Thursday, December 30, 2004

Big win = Tough final

Well, the girls played ok in the second half, so they got themselfs a win last night against Mercer. Which means they'll play in the final of the cyclone classic. The only problem... they're playing Iowa State. I most likely do not have to tell you they're a tough team. In fact, one of the toughest teams they'll face all year. Good luck to them, and to me because I've got to try and sound excited... I just hope they don't blow us out. If they do, it's hard to get excited on the air.
I wish I was good at this stuff... I don't think I've done very well so far. But who knows, Maybe I'll do something good tonight. And I might have a chance to go back to Western and call their game on Monday the 3rd. How neat would that be? Ok, I'm getting off so I can check e-mails and stuff.
In case you're wondering... food has not been as good today. Wait, what food? Same meal as yesterday. Waffle in the morning, pre packed turkey and cheese in the afternoon. Atleast they had a good chicken meal yesterday too. Maybe that'll happen today as well?

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Iowa… again

Well, this is my second trip to Iowa... and much like the first time, it sucks.
Hardcore style at that. There's just nothing to do except stay around the hotel and type a blog entry.
So I guess this one could be long.
In case I didn't say before, I'm in Iowa to cover the Lady Racers in a Tournament here. They play today and Thursday.
I still haven't had Christmas... And people around here are just talking about what they got and stuff, blah blah. Kind of depressing. But hey! Everything gets better on Friday hopefully.
I must share with you that I had the best steak of my life last night. Not the best meal ever, but without a doubt, the best steak ever. I ate every single bite, and the only part that even had a remote taste of fat was the last chunk, which I soon washed down with a little small slice of meat I left behind... Which left my mouth wanting more of the 10 ounce goodness. Oh how great it was, perfectly cooked, seasoned, and eaten. I only wish half the steaks I eat are almost as good as this one was. And though pricey, it didn't matter, because my years of paying Murray State had finally paid off. That's right folks, the bill was over the 400 mark, nearing the 500... And you people wondered why college is mucho mula.
What a cool phrase... mucho mula.
Well, I guess I will stop talking about steak.
No on to the waffle.
I made my own waffle this morning. IN YOUR FACE HUDDLE HOUSE!!! I mean, charlie murphy.
It was pretty good actually!
I never eat breakfast though, so my stomach is kind of hurting. oh well, I guess that's what happens.

Last night, was loud. We have an air conditioner that has a loud fan or something, and man, when it gets going... whew! Its loud. But when it gets going, and you fall asleep. zzzzzzzz nice. But then again, when you wake up. It's just loud again!
But all and all, it did not hurt my sleeping last night.

I think I want to own a hotel. Put a radio station in it, and make all the tenants wake up with it. How cool would that be?
What's the difference in a hotel, motel, Inn, suite, lodge, etc etc.
Just seems like a lot of names for places to sleep.
ok. I'm going to see if I can edit some of the websites since I haven't done much of it lately... and it's about time to start spreading the word about
Ok wish the team luck. wish me luck. and if you catch this post in time, listen live on teamline. (
It's the girls game at 5:30 btw.

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas?

This will not be an intellectual post…
I hate snow. I love it though… but right now, I hate it much more than I thought possible. This is the first Christmas in my short life that I have not woke up early in the morning and run to my stocking which was always overflowing with presents from “Santa”.
This is also the first Christmas that I have been forced to not see my parents or the rest of my family. Are they in Jail? No… I am… A-Wood penitentiary as a matter of fact. It wouldn’t be so bad if Brooke was here with me or something… but I’m by myself! I didn’t even bother taking a shower today!!!
Patrick was cool… he brought by some food from his family dinner. That made me feel a little better. This is also the only time I’m hoping for something to go wrong at work in the morning so I can justify me not going with more than just snow and ice and crappy roads.
I need to figure out what’s going on and try and clean the house a little more so I feel productive… I know I’ll end up just playing a game or something though.
Oh well…
On top of it all… I fell and hurt my arm. Ouch.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004


I'm dreaming of a white christmas
let it snow let it snow let it snow
oh the weather outside is frightfull
since we have no place to go...
any other christmas songs I can think of that are kicking us in the butt right now?
it's horrible out there... people were/are stuck on I-24 for over 15 hours. yes... that's right... they slept in gyms, churches, and hallways of hotels... I stress hallways.
so where am I stuck at you ask?
work... doing 18 hours of voice tracking... and should be doing another 4... but I don't think I can handle that.
ok... so why am I writing this now then? because i'm on hour 5, and I'm already hurting (i just got done working a live 5 hour shift, and if you can imagine how much i've had to talk about these traffic back ups and stuff... imagine more than that.) so yes, i need a break. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to go home for Christmas, much less louisville... I'm hungry... and I want out of here.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

well… stupid…

Ok, I was in a pretty good mood till JUST THEN! I did something really dumb with my computer... oh well, I'll fix it.
Yea, so Lakers are 5-0 WHOO! What a good game tonight... kinda sloppy, but good.
My alternator has just been changed everyone... and last night sucked hardcore style. I didn't think it could get any colder last night while changing out my battery... that is, until today when dad came to help me put in my alternator... I was mistaken.
Um... I'm tired now.
I think I'm just going to wake up and write my mass media law final. I've got most of it done... Just a little left.
Then, only one more final to take. WHOOO!
I need to catch up at work hardcore style. So here I go to catch up on sleep if possible.

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Friday, December 10, 2004

some observations

so yea... school's winding down... I should be finishing my script, being creative, staying up late and stuff... but I can't get my mind to work.
But I did realize something tonight.
Ever watched late night cable TV?
Women rock... but honestly... if those girls are 18... I'll listen to my least favorite song in the world over and over with personal noise cancellation headphones. The song, I will not reveal.
Women do rock... but how much alcohol does it take to show parts of your body for free that you could easily be paid for if you just fill out an application.
I'm not trying to offer my services as a pimp or anything... just making a fun observation about commercials that come on late night TV.
Want another one?!

