Monday, December 29, 2003

Back… safe and sound

I've got a really long recap of my vacation... but everything has been great so far.
ball game was good tonight, work should be good tommorrow... and everything is panning out to be a good end of the year.
Next log will be a long one, a recap.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy Holidays!

well, it's Christmas eve... and I'm getting ready to go to bed and watch Santa visit everyone else but me... cause he's already came by my house... this afternoon. heh, you didn't really think he went to everyone's house in one night did you?!
so I got to catch up with some old friends today. Lauren and I exchanged gifts... got to see James, and other people I never really forgot, just didn't remember being away for so long.
so I've got a flight to catch in the morning, so I guess I should hit the sack cause I have a long day tommorrow.
but I'll be in florida... and I better not miss a white christmas because of it!
Happy Holidays!

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Monday, December 22, 2003


ever had dejavue and thought back to the last time you had that thought... but never could get it to that exact moment?

Then, you could be driving down the same road you always do, think the same thought, at exactly the same time you always do... and never have that dejavue feeling... Why is that?

Is Dejavue a good feeling, or a bad... or just confusing. or maybe confined. You feel like you're traped in a small space and can't get out of this memory, you can't even remember.

Deep thoughts like this trouble me, because there is no answer.

Just like Radio... people call their receiver a radio... when it fact it is not "a radio"
Radio is the sum of a transmitter and receiver. Even dead air is still "radio" if you can pick up the station. besides... silence can have more to say than a dj or a song.

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Thursday, December 18, 2003


I've got a few theorys I'd like to share with you all...

When you come to a crossroads, what do you do when the road you should go down has a lot of construction on it... and the other one is empty, but doesn't take you where you want/need to go...
You either go back to the other roads you missed... or you wait untill a sign comes up to tell you where to go I guess...

If you used time travel when you eat... would the food taste better or worse the second time around? example... you go to Outback and have a steak, it's good... then you relive that moment, and the steak is just as good as the first time through... then you go to Ryans, and the first time through says, yea... that's good... but the second time through, you say.... that's good, but not as good as that outback steak I had.
Could your first trip argue with your second trip through the meal... and what would happen if they did disagree?

Just some thoughts for you.

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Monday, December 15, 2003

party! whoo hoo!

well, it's time for the Christmas party at work... Should be lots of fun. Got a date... so I will continue my tradition of bringing hotness to the party.
oh yea
Got to shop today too... I meant to do that yesterday... but that didn't go over so well.
Got our checks/bonus from work today... now if I can get collin and brandon to pay me!
yea... I just found a big huge hunk of hair on my computer desk... thanks brooke.
Haven't talked to Lauren in a few days, hope she's ok.
guess I'm getting excited about Christmas and stuff... But I've still got to register for classes. So I'll do that now, then eat, then shop, then party!

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

ahhhh everyone relax…

college... out... Holidays... coming up. ahhhh yea... everyone else tenses up during this time of year, but I don't have to go to school... so I can just work, and buy presents.
Lots of stuff happened last week. Like, I tapped in the Frankfort parade, which I though was funny. Brain Mason turned out not being as big of a jerk as I thought he was to be honest about.
AV went great! It really going to be good. Can't wait to put it all together in a month or so.
Jurys and Finals, I don't want to talk about... ever again actually.
I will never take another lesson from John Hill again... ever.
If you have any suggestions on what my new major should be, please leave a comment!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2003

oh my gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

so I'm falling asleep everyonce and a while, and I'mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .... woops... there's one.
remind me to tell you about what I've been doing the past few days...
AV stuff... Jury stuff... Finals stuff... Parade stuff... etc etc.
It'll be a loaded post when I get some sleep!

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Thursday, December 4, 2003

too much to do…

not enough time... and I'm still putting everything off.

Classic Evan syndrome...

Lesson tommorrow... that I haven't practiced for... or had for three weeks...
Last day of my "Classes" one of which I haven't read the book I needed to.
Bunch of crap I need to do at work, that of course I haven't...

just classic.

