Sunday, May 25, 2003

Great weekend… for the most part

11:56 pm

I got to relax... got to eat some good food... Got to play some ping pong, and some good tennis... Got to dive in a really cold pool...
and I got my "all in one" remote controls working now!!! Both at home, and my parents house!! cool cool
guess I'll have to face reality, and go back to work tommorrow... oh well... got a vacation coming up soon...
ok... tired of typing...

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

check his pulse… see if he’s still alive!

11:17 pm

well... I worked a lot today... imagine that... I'm finally feeling decent with the exception of a sore throat again. And The Big 102 is finally up and going flawlessly! no thanks to me... but you know... I had lots of stuff to do with my station too!
I've still got to play that last tennis match of the season... and then I've got my first gig with mojo peddler on Friday night... so it's looking like another busy week! then Memorial day weekend doesn't help anything... but I'll make the best out of it like I always do.

This apartment is nasty!!! and I have no TV! going to bed I guess...

Goodnight to all...

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

long long week

11:36 am

Well, it's been a long long week, with the release of the new BIG 102, I've had my hands full... I finally get a chance to sit down and reflect... although a close friend of the family has just died, I will take some time away from the new station, go home for the weekend, and recover from a loss. Then I'll come back and attempt to play tennis on Sunday for my last regular season match. The murray tourny has been cancelled due to lack of players.
The pills seem to have worked on the sickness, although I do have a sore throat again today... not cool. and now I've got a fever blister on my lip... not cool either.
But I would like to say congrats to Nathan on the launch of a new station that should do well once it gets going.
sorry it's been so long since my last post, but you prolly didn't notice! :-)

Sold my desk!!! w00t! Thanks Sarah... Now to get rid of a bunch of crap.
Collin moved out as well... now I've got to figure out what I'm going to do in August.
Los decided he didn't want to band camp this year... so I don't have one to work at now...
got splinter cell... really good game
I'm out of toliet paper... :-)
I'm out of things to say as well. Not really... but I'm not going to bore my self, or you with it.

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Back up!

Whoo!!! Froggy is back up to 100% and then some! It's amazing what getting a three year old tube out of there will do! That thing is running great again... love it.
Hurting this morning... Brandon and I had some fun last night... He's moving out because of several reasons... so we had fun. :-)
now on to finding a roomate sometime soon... I've got some ideas.
Not very many people are answering the poll on the front page... should I do the internet radio thing again? or what? I might post some radio shows atleast and see how that does. I've got a few recorded.
ok... Going to teach tennis.

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Thursday, May 8, 2003

oh weekend… please come quick!

10:34 pm

ok... went to the doctor today... got a LOT of medicine.
and despite being completely and utterly crappy for the last part of the week... I managed to get just about everything done I wanted to.
Now I've got to figure out what to get mom for mothersday because I'm heading home tommorrow... and she'll take care of the things I didn't get to this week... ex:dirty clothes!
ye haw... going to bed

Current Mood: relieved

going to the Dr.

10:57 am

well, I'm breaking down and going to the doctor... It got worse yesterday, fever, cold chills, sore throat... just didn't feel good... and I thought I was better, then all of a sudden... blam!
So after still trying to go full fledge yesterday, and failing miserably... I will now give in, and pay up to go to the doctor... Can't stand it anymore.
So, I'm off to see the Doc.
Then I've still got to go finish my day in Mayfield... geez, what a life I lead.

Current Mood: sick

Monday, May 5, 2003

tired of storms…

11:15 pm
yea... three days in a row... this is getting old quick. Thunderstorms are cool for a while... but not this much.

Spent another day down in Mayfield getting together the new station down there...
Should really get going tomorrow though.
Watching Wolverine on Dave Letterman. Freakin awesome. Teh Bomb!

yea... took a final today, got one tomorrow too... anyways. Went to the music offices to see people and tell them I was changing back to music... but no one was there... so yea.
I need to be in bed... so I guess that's where I'll be heading now.

yea... goodnight

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Sunday, May 4, 2003

Storm Central!

2:10 pm
yea... so a storm ripped around Murray like it 0wned us!
also knocked out power at the Froggy Transmitter... so guess what I did all this morning... yep, waited for the power to get back on... then went out, and tried to figure out why my station wouldn't get back on! Turns out I had a high voltage Cabinet problem... so after fixing all the air, and fault interlocks... I went to work on the 100 thousand watt cabinet... scary stuff, even with the power off!
The Cingular wireless guy was out there too... so we were all having lots of problems... except of course the TV station, with their nice new generator, and new building.... I wich we had nice equipment too... it'd make my life easier...
Either way... that Transmitter is great... I hardly had to do anything... and it came back up pretty much by it's self...
so I've got some finals coming up I need to be getting on right now...
and I've also got someone else's job to do over in Mayfield... you'll be hearing a lot of cool things coming out of the new and improved 102.1 in Mayfield and Paducah pretty soon... May 12th to be exact... but you didn't hear it from me! ;-)
So I guess I need to get back to whatever it is I should be doing...

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Current Music: Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels

Saturday, May 3, 2003

Cleaning for once…

4:12 pm

Well, I'm in that mood for some reason... maybe it's the fact that I didn't need to go home because I could barely get out of the door without tripping on trash or things growing within the house.
Getting a lot done for me... and I'm hurting while I do it cause I'm really sore from tennis yesterday...
yea, and I need a shower bad, but Collin is in there.
I will have my time!!!
Oh, did I tell you I saw X2? OH YEA!!! actually... HELL YEA!!! Great movie... there were some parts I would have changed... but, you know. still rocked even though I had to sit like in the front row... Maybe that's the reason I'm sore... Tennis + Front row movie seat + no pillow last night = hurting.

Yea, got to get back to cleaning!

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Current Music: Drowning Pool - Tear Away

Friday, May 2, 2003


5:19 pm
Well, I just won my second Tennis match today... went a long 2 hours in the sun this afternoon!
and I had an ok relay for life experience last night... I guess.
But I'm pumped that I won again today... playing good players too. The guy I played today was like a backboard... it feels good to get back in the USTA scene after a short absence.
Friday wasn't all that fun because I did so much work, and went non stop... But Lee's wedding was really nice... nice weather, good company, and I showed up late, and no one really noticed all that much.... Got to see people there I haven't seen in a long while too... I know Lee and Amanda will be happy, I've known both of them for a long time now, and I know they'll be fine.
All I need to do now to make the weekend complete is figure out the rest of my life... getting closer and closer everyday... get rid of the sickness.... and watch X-MEN 2!!!!!!
Unfortunately... no one seems to want to go with me... oh well. Who knows, maybe I'll go home tonight and go with my parents... maybe I'll get a free meal out of it too!
That's all for now, and HAPPY DERBY DAY!