Ok... so once again... women rock. Is that why songs can be anchored in your mind that remind you of them? Like, a commercial on TV plays a song... and it's really a crappy song. But the girl in the commercial is interesting... she doesn't even have to be hot... but just interesting. The song (after seeing the ad a few times) can become suprisingly good... and remind you of the girl... so you automatically look to see the girl, even though you know every second of the commercial.
Or maybe someone in the ad looks like someone else when they were younger or something, and now everytime you look at the ad, you're like... "hey, that reminds me of blank... Every hundred times I've seen it!!!" Song the same...

off the women subject.

So yea... Justin is moving out. End of this month. Should be a fun safari to find a new roomate I can tolerate within a month.
Brooke got me a killer sweater for Christmas... and I've got more coming from her!!!
I can't concentrate on this script... so I'm going to bed now.
and in closing... Calloway County Basketball is fun... and I couldn't have picked a better year to be the voice of the lakers! WHOO!!!


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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


Lakers move to 3-0 on the year, and I'm moving to finals next week.
Of course most of them are this week in a way. Stupid... I got my Mass media law one today that is DUE next week... my Art one is Friday... and my script writing is due Friday as well. Check this out though... I've got a test in Math tommorrow?>! What is that?!
So really, I'll just have a final in Math, and a slide recall in Art, and I'm done after this week.
That doesn't help though... BECAUSE I HAVE 4 GAMES OVER 5 DAYS!!!
My head is all basketball right now...
and on top of it all... I have a cool chance coming my way later this month I'll be talking about later...
ok, starting to yawn... so

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

happy holidays

Hello blog lovers...
Incase you up on whats going on with me, you might be interested about the first couple of ball games for Calloway I've done. They went well... no complaints, and all good things have been said so far. Should be a good year to be with them too. The boys are off to a great start. Tim has done a great job for just starting out. He knows so much about CCHS that it makes for a very interesting broadcast.
I'm actually running the AM board right now for a Lady Racers game... which is not a common thing... Infact, it's the first time I've ever had to do something like this here. Kinda fun... but then again, very boring. That's why I'm here!

For some other news... MCL is rockin! I'm going there next weekend... and hopefully I'll get to go home for at least a little bit to see my mom for her b-day. Time is an endangered species... kinda like good spelling.

Yea, I just almost missed a break... I'm getting OUT!

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

yea… I DID!!!

Oh, yea... I got all three websites going!

kinda funny, most of the urls are about the same length.
Obviously the other two are new, and aren't even close to being done... but they are started, and individual.
go to them, check them out... get involved if you feel compeled.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

help me rock

do this, and be careful...

Use an e-mail account you don't care about, but can check.

Any questions, ask me.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


yea, so I'm watching Lenny Kravitz on Leno tonight... who should I see behind the kit instead of Cindy Blackman?! yep! My old buddy Zoro! Different hat, bigger kit, but still same ol' zoro.

yea, looks like I might graduate in May now... What a crappy month though so far. it's got to get better.

ok... OUT!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


what a crappy day...
All I have to say is, this better be the last time music screws me.
Word to anyone... DON'T DO MUSIC IN COLLEGE!
It's just not a smart thing to do.

I want a puppy to cheer me up...
Brooke says she can get this black lab from a chick in one of her classes. Maybe I should? Labs are prolly my favorite dogs, and if they're free?! yea...
I might actually take up hunting, and teach it to help me out in the woods!
yea, I'm tired...


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Just a few notes

Yea... Get the new Firefox... it's just the bomb!
And go see the incredibles... it's great too.
and Change is not the worst thing in the world... in fact, sometimes it's almost tolerable!

I'm so very tired though... I must go to bed.


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Monday, November 8, 2004


I'm really just posting to show you all I'm still here...
not that anyone comes to this site anymore... but you know.

ok... have fun

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Ever just looked at your life and said... this is not what I thought it would be.

of course you have... please tell me you have... maybe it's just my life. Nah, I know it's not. They even made a song about it in the 80's.
There's people a lot worse off than me. But most of those people complain about where they are, but they actually deserve to be there. I hope that I'm not one of those people.
I work hard, I've been to school, I've got some sort of smarts, and I like to think that I have some ounce of talent. Maybe I'm just destin to never get what I want.

You know what though... good things are going to happen. They already are as a matter of fact.
I'm back on the blog... that's a good thing
People think I'm a good actor apparently... that's cool, except I'm not an actor.
I've got my computer back... that's a GREAT thing
I did not get to go to Sol Azteca last night though... THAT IS A BAD THING!!!

that is all for now, I shall get back to work so I can afford new shoes.

by the way... thanks to "Enlarge your penis" and "Satisfy your mate" ads... comments will once again be shut off on the EE blog. Thanks a lot porn spam... you've ruined it for everybody.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In class…

I'm doing this post from class... because I won't have any time to do it after this...
Movie is tonight...
Art test in the morning... that I'm not ready for.
gave up on the tonight show idea thing... so, forget that.
Going to try and do the areatennis thing instead. Because of several reasons now... (mutters under breath)
don't ask... I won't rant...
yea, finally got both my plastics though... happy about that. Now I have my purchase power back!!! Checks do not work anymore... thanks to people with bad money managment.

ok... I shall now shut up and pay attention in class.

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

guess what I’ve got?!

This one is another good one, but of course... it's going to take a lot of work.
it's up there with some of my best ideas that never came through.

and let's face it... my trend will keep going...

prove me wrong Evan... prove me wrong...


If you're wondering what the idea is...
Think TV 11
Think lack of a late show
Think guests, bands, and comedy...

Yea, got the idea watching Connan last night, and then got inspired by something mom gave me this morning...

oh... and, BROOKE ROCKS!
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Friday, October 8, 2004

somebody told me

Somebody told me, I don't update my blog, like I didn't know...
the three things that prompted me to make an entry is this new killer song by "The Killers" that's called somebody told me. hence the title.
Next is the person that told me... just shows me that two to three people read this on occasion.
and Third reason is that I'm number one... No, I'm not an ego maniac. I really am number one! Let me explain... For a long time now, I've worked weekend mornings at Froggy. Saturday morning to be more specific. And this past spring, I started to work on into the day a lot to... in fact, a lot of times I'd do 6am - 12noon and longer. We got our Spring ratings back. Not only is Froggy the #1 country station in a 6 county market... But myself and Kelly Green are #1 on weekends 6am to 12 noon! and I'm not talking #1 country... #1 over EVERYBODY!!!
we got a 1.3 share in case you're wondering what we got, and know what that means.
and those are the three reasons I posted.
see you next time I get a tri reason


oh, and incase you're wondering about my life.
TV11 rocks,
I'm better at interviewing that I am anchoring on TV...
Copyrights suck...
Boone and I have played tennis a couple of times
Bonds are a good idea until you try and cash them
Don't go to Holiday World without going to Splash and Safari
Selector is primative
some people rock, some people suck, and some are just annoying!
whatever happened to summer?!
Should I go to grad school?
I'm growing up... kicking and screaming sometimes
All of these questions won't be answered on the next episode of... "Evan's Web Blog!" (dun dun DAH!)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Ok, I haven't forgot about the site... Just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Work is getting busy.
my new roomate Justin is now here, so that's cool
And school is almost back in session... and you know what that means!
More complaining, and less time doing things i really want to be doing.