I hope I get all this done... there are other things I'd like to be doing... but I can't... for obvious reasons. A.V. coming up!!! Sunday is tryouts... it's also tryouts for Eklipse outdoor... which I haven't decided if I'm doing yet or not...

eck... I don't know what to do
Please comment and help me.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2003


ever read something that you maybe said you weren't going to read... and then just get light headed from it because it's just so... so... indescribable.
yea... me neither... that's why this is so different.

more on this later... hopefully

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pretty good… sorta…

yea... so if tommorrow ends... I'll be happy.
EARS, almost over... yay. Now I've got to think of a speech for it.
Some other cool things happened tonight... don't want to talk about it on here... yet
eh, you never know what could happen... so sometimes you just got to keep your mouth shut!
Big thanks to John Gibson for working his butt off on this project with me.
It's been a big push at the end... and hopefully it'll be worth it tommorrow night.

crap... forgot to read the rest of that stupid book.
see... you say something good happens, then BAM! it comes back to haunt you like the ghost in the night... or at johnson theatre atleast ;-)

bed time... maybe?

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Monday, December 1, 2003


kinda done... I still have to record the music and then put it to the movie into one file... but then I'll be done with it!!!! AWESOME!
Didn't turn out too bad either... I was able to stick with my style of writing and still be able to protrey the moods in the film...

pretty happy about it.

werd... you all should come see it.
Tuesday, December 2nd... Performing Arts Hall on Murray state's campus.

Oh yea! 8 oclock, the fun begins!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

crunch time…

yea... time for some crunchin... both in my mouth and in school
Happy Thanksgiving by the way...

I've got to finish my EARS peice like... really soon.

So why am I here?

Good call... OUT!!!

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Sunday, November 23, 2003


ok... so I'm back from PASIC... good time was had... by none.
Some good things, but mostly bad actually... don't really want to get in to it... but I've came to some more life changing thought processes tonight because of it. I'm tired, and the weekend does not slow down, as I'm sure the week will not either because it's so short. but hey, thanksgiving is coming up... so it'll be good food atleast!
ok... hitting the sack so I can get up in the morning again.
more later...

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Monday, November 17, 2003

hot in here…

man... here it goes again... another crappy week of crappy weather... No wonder I'm freakin sick all the time!
So one day it's cold, one day it's hot, the next it's raining, and then foggy as crap... then there's my apartment... it's almost a steam room right now. I'm the one that hates to have my pants on... but jeez, this is a new level! I was stripping on my way up the stairs to my room! I'm tempted to open a window... but it'll get cold, and my sickness will never go a way, and I'll never enjoy PASIC, Thanksgiving, and the possibility of going to JSU...
So I did get to make up some work in Geo today... That Dr. Bolt is pretty understanding... so yay for him... Now I have to worry about a test Thursday in Ant... not easy.
ok, so I'm going to get a towel and dry off my sweat. OUT!

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

one cancels the other?

nope... sorry... a good day will not cancel out the effects of sickness.
This medicine is not helping... I feel dizzy, sore throat, sinus problems, still achy all the time, and burny everyonce and a while. I really just don't know what to do.

I actually got up at 5:30 this morning cause I couldn't sleep. then when I did get to sleep, it was time to get up.... not cool

AV meeting was good... didn't even play too bad at pep band... but I just felt soo terrible...

ok... peoples is here(a)

more later...

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Thursday, November 13, 2003


hope everything ends up ok...
I went to the doctor today... She said it was either a really bad sinus infection... or it sounds like I MIGHT have shingles... that's a big might, cause I haven't got the burning yet, nor do I have the blisters... yet that is... Hopefully this antibiotic will just take care of everything and I'll be fine! I remember when Josh Hunt had shingles... it was the last year we all were in the band. he was about my age, which kinda scares me... cause I know it IS possible for people my age to get it.

I really hate feeling this way... and it's not even really my sinuses that bother me... it's my achy back and sore throat... that's the worst part so far. ok... So I should prolly go to bed now...

Night to all.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

so sick…

I hate this... I feel so crappy... achy all over, limphnodes swollen, cold chills.... etc.

