Sunday, June 29, 2003

What a week, and weekend!

12:08 am

couldn't have asked for much more... well, maybe a couple of things... but overall it was a kick ass week and weekend... despite being really busy at work, Lauren not even calling me on her birthday (or all freaking week for that matter... oh, and then she calls today like everything is just fine... glad we're over with)
But the weekend with Jen was amazing... it was amazing we still had stuff to talk about... She just keeps proving everyone wrong. And that's great that I could see past what everyone else said about her, and decide for myself... and I found out that she is nothing like what people think she is anymore...
Hum.. some of the bad things... bad traffic accident on I-24 today by Paducah...
ripped my shorts tonight playing tennis... didn't play too well either tonight... some other stuff... but the good just out weighs the bad this time...
Freedom Fest this week... so I won't have much time to post... so just read this one over and over and over till I get some time...

Current Mood: sweaty
Current Music: Audioslave - Like a Stone

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Run down… but still so happy!

11:57 pm

ok... so really, this week sucked a lot of ass... but in the same boat it was really really really really really good! I saw a really good family friend come in from Korea this week, Lauren and I established that we could be friends still... I'm not going to Florida with her anymore obviously, but Los and I have decided to go to Louisville to sit in the parking lot and watch drum lines at this big DCI competition this weekend.
And on top of everything I've found a really good friend, that might just be more than friends if things go well ;-)
She's so freakin cool... She cares a lot about children and family... and that's so important.
That, and she's kinda a home body like me! We get along really well, but one bad part... she's about 9 hours away for the rest of the summer, which sucks... but I'll make it.
But back to the main point... WORK HAS SUCKED ONCE AGAIN!!! This week, was just so busy... I'm kinda glad I'm not going to Florida now, because now I've got to play catch up this next week.
I'll try to get back on the blog train and do this every day again... sorry for the delay!

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Current Music: Dashboard Confessional - Standard Lines

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Almost did it…

11:08 pm
I had a Tennis Tourny this weekend... Almost won the doubles... but we had a lot of rain in Owensboro today. Didn't play bad in singles either.
Oh well... was good to get back into action.
Lots of bad stuff has been going on... that's why I haven't bloged in a while.
Mom is having some surgery Wednesday...
Love life is just about gone... Need to work on that I guess.
Work sucks like always...
yea, I've got to wake up early tomorrow... so I'm going to bed now.. since I didn't get much sleep this morning cause of all the calls from work. :-(
Night night...