I'm still looking for ideas with the site... obviously I'm still in the process of getting all the pages back up... but I'd like some input on what you all would like!

So e-mail me, or post it here I don't care... Just tell me
Do you like the useless facts idea? Should I post something once a week that's new? What?! Tell me!!!

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

first of August?!

Wow... I just said I wasn't going to slack on this blog... and I haven't done it for like 15 days or so... HA!
So anyways. B-day was good.
It's been a good half month, since that's the last time I posted... so yea.

Like the site? It's not much different to you all... but it is to me. I deleted so many files it wasn't even funny... well, it was though, I laughed.

So yea, keep checking back... I'll have more stuff coming up. Pictures are on the site, just haven't found a photo gallery I like yet. I will though... and when I do, BAM! Tons of pictures!

I'm also looking at doing a useless facts type page, that CHANGES every couple of days or so. The other page was just soo big, no one read it!

I need lunch!

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Friday, July 30, 2004

buyers regret?

ok... so the drum corps show was last night...
didn't go though?
Why, do you ask? Well, several reasons...
One being I don't want to get sucked back in... Cause I'm sure if I saw those killer drumlines, blaring horns, etc. And add that to talking to people I marched with last year in racerband... Yea, I could have very well joined racerband... and then I would have never gotten out of school... but damn, I kinda wanted to see some of that stuff without wanting to get back in.
once again, impossible.

I did however get to see the sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time...
The bourne supre... yea, that one
It wasn't a let down... but it wasn't as good as the first one to me. Camera work just sucked... I got dizzy
Well, I guess now that I'm doing a lot of video stuff in school, maybe I can learn all of it, go to hollywood, make millions, meet hugh heffner, buy overpriced electronics and cars, and a huge house that I can sell when I go broke...
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the E! True Hollywood story of Evan Elrod.

Wow, that would even be stupid to me.

Ok, I like not being in Hollywood actually... So


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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Well... I need to revamp this site again.... I found this great and easy photo resizer, so guess what I'm a about to do?! Yep, new photo gallery!

Just wait... it's going to be good.

Change that... it's going to be GREAT!

Tons of stuff going on, and I promise I'm going to do more blog entries...

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

I’m such a slacker

I slack so bad on this thing...
But I guess not too many people look at it anymore anyways now that my AV peeps don't come here...

So Maybe there's a point to slacking off...

I'd be suprised if more than 2 people read this...

As skinner said on today's simpsons, "Prove me wrong kids, prove me wrong!"


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Thursday, July 15, 2004

stupid truck

battery died tonight... Long story that I don't feel like typing....

If you want to know really bad, e-mail me.
This week has been crazy at work... I've actually done more voice work than I have engineering... which is cool, cause I still love voice work prolly more than engineering.

Class is cool, just ready to be done with it I guess. Ok, need to get ready... taking a trip tommorrow, and yes, I am glad my battery died tonight instead of tommorrow so don't tell me.


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Saturday, July 10, 2004


It's been a long time since I've been here... sorry so long

But I have purpose for coming here today...
Today was a milestone for me and UT2004... and I just want documented proof that I'm awesome for once.

I just kicked so much butt online on my favorite UT server... and no one I knew was in there to witness it!!! AHHH!!! No one will ever believe me.

Thought I did awesome... I still got second on all the maps... but I was not far behind the person that was always ahead of me... So yes, I am very very proud of myself. You don't have to believe me... but I would!

I'll catch you up in the extended...

ok, so I've been working a lot lately... I hate that.
My new class is cool... should be almost easy... but I'll learn a lot.
I THINK I'm done signing up for classes next fall... and HOPEFULLY will graduate in May... hopefully
If not then, for sure the summer...
And that's awesome to me. Don't know if I'll be going to graduate school right now... prolly not since I'm not even the best undergraduate student ever lived... We'll see I guess.

My week with Jet (last week) Was kinda fun I guess... she had some messes, but we made it.
The 4th was neat, big cookout at the A-wood
And Freedom Fest is over... and it turned out to be better than we thought it would be. And for your information... it is possible for women that are pregnant to be hot in the 7th month...
That is all...

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Monday, June 28, 2004

so much, yet so little

I have so much stuff I could say... but yet, I'll say so little here
Partly because I've been so busy, and partly because I am about to go study...

So yea,
I'm going to study so I can pass my first summer class.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

new things…

Some good things...
I set up my drums in the empty room, and got to play a little.
I got ut 2004 and it rocks
I'm on the verge of finding a racquet that is more suited for my game
I didn't get sick because I started drinking more gatorade.
I'm not failing my summer class!

Some bad things...
Work sucks
I made a proposel today to not make it suck so much, and it pretty much got shot down.
my apartment is a mess
I have to work on Saturday while the Louisville DCI show is going on
work sucks
Have a nice day,

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

happy daddy day

I'm going home to suprise my dad... Just for today.
Got to be back tonight to study more for my test...

Found out something interesting about me today. It takes me about a year or so to forget things.
example... For fun, I tried playing MSU's cadance today... I failed
I remembered how to play like two parts! it was sad... and then, I even listened to it to see if it would help me... nope. wow... Guess I do have a lot of problems.
I can't believe everyone was right ;-)


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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

not good…

So far this week... has sucked
It seems to be getting better with each day... but I knew with the monday I had, it was going to be a rough week, and man was I ever right. It feels like it should be Friday already.... yea, it's Wednesday, i know. On top of everything, I can't seem to go through a whole season without getting sick. I do feel a little better than yesterday, today though. Hopefully, it's just allergys.
Work doesn't seem to be going any better except that now there's nothing wrong. Oh well.
I'm going to stop complaining and talk about something good.
I got my new racquet in the other day... but I don't have anyone to play with to test it out. GAW! I can't even go two sentences without complaining... that's how bad it's been!
I got paid yesterday, that's good. But now I've got to go to Kroger and spend it all! SEE, I CAN'T STOP MYSELF!