I should have went to the freakin doctor today... but I didn't. Jeremy came to help me at work today. Good to see him there finally. Took care of some stuff I would have never been able to. Unless of course I was good at my job! :-)
eck... horrible time to happen too. tonight = jazz band concert, late dress rehersal for percussion ensemble. Tommorrow= geo test, lesson, percussion ensemble concert. Friday = synth that I'm not ready for. Saturday = another A.V. meeting.
I'm done typing... I'm sick remember...

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

first MT post…

sweet... I like it...

If it works of course...

Props to Ripper for getting it and the forum up.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

sick… horrible timing.

9:35 am

I think it's really weird how I can be perfectly fine for all the boring weeks of my life, and then on the weeks that I have concerts, tests, work commitments, etc.  I'm going to be fighting sinus problems... great job body... you really do good work for me.

besides that, I guess everything is ok.  The AudioVation thing went well this weekend.  Lauren blew me off again, but I expected that, and won a bet actually!

I'm falling behind in classes, including music synth... I really need just a couple of days to work on that hardcore.

I just hate school again.

I got my Spirit tryout music in case I didn't tell you.  There's some blurry parts, but I'll be ok.  Just need to sit down and read it.  Got the ok to stay with my grandparents at PASIC as well.  So that's good, I'll get to spend some time with all the family up in Louisville.

I just realized something else I have to do tonight... jeez.  I wish I could hibernate on a day like this..

Wednesday, November 5, 2003


11:40 am
Now I once again know why web design is a well paid profession if you're good at it.

Because Lee is setting up my blog and stuff... yea, I looked at it, and understood about 2% of it... just was out of my league.

So big thanks goes to Lee for fixing that up for me and stuff... but for right now, I guess I'll keep typing it all in manually! fun fun... Like how I copied the design though... yea, I'm not good at this stuff.

Lesson pushed back to friday... which is awesome

Pep band practice tonight... which is awesome

figured out how to do some stuff in music synth that I was confused about.

some schedule issues are being worked out... both personally, and AV wise.

Fun fun... me= hungry... OUT!

Saturday, November 1, 2003


11:10 pm
Now I know why web design is a well paid profession if you're good at it.

I've been doing a revamp of the website today... and I'm already tired.

Actually, I did play tennis with severo today, good to get off me bum for once. didn't play too bad for not playing in months really.

I really don't know what I can type....

I need to practice, need to go to kroger, need a week off... again...

sleepy time... got to do some serious transmitter readings tomorrow at work.

Current Music: Duran Duran - Come Undone

Friday, October 31, 2003

So, one left… wonder who’s making the comments…

7:19 pm
yea... so the other person in the percussion department that had some problems with me one was settled last night too...

so I wonder who's making the comments... hmmmm...
and I wonder why they're remaining name less...

Listen, if you want to bash, go for it, but while you're doing that, you're doing the same thing that I was pissed off at the other two for... talking shit behind my back!

So do something about it or shut up.

going to get a pizza.

Thursday, October 30, 2003


9:29 am
why do the actions of few screw up the lives of many?

this just doesn't happen to me, it happens all the time to so many people... and it sucks!
why don't people think just for two seconds before they go and do something stupid, or say something just dumb.
I've tried to be a positive person about everything, and in fact, I've put up with a lot of crap in my day... but there comes a time when you've got to put your foot down and say... listen, stop being selfish!

other than that of which you do not now what I speak, everything is pretty good... I had a meeting at work instead of a lesson yesterday, I get to work on stuff I want to work on today... maybe I'll even get some music synth questions answered. Lauren has been calling more often... which is awesomefied. I just feel better overall when she and I get along... just too much of a connection for us to not be talking or fighting.

cool stuff going on, but I've got to take a shower... so I'll tell you about it tommorrow

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

updated again…

12:13 am
so... turns out people read this thing! And they're begging for more!!!

so... AudioVation is heating up... lots of good buzz going on about it.

so... School is ok... but lessons make me very very unhappy... and percussion ensemble is starting to be that way... but atleast i can be bored.

