Once again rolling it up with the wealthy. I feel so fake when I'm around them. But it's good opprotunitys. Dad and I got to play on red clay for the first time. Fun surface... or it's just the same!
Either way... I most likely missed a great chance to atleast hang out with an outstandingly georgous woman.
She was sitting there coming on to me, and I did hardly anything, and I'm kind of regretting it. So much so that I'm getting jumpy with the phone. She gave me a diconnecting number, or I typed it in wrong... which is possible and likely. But I gave my number and I'm just waiting to not be bored tonight. I'm so conflicted about this. Her beauty made me feel drunk! As soon as I get on that plane, I should be fine I guess... I'll remember I'm flying southwest, and shes flying on a private jet most likely.
All for now!
Whew! 12.28.03
*A wrap up*
Woke up 9am went to play tennis. Felt really stiff though. Dad & I played then my Aunt Jennie & mom came out to play some mixed doubles. After that, Dad & I played singles... I've never played better!!! 6-1 me... felt GREAT!
Calm lunch with kids, Pizza. Going to beach. Beach was windy, cold, ugly... yet beautiful for us because it's not snow filled. Poor Haley got stung by something in the water, new shark tooth tradition pasted on. Great dinner at the Talbic Grill. Must have been a $500 meal for 14! Opened chinese something gifts... and this wraps up my trip! Just as I was learning to live like the wealthy, now I have to go back to work, and an apartment that I share with 5-6 people sometimes... jk
I'm mixed about coming back. What waits for me? I through something of mine in the pond behind this house so something of mine always stays here. Cold air, and a long drive from Nashville to Russellville then R-ville to Murray. Great. I will miss this place. Thats for sure. I'm dissapointed in things... but at the same time. No Christmas vacation have ever gone perfect for ANYONE! It has been a good chance to catch up on my thoughts and feelings. Guess we'll see what happens when I get back. Wonder if anything will change?
Brooke called & said she had a dream where I died, but came back to life... and she was worried about the plane ride. I told her most dreams represented something. I said maybe I'll come back a new person & the the old Evan has died. I mean really... I am starting to enjoy beer more. I drank several on this trip. I'm starting to realize some things in my life I hadn't before. But now it's up to me to really start getting my act together. Buckle down and live my life the way I want. Try to make it to that point where I'm not worried about as much stuff because I've taken care of it all! Will I hed my own advise? doubtfull... how sad. Smetimes I think two sides of my brain have different thoughts and they colide.... that's what causes aadd too I think.
Ohwell. Guess this is the whole brain of Evan saying goodbye to Jupiter Florida in Palm Beach County... Hope it's not the last we see each other.

And that's all the entrys I have from the trip... like I said if you're interested in the poems and stuff I wrote while I was down there... comment and tell me!
oh, and by the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
My resolutions on the way.

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