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Sunday, June 13, 2004


I'm sorry... I didn't forget about the blog... just about posting in it.
I'll catch you up later... I've got to get ready now.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

catch up

ok... quick catch up.
Vacation = GREAT! Couldn't have asked for anything better.
Work, not in too bad shape when I came back... so it's getting back into shape.
Summer School started... my Media Effects is pretty cool... I'm really loving this major so far. Sooooooo much better than music. What was I thinking?
Going through a change of roomates... and other changes.

ok, I'm out!

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Monday, May 17, 2004

last outing…

Well, I just had my last outing with Severo last night... he's moving to Rome Georgia. So I don't guess we'll be playing much. Anyone knows someone that needs some to play tennis here in Murray... let me know.
Getting geared up for my vacation! WHOO!!! I'll let you all know more when it gets closer. Right got to get ready.

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Sunday, May 9, 2004

First day of Summer

So really, today is the first day of summer... it feels good. Well, when I say summer, that means that school is out. I think it's June 21st that summer ACTUALLY starts. Anyways, I'm at work... so it's about the same. Now that I think about it, Friday I will have been in Murray for 3 years... wow.
ok... I'm out for a while...
More later...

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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

school is over!

ok... no it's not... Well, kinda.
I'll never be out. But this semester is done. Feel pretty good about it too! I'm modding my case up too.. kinda fun. Kinda frustrating sometimes too... but atleast I'm doing something with it and didn't chicken out. Hey, wait... I never chicken out! I just act before thinking sometimes. oh well, this one might turn out ok actually!
so you're prolly wondering... if I'm modding my computer... how am I posting this? yep! I got my wireless to work on my laptop! I'm actaully watching the last show of "Friends" like everyone else in America is prolly doing. It's actually funny... wow, did I say that? Ok, The caulk is starting to dry... so I'm,

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Tuesday, May 4, 2004

here I go into the battlefield

Last actual final... JMC class... fun
so far everything has gone as expected... and for once, my doing good during the sememster has paid off I think. I don't have this pressure to do well on all my finals. I could fail them and be ok, I think... but I won't fail... I just won't rack my brain AS much as I could.
I've still got the movie one, which I'll do tonight... then it should be all said and done, and I can work more on... well, work!
Just a never ending cycle isn't it...
wish me luck.

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Sunday, May 2, 2004

new month!

So school is almost out... April is FINALLY over (took forever) And Lia starts tonight on Froggy. Lots of change... but that is life! When you start living every day the exact same is when you're dead.Got some more computer parts in today... bringing me closer and closer to the finished product. WOOO!
School went well this semester... I guess that's what happens when you find something you enjoy, and your away from jackasses. I do miss spending time with some of the percussion folks though. Social time went down 100% with them this year... that kinda sucks. That'd be one of the few reasons I'd do racerband again I think. Oh well, Summer is coming up... I've got to get in shape so I look good in my new preppy clothes (don't ask)
I'm going to try and get Lia to run now I guess... she's only on in a couple of HOURS!
got to love the engineering department :-)

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Number 50 means it’s all downhill!

Well, it's my 50th post in my blog... and the EARS concert was last night...
My mom and dad came up for what was most likely be my last piece on the recital. Some good times there...
Took my test on Tuesday in ANT 140... so it should be all downhill from here.
Talk to a great advisor today... to find out who my real advisor is.
Taking more summer classes than I thought too.
Oh well, food is ready... so I'm ready to eat!

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

good grade, good grief…

ok... well, it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon... BUT, good news. I just made a 200 out of 200 on this website!!! I did work pretty hard on it for a long time now... and I got graded on it!
Let's see... we had a froggy game tonight... played the entire game... not that sore really. I've been pretty active lately. Tennis, running, etc.
We also had a LAN party last night at Froggy for Relay for Life. Fun stuff, didn't get back till 4 in the morning though... but it was worth it.
I'll keep trying to catch up... but I have a feeling it'll be after finals before I get back in my blog habit.

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good grade, good grief…

ok... well, it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon... BUT, good news. I just made a 200 out of 200 on this website!!! I did work pretty hard on it for a long time now... and I got graded on it!
Let's see... we had a froggy game tonight... played the entire game... not that sore really. I've been pretty active lately. Tennis, running, etc.
We also had a LAN party last night at Froggy for Relay for Life. Fun stuff, didn't get back till 4 in the morning though... but it was worth it.
I'll keep trying to catch up... but I have a feeling it'll be after finals before I get back in my blog habit.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

sorry so long

Well, it's been forever since I've updated... Sorry.
Here's another quick update for you.
New computer is coming along slowly... that's why I haven't updated in a while actually. Just having random problems with it... guess I'm going to have to spend more money on it. ohwell...
Happy 80'th to my grandfather this past Friday... birthday of course...
This week and weekend will be extremely busy... Water wars this Friday night, Froggy LAN party this Saturday... and I've been informed we've got a frogtrotters game this Saturday too... long night I'd say...
School is almost over! Next Tueday is the EARS concert. Come out and see my second work of the year. The film festival went well for those of you following.
That's ABOUT it... other stuff I'm not at liberty to say on my blog... or am I?

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Monday, April 12, 2004

quick catch up

ok, quickly what's been going on.
Finished Gibson's movie last night... lots of late nights have went into that this past week.
I beat Servero Sunday in tennis... That was the only good thing about me not going home on easter.
Should get my new computer today or tommorrow. But it was in Paducah yesterday at 8 in the morning!
Things are going well over all... Just really really busy.
More later.