so.... Work is getting better... things are starting to calm and stuff... but yea... it's still work.

so... I worked a little on my music synth project... but I haven't even dented it yet.

so... lauren SAYS she's coming up Saturday... we'll see how that holds true...

so... Brooke, Brandon, Calvin, and myself are the tightest people in the percussion department... Calvin and I are in charge of AudioVation... Brandon will be my new roomate in December... and Brooke and I... well, that's a whole nother blurty for another day.

so.... about one third of the drama in the department died down today when an appology was acutally made... caught me off guard might I add. hey, if I can just get the other 3 or 4 people to admit they're asses, I'll be on a role.

ok... going back to practice for a while...

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

relaxed… kinda

12:53 am
yea... kinda relaxed for once... shouldn't be...

but for some reason, I'm ok.

I don't feel like I've gotten enough done... but I feel like I have done a lot already this week... I know I haven't though. or have I?

didn't practice enough, I can tell you that... I got Brooke a b-day present for tommorrow...
got new boots that I needed... Got some cool licks on computer for 5th horseman...
did some cool stuff with the site... having an AV meeting tommorrow... as well as a lesson I'm not ready for... I do have a lot of stuff to do at work... maybe something will happen, and I'll have to cancel my lesson and go to work... wow, first time I've said that in a while.

I'm convinced I'm going to JSU this summer... I mailed my application this week... so we'll see what the music is like... if it's too hard, I'll just go to the Memphis sound audition...
I've enjoyed no band this week though... I'm tired of typing... and eventually I'll catch everyone up on what's going on...

I'm going home this weekend too... hopefully get to see lauren, since I've tried to for 2 or three fucking months and... I don't want to get into it... maybe I'll get to see Jen too... haven't seen her in forever either... And I'm really ready to see Logan too... yay...

night I guess....

Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Etta James - At Last

Monday, October 20, 2003

nothing changed…

9:04 am

ok... well, nothing changed... maybe it'll be better... maybe it won't.

All I know is that stuff still sucks... There's some stuff I have to get rid of soon, cause it's making me miserable.

I want to start this stuff too... Pep band, AudioVation, DCI tryouts... lots of stuff I'm ready to get into!

ok... class, see ya soon...


Wednesday, October 15, 2003

big stuff about to happen…

11:47 pm

Can't say right now... but some big changes are in for me tommorrow morning...

We'll just say this... I've complained about work for the last time.

I'll let you know tommorrow...

Current Mood: mixed feelings...
Current Music: Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep

Saturday, October 11, 2003

fun stuff!

8:47 pm
back from St. Louis for my first BOA performance... I played like crap... but hey... It was fun. It's something I always wanted to play at when I was in high school, but never got the chance to. And it made it even sweeter when a Kentucky band won it all! Congrats goes out to Louisville male on a great competition.
finishing out the AudioVation music, and about to take a good chunk out of the drill too... should be fun stuff as soon as it comes together.
Still need drums, a place to practice, gigs, and kids... two out of those four shouldn't be a problem at all... I'll let you figure out which two will be the hard one.
Lots of cool stuff has been going on in High school band too! Congrats to Heath and Graves on distinguish ratings this weekend... Logan on another win too... Can't wait to hear the results this weekend... I won't be able to be at them, homecoming here and all... but I do get to go to state. So I'm sure I'll be watching Logan there...
ok... well... guess I'm out for now... need to do some practicing for school, spirit tryouts, memphis video, etc...
btw... work still sucks... but I remembered it's work...

Current Mood: not too bad!
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Friday, October 10, 2003


12:20 am

I kinda forgot about the blog... not really, just haven't used it in forever.
Lots of stuff has been going on... but you'd just be better to hear the summary.

Racerband... cool...
decided to march my age out year this summer... and maybe march next winter for that age out year.
work... still the same crap
I know a chick that is on the girls gone wild commercials...
might be trying to start a indoor line for high school students...
lots of website changes and stuff...

that's a sum up! lots more... just tired of typing.

Current Mood: accomplished
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Sunday, June 29, 2003

What a week, and weekend!