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Thursday, April 8, 2004

I was busy today!

so... woke up late for our work meeting today. Got up at 8:29... had to be there by 8:30. I got there by 8:37 though!
Took my Ant140 test at 11... did pretty well I think. Then my parents came to take jet away from me... :-( very sad.
We had a pretty bad meal at Cracker barrell that tought us, never get anything new... I got my check from the state... yay!
then, had to go to work, and struggle there for a while. again...
then, I had to take my internet test! did ok on it as well... I think
Oh, and the most important part... I just bought my components for my new computer... Yep, I went AMD
Thanks to Rip for talking me into that for two or three days straight.
I'll let you see it when I get it!

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Thursday, April 1, 2004


today has sucked hardcore...
and the night is not showing much promise...

there WILL be changes soon... one way or another...

more updates later...

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Monday, March 29, 2004


So, cool stuff going on... I've got Jet for a while here in Murray. She's doing great! I'm doing all kinds of stuff to the website. Cool stuff.
and to top it all off, outside... it's hailing! what is the world coming to? :-)
Wonder what everyone else thinks of the new look on the site... I'm going to have to change the blog prolly to fit with the rest as well. Too much to do... But it's kinda fun I guess.
time to work on public file...

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

cool stuff…

So I got a new phone the other day... it rocks! Motorolla v400. It's really good, like the v60 or whatever, with more bells and whistles.
I've got a paper due tommorrow... so I should polly be typing that, instead of this.
I've got a bet with brooke today... should be fun to see who wins the dollar... (but I'm sure it'll be me)
I sold the oak custom snare drum, cause my sonny emory came in after I got back from NCAA. I also shipped the keyboard that I sold... I can't believe how big that thing really was. The room with a biggger bed, and a dresser, without the keyboard is still more roomy than when I had the keyboard and a smaller bed and no dresser in here. So it all worked out.
Ok, I'm going to work on that paper.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

next year I guess…

Well, we lost today. But I'm pretty sure I was on tv! The camera was all over me... so I better have been.
We just got beat... they were a better team than us overall.
Well, guess we're heading home tommorrow... I'll catch up then!

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next year I guess…

Well, we lost today. But I'm pretty sure I was on tv! The camera was all over me... so I better have been.
We just got beat... they were a better team than us overall.
Well, guess we're heading home tommorrow... I'll catch up then!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I’m in Ohio right now…

Yea, so our flight was good from Paducah to Columbus. I'm here in Ohio now in a really nice hotel for the most part. I had to go to the bathroom so bad on the plane, but I didn't think they had one... till I got to the front of the plane, then I saw where I was mistaken. It was the longest pee of my life...
Anyways, everything has been pretty good I guess considering we left one day earlier than I thought we were supposed to. Oh well.
I'll keep you updated on what else is going on. Free day tommorrow, I'll check in again then.

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

good weekend!

well... MSU heads to Columbus, Ohio. We play Illinois... tough.
I've already been there for PASIC a couple of years ago, and there's nothing to do. :-( we play Friday... same day as UK does... so I will be trying to get in there!
I did have a great weekend though! Me and my parents did the furniture dis-staining or whatever... it turned out pretty good! I'll have pictures up later.
dad is coming up tommorrow to finish it up. New bed, dresser, table, etc...

more tommorrow!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

why? why?

why is it that everytime you make a buy... you find another chance to buy it cheaper somewhere else?! Ohwell... classic stuff.

I'm so freakin ready for this spring break... this weekend will be great... just like to see my parents, and sleep for day in and day out!

Getting geared up for NCAA too! We'll find out Sunday where we're going!

My mind is drawing a blank right now... so I'm out.
Oh, and btw... check this out!
Tiffany and Evan rejoicing; Squeaky's ending unhappy
By Jim Turner-Editor

"I'm terrified this is going to be our last game," Tiffany White confided to a fellow senior cheerleader as the second half of the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament finals began Saturday evening.

When it appeared in the final couple of minutes that one of the Murray State players was going to cost her team the lead it had held most of the night, White's eyes filled with tears.

When the game was over, she said, "I had tears in my eyes because I was afraid we were going to lose. Now I'm crying because I'm so happy."

Tiffany White and the many Logan Countians who are students at Murray State are rejoicing this week because their Racers are champions of the OVC and are waiting to find out where they will play in the NCAA Tournament next week.

White's fellow LCHS graduate Evan Elrod will be beating the drum wherever they land in Bracketville. He's the lead drummer for a very good Racer Pep Band.

"I got to cheer in the NCAA Tournament in Chicago when I was a sophomore. I can't wait to find out where we'll be going this time," said White, one of the most honored cheerleaders in Logan County High School history.

As fate would have it, the N-D&L's seats at both the OVC Tournament and the Sun Belt Conference Tournament this weekend were directly behind the Murray and Western Kentucky University cheerleaders.

While the WKU spirit squad members were handsome/pretty and seemed to be very good at what they did, their emotional involvement in the game was not a tenth of what the Murray cheerleaders were experiencing. The WKU cheerleaders didn't seem as upset that their season was coming to an end, that their team was about to end its three-year string of SBC championships and NCAA appearances.

Perhaps the difference is that the OVC is still filled with natural rivalries and there is so much school spirit at OVC schools, much like high schools used to be. The Sun Belt is an airplane conference; they still ride buses in the OVC, primarily because schools are located closer together.

That's one reason it hurt Austin Peay so badly to lose this game to Murray. The Governors had put together one of the most outstanding seasons in OVC history, winning 18 straight conference games this year and 24 in a row over a two-year span before falling to the talented Racers Saturday at Municipal Auditorium.

Now the Govs know that despite that marvelous year, chances are slim that they will become an at-large invitee to the Big Dance. "Mid-major" conferences like the OVC rarely get more teams than the tournament champion a ticket to The Show.

n Russellville's Maurice 'Squeaky' Hampton is one of those feeling the pain in Clarksville. He had a good season, yet the final game of his sophomore season was painful in many ways.

He played over 11 minutes in the first half and did several good things. But late in the half, the Governors were playing for one shot. Hampton saw an opening and drove the baseline. As he got under the basket, however, he lost his grip on the ball and his layup wasn't close. The Racers rushed downcourt and Squeaky's man, former Mr. Kentucky Basketball Rick Jones, hit a shot at the buzzer to put the Racers up 31-27 at the half.

It was obvious Coach Dave Loos was unhappy with Hampton. He hardly played him in the second half, choosing to go with the less talented Levi Carmichael instead of Squeaky when APSU point guard Corey Gipson was injured.

In the press interview room after the game, the first mistake Loos pointed out was Hampton's: "We were playing for one shot at the end of the half and Squeaky missed a layup. Then we left our feet on defense on the other end, letting Jones score," he said.

Through it all, Hampton kept cheering his team on from the bench and being a team guy. And when Murray's Brown drew the technical foul he seemed to be seeking the last eight minutes of the game, it was Hampton who came off the bench to hit both free throws with 1:19 remaining. That pulled the Govs to within three points.

"I never had any doubts about bringing Squeaky in. He's done it for us all year," Loos said.

Hampton finished his sophomore year with some remarkable statistics. For the season, he was 20 of 23 at the foul line for 87 percent. He had 24 assists and only 10 turnovers for a 2.4-1 ratio. He made a turnover once for every 31.2 minutes of playing time, even though he was a primary ball handler. He hit 22 of 54 three-point attempts for 40.7 percent.

It's possible the Governors' season will continue in the National Invitational Tournament. They deserve it, and Squeaky deserves another chance.

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Saturday, March 6, 2004


GO RACERS!!! One of the better basketball tournaments I've been to in a while. Action packed, good match ups, huge wins for us! Minicipual auditorium (i know I miss spelled that) in Nashville... now the second biggest place I've ever played drumset in. and the cool thing was that I played in the same place as Incubus has before! how cool is that?! So with a huge win over Austin Peay, we'll go on to the NCAA... seems like every team I play drumset for ends up going to the big dance... hmmm at first I thought it was whatever school I went to, the percussion instructor ended up leaving... too bad that didn't work on Hill... how come I ran the two good ones off?! Doesn't matter, cause I'm enjoying the new major I think... Ok, hungry... see ya Just want to test this square... I don't know what it does! Posted by evanelrod at 06:23 PM

Monday, March 1, 2004

Ever feel like playing in the mud?

It's not raining or anything... I just feel like it should be raining, and I should be playing in a big mud puddle or something... I just feel like being a kid.

Jeremy came today... threw me off my schedule... All is well though.

MSU game tonight... got to win this one to go to Nashville Friday and Saturday... we'll see!

I've GOT to type this freakin paper soon too! mid terms suck when you're actually trying to do good in school.

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

changes everywhere!

yea, so all kinds of stuff has been going on. Today was a really busy day. Worked in the morning... got ready for the A.V. Banquet... had the banquet... had the MSU game... came home... tired.
Brandon and I changed the living room all around yesterday. It looks good! You should come see it! Wait.... I'll just put it on the site!

I need sleep...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

hell is now very chilly…

That's right everyone... it finally happened, I just didn't think it would. Upper Managment decided there needed to be a change in our magagment here in Murray. Kinda strange that when Greg and I start almost getting along, or atleast not having problems... he gets fired... kinda ironic. I felt bad for him for a little while, then I remembered all the stupid stuff he's done over the years and remembered all the times I thought to myself... wow, this place could be great with a new G.M. I still have a feeling it's not the end of this. He'll be back somewhere... he's too good of a sales person to not be out doing his thing. I could tell you the whole story... but I don't want to right now... I want to wait till things settle down. Several people have told me to apply for the job... but I just don't think I could do it till I'm out of school. I'm too young anyways...

Took a test today, did ok I think.... Got one on Thursday too... I'll be fine for that one too.
Played ten times better at the game last night too btw... it's amazing how much more fun games are when you're playing well, and people will talk to you and not avoide you like a bad drumming plague... I'll have to do it again Thursday and Saturday... Saturday is going to suck too... just a heads up. I'll be complaining about that later most likely :-)


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Monday, February 23, 2004

Good weekend…

Well, this was a fun filled weekend for the most part.
Saturday, went to Nashville with Brooke and Los... and watched the WGI show... one word. WOW!!!! There is some unreal talent out there. Music City is soo awesome... it's scary... really. There are some other really good lines out there too... but no one is going to touch MCM this year, unless something awesome comes out of the west side. Unreal.
Sunday, played some Tennis with Severo. I played like crap though. Man am I out of shape. We're going to start playing every day so I can get back up! I still don't know if I want to do the 4.0 team in Mayfield. I might just coach some place or something.
ok, have to get back in the groove this week. GROOVE!!!

Oh, and I still haven't decided on what snare drum I want...
Leave me a message and tell me what I want.

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Friday, February 20, 2004

didn’t get better…

Well, after the game... I felt not better...

Ever just played bad? wow, did I have a bad night on the kit. I felt so rusty... I've been doing too much watching and wanting of drumming... and not actually having a chance to sit at the kit and just play! I hate that... I dropped a lot of beats... and forgot songs etc... just a bad night.

So no... the night didn't get any better... and from Tuesday night on has been pretty crappy...

I'm going to Nashville Tommorrow... maybe that will help.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

wow… how crappy

How crappy can three days in a row be? very!
so yea... I don't even feel like talking about it actually.

Pep band game tonight... I'll be in a better mood after that... maybe I'll explain then.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


sigh of relief to be back in a groove.
selling a lot of stuff right now... only so I can buy stuff though. Selling my keyboard that I can't use to it's fullest... getting something smaller to just control MIDI, then looking for synth units. Looking at new snare drums... my oak is just too loud. I've been trying to buy a beech snare to match the kit... but they're telling me it's going to be 4-6 months from yamaha! IT'S YAMAHA!!! they should have it in stock! "well, all the beech custom colors are custom, and will take 4-6 months..." tell me how that makes sense?
Just want to be able to drum again really. Not just pep band... but other projects. Darren called me the other day, wanted me to drum for his new band. I still want to try putting together a band with Stew Boz... but, just haven't done it yet.
I'm in one of those moods though, where I just want new stuff. I went home this weekend, and talked to my dad about spending my spring break stressing this old furniture because I want a bigger bed, and a dresser in my room. Always wanting a new computer... And then I guess I've been kinda looking at different houses around the area. Maybe not to buy, but atleast to rent I can have a drumset up there.
I'm tired of typing... I'll update more though. promise!

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Friday, February 13, 2004


ok... this will be a post on reviews.
I had the priveledge to see some outstanding musicians last night. and one of them used my drums! Jim Walker and Free Flight performed for the Murray Civial Music concert. And I must say. Outstanding playing. The type of music crossed over several times between classical jazz and free form jazz and made for an interesting combo. Piano, Flute, Bass, & Drums was the line up... so it had the great probabilaty of being an elevator music band. But with the help of extremly talented people... I was intriged the whole time.
The Drummer using my kit was unreal. I can't stress how good this guy was. My kit hadn't been played like that... ever! I can easily say that it was him that kept the whole thing from being boring elevator music.
The Pianst was outstanding as well. Same goes for Jimmy Walker the flutist... The guy playing Bass guitar you could tell was a regular 6 string player... when he played solos, he used the bottom strings and often times played harmony... just was an interesting player... not saying he wasn't good... just different. He didn't make me say wow very much.
The band itself did though... and I'll say it again. WOW
If you have a chance to check them out anytime soon... do so. they put on a good show!

review of snare drum heads.
Evans Power Center reverse dot.
and Evans hd dry.
Power Center has what the name says. Power... what a great sound and tone though. Just watch it on a loud snare drum... might make it too much.
the HD dry was just the opposite. Brought a full sound to the table with out a lot of ring... but still had the thin one ply feel. I can only hope that it will ring a little more when I crank it up. the air holes and internal dampening ring may be too much... but then again, it's call a DRY head.
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Monday, February 9, 2004

smile… but frown.

so... I'm happy. I'm enjoying school for once... I'm enjoying work again... A.V. is almost over, and things are looking good for next year.
But I'm also sad too for some reasons... Not getting much contract work with mediavost... but no one really knows about it yet... so that'll change. Brooke found out she'll most likely never be able to see out of her left eye ever again... Lauren is too busy to even talk to me any more. Just little small stuff that is bothering me lately.
But once again... I can't complain, because things are really going well for me! For the most part...

Keep on keepin on... and that's your routine.

Thought of the day... "yes, I'm an individual... just like everyone else is" (thanks bofe)
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Monday, February 2, 2004

funny stuff…

I'll tell you what's going on later.... but you have to try this.
So funny.
copy and paste if you must.

Family... GET BETTER!!!! everyone is sick, or hurt.... not cool!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


yea, so I took a trip to Clarksville for my truck... Got my window fixed atleast.... good thing dad was there, cause it cost over $300 I can't even get Brandon or Collin to pay me that much. But it's fixed now, and we've got a parts list so dad and I can try and fix the other stuff.
Radio Still needs fixing though, I never realized how much I need CD's ohwell, soon enough. I'm looking at some on the internet to get.

If you have any comments on what Kenwood I should get, let me know.

ok, so I'm at work, and I'm just ready for this Saturday to get overwith and stuff. I really love doing AV and all... but the lack of things we need makes me want this season to end soon, just so I can say we did it with nothing... and next year will be easy hopefully.
What have I learned besides the obvious? I miss drumming, I'm trying to put together a band right now so I can do it again. Pep band and AV just aren't enough. and more lessons to come.

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Monday, January 26, 2004

money time…

ok, so I need to collect on Collin and Brandon. So I can make some purchases.
Tuesday, Fast food will be entered back into my diet, because my window will once again... work.
And I also plan to order/buy a cd/mp3 player for my car. Most likely a Kenwood so I can hook my changer back up to it, and enjoy hours and hours and hours of music.
I might have to get a butt cast or something... Brooke, Liz, and I went Skating at the Circus Roller here up the road. I've been here almost 3 years now, and I've never been in there... those of you that know me know that I'm a big rollerblader. However, Saturday night I found I am not good at the ramps... wow does my ass hurt, plus I feel like one for even trying it.
I skated a while to get everything back... and that's like riding a bike, you never forget how. So I thought I'd try these ramps, afterall... all these little kids are doing it without a problem, why shouldn't I? I stood there and watched for atleast 30 minutes taking mental notes of what I should do. Then I desided I'd get up there too. This little 12 or 13 year old asks me, "you going to do it?" "I'm going to try. Got any pointers for me?" "Yea, don't fall on your butt." Yea, thanks kid...
He's up, he's going to try to go down the ramp... and he's down.
Then to add insult to injury, I wanted to try and learn some more, so there was this other ramp type thing, I must have went down it to slow or something cause I went down again. It was then I decided that I was not born to be an X gamer, unless it was speed skating or something.
Uncle John sent me a package of pictures from Florida this Christmas, so look for those up on featured pics soon.
School is going good. I enjoy it much much more without hill... some people just aren't meant to get along, and most of the time it's the people that are too much alike that don't get along great.
ok, out for now... lots of stuff to do. catch you up later.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

time to catch up…

ok... time to catch up.
Sunday went a little better... AV wise.
Monday... not great for my day off really. Jeremy came and kinda busted my chops a little... but we got a lot done. Just have to come to work more often now.
Tuesday was mixed... for the most part is sucked. I can't stay awake in my anthropolgy class. Then we almost got off to Lone Oak on time... but of course, everything got screwed up there... and even worse, when we got there, things got worse, and worse. But those kids are great, they can play through anything. The performance, when we finally got to do so, was great. Now the first is under our belt. but afterwards was bad again.
Something I've realized in life... If I had to seek out everyone I THOUGHT was bad mouthing me, or what I do/did... I'd be a very busy person.
Another thing I've realized is to never say ANYTHING at all... because the line of communication between you and someone else sucks worse than cell service in the country. This is how rumors get started.
And one more thing I've learned... can not be said. ha... thought you were going to be educated again.
A love life is worthless by the way... don't even bother with it.
Since I was with Lauren for years and years, she got me to believe that love is supposed to be sudden, and unplanned... like a fairy tale. Like you shouldn't have to work at it. I have news for everyone... it's not true... because we're mammals, and everything boils down to animal instict.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004


All I have to say is today better go better...

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

well, that’s cool

School is nice... I think. work is ok... I think. My truck is still messed up bad... but that's ok. I'm most likely going to take it down to Clarksville to get it fixed soon... so I can't complain about it much. Bills paid, food stocked, av shirts in... things are going pretty calm... I won't say good, because nothing has happened that has stuck out in my head... I'm just in a groove... which is something I couldn't get in earlier. ok... I'll start keeping up my blog better.
Check out the featured pics for the week!

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Saturday, January 10, 2004

here we go…

well.. I'm not really feeling any better. have had problems sleeping the last three nights... wasn't too bad last night... but I would have [b]Loved[/b] to sleep in this morning.
but I'm going to russellville, then to Nashville for Ledgend. to see if I dig it.
My truck is in horrible shape.
Window is duct taped shut... radio stuck on static... doors not opening right, or unlocking right. can't see my gas gage at night... just an overall mess.
Laura West came to see me the other day. Haven't seen her in 2 years. It was good.
We went to see the last installment of the lord of the rings... good movies.
ok... need to get ready for a painfully annoying 2 hour trip.
Need to get a hold of Los too... he said he was going with me... hmmm... but that's alway an ordeal anyways.
A.V. tommorrow... School the next... I need another month to get back in the groove.

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Thursday, January 8, 2004

stupid cough

well... it's three in the morning... and I should be sleeping.
but I can't
throat tickles way too much

what a horrible day overall.
started out ok... ended BAD
couldn't taste the los, fighting, my workplace has children and thiefs working there, window won't roll up (had to duct tape it)
wow... just crappy

I should just keep typing, cause I still cough without end. Maybe tommorrow will be better... oh wait... it is tommorrow.

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Monday, January 5, 2004

what the crap!

I'm sick again! what's up with that?!
but I have some resolutions now though.
new major... I want to be able to focus on stuff
do better at my job
Figure out what's going on in my life, and progress for once.
I'd like A.V. to go well too... but it already has been.
I still want to do some kinda of drum corp, and it's looking like Nashville will be the place.
I want to not be sick as much...
keep the house cleaner and keep people from just randomly showing up and staying for extended periods of time.
basically just the basic stuff for me that I never do...
someone come clean my place so I'm not sick again in a month...

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Thursday, January 1, 2004

Catching up

This will be long, so get ready for it.
If you're interested in some of the poems I wrote, comment on it, and I'll post what I can.

Christmas Day 12.25.03
Wow, This is better than any gift I could ever get. Good trip down to Florida, no hassels. Hotties on the flight and when we got there... BAM! What a house. prolly a two million dollar house. Just amazing. I have no words to describe it. Got to beat up on Dad on both courts, Ping pong last night, and today on a clay court here. First time either of us have played tennis on Christmas day. I ran today too... What the hell... I'm also struggling with those pesky roads in life I have to decide to take. Don't know what classes, what major thing lies ahead in my love life. It's like I have 7 choices for a road and I have no idea what to take. Grace asked me today if I was to listen to anyone all the time, who would it be? I told her, myself. How am I supposed to listen to my self if I don't even know the answers? Enjoying my vacation!
Mixed Day 12.26.03
Well, I'm warm... but not from the sun... Had a few drinks with my cousin Elisabeth & her b.f. Matt. How things have changed from the days when we sat in my grandfathers chair (which is in my apartment now might I add) and played with my snoopy doll. I don't ever remember being immature though... Guess times have changed for everyone. I had a vision of what Christmas might be like in a few years. When I was younger it COULDN'T change... now it must. No choice but to change, which I've come to relize Is Life!
Life is change. Even with the day in day out routines, everyday changes. When 2 days are exactly the same, you're dead...
Tennis in the morning, should be fun, or bad. We'll find out soon enough.
Missed opprotunitys or... 12.27.03
Woke up (no prolblems sleeping again btw) 7:20 got ready to play some tennis with Sarah Jeans B.F. Once again rolling it up with the wealthy. I feel so fake when I'm around them. But it's good opprotunitys. Dad and I got to play on red clay for the first time. Fun surface... or it's just the same!
Either way... I most likely missed a great chance to atleast hang out with an outstandingly georgous woman.
She was sitting there coming on to me, and I did hardly anything, and I'm kind of regretting it. So much so that I'm getting jumpy with the phone. She gave me a diconnecting number, or I typed it in wrong... which is possible and likely. But I gave my number and I'm just waiting to not be bored tonight. I'm so conflicted about this. Her beauty made me feel drunk! As soon as I get on that plane, I should be fine I guess... I'll remember I'm flying southwest, and shes flying on a private jet most likely.
All for now!
Whew! 12.28.03
*A wrap up*
Woke up 9am went to play tennis. Felt really stiff though. Dad & I played then my Aunt Jennie & mom came out to play some mixed doubles. After that, Dad & I played singles... I've never played better!!! 6-1 me... felt GREAT!
Calm lunch with kids, Pizza. Going to beach. Beach was windy, cold, ugly... yet beautiful for us because it's not snow filled. Poor Haley got stung by something in the water, new shark tooth tradition pasted on. Great dinner at the Talbic Grill. Must have been a $500 meal for 14! Opened chinese something gifts... and this wraps up my trip! Just as I was learning to live like the wealthy, now I have to go back to work, and an apartment that I share with 5-6 people sometimes... jk
I'm mixed about coming back. What waits for me? I through something of mine in the pond behind this house so something of mine always stays here. Cold air, and a long drive from Nashville to Russellville then R-ville to Murray. Great. I will miss this place. Thats for sure. I'm dissapointed in things... but at the same time. No Christmas vacation have ever gone perfect for ANYONE! It has been a good chance to catch up on my thoughts and feelings. Guess we'll see what happens when I get back. Wonder if anything will change?
Brooke called & said she had a dream where I died, but came back to life... and she was worried about the plane ride. I told her most dreams represented something. I said maybe I'll come back a new person & the the old Evan has died. I mean really... I am starting to enjoy beer more. I drank several on this trip. I'm starting to realize some things in my life I hadn't before. But now it's up to me to really start getting my act together. Buckle down and live my life the way I want. Try to make it to that point where I'm not worried about as much stuff because I've taken care of it all! Will I hed my own advise? doubtfull... how sad. Smetimes I think two sides of my brain have different thoughts and they colide.... that's what causes aadd too I think.
Ohwell. Guess this is the whole brain of Evan saying goodbye to Jupiter Florida in Palm Beach County... Hope it's not the last we see each other.

And that's all the entrys I have from the trip... like I said if you're interested in the poems and stuff I wrote while I was down there... comment and tell me!
oh, and by the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
My resolutions on the way.

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