12:08 am

couldn't have asked for much more... well, maybe a couple of things... but overall it was a kick ass week and weekend... despite being really busy at work, Lauren not even calling me on her birthday (or all freaking week for that matter... oh, and then she calls today like everything is just fine... glad we're over with)
But the weekend with Jen was amazing... it was amazing we still had stuff to talk about... She just keeps proving everyone wrong. And that's great that I could see past what everyone else said about her, and decide for myself... and I found out that she is nothing like what people think she is anymore...
Hum.. some of the bad things... bad traffic accident on I-24 today by Paducah...
ripped my shorts tonight playing tennis... didn't play too well either tonight... some other stuff... but the good just out weighs the bad this time...
Freedom Fest this week... so I won't have much time to post... so just read this one over and over and over till I get some time...

Current Mood: sweaty
Current Music: Audioslave - Like a Stone

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Run down… but still so happy!

11:57 pm

ok... so really, this week sucked a lot of ass... but in the same boat it was really really really really really good! I saw a really good family friend come in from Korea this week, Lauren and I established that we could be friends still... I'm not going to Florida with her anymore obviously, but Los and I have decided to go to Louisville to sit in the parking lot and watch drum lines at this big DCI competition this weekend.
And on top of everything I've found a really good friend, that might just be more than friends if things go well ;-)
She's so freakin cool... She cares a lot about children and family... and that's so important.
That, and she's kinda a home body like me! We get along really well, but one bad part... she's about 9 hours away for the rest of the summer, which sucks... but I'll make it.
But back to the main point... WORK HAS SUCKED ONCE AGAIN!!! This week, was just so busy... I'm kinda glad I'm not going to Florida now, because now I've got to play catch up this next week.
I'll try to get back on the blog train and do this every day again... sorry for the delay!

Current Mood: Mixed Happy!
Current Music: Dashboard Confessional - Standard Lines

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Almost did it…

11:08 pm
I had a Tennis Tourny this weekend... Almost won the doubles... but we had a lot of rain in Owensboro today. Didn't play bad in singles either.
Oh well... was good to get back into action.
Lots of bad stuff has been going on... that's why I haven't bloged in a while.
Mom is having some surgery Wednesday...
Love life is just about gone... Need to work on that I guess.
Work sucks like always...
yea, I've got to wake up early tomorrow... so I'm going to bed now.. since I didn't get much sleep this morning cause of all the calls from work. :-(
Night night...

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Great weekend… for the most part

11:56 pm

I got to relax... got to eat some good food... Got to play some ping pong, and some good tennis... Got to dive in a really cold pool...
and I got my "all in one" remote controls working now!!! Both at home, and my parents house!! cool cool
guess I'll have to face reality, and go back to work tommorrow... oh well... got a vacation coming up soon...
ok... tired of typing...

Current Mood: refreshed!
Current Music: Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Sunday, May 18, 2003

check his pulse… see if he’s still alive!

11:17 pm

well... I worked a lot today... imagine that... I'm finally feeling decent with the exception of a sore throat again. And The Big 102 is finally up and going flawlessly! no thanks to me... but you know... I had lots of stuff to do with my station too!
I've still got to play that last tennis match of the season... and then I've got my first gig with mojo peddler on Friday night... so it's looking like another busy week! then Memorial day weekend doesn't help anything... but I'll make the best out of it like I always do.

This apartment is nasty!!! and I have no TV! going to bed I guess...

Goodnight to all...

Current Mood: peaceful
Current Music: Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

long long week

11:36 am

Well, it's been a long long week, with the release of the new BIG 102, I've had my hands full... I finally get a chance to sit down and reflect... although a close friend of the family has just died, I will take some time away from the new station, go home for the weekend, and recover from a loss. Then I'll come back and attempt to play tennis on Sunday for my last regular season match. The murray tourny has been cancelled due to lack of players.
The pills seem to have worked on the sickness, although I do have a sore throat again today... not cool. and now I've got a fever blister on my lip... not cool either.
But I would like to say congrats to Nathan on the launch of a new station that should do well once it gets going.
sorry it's been so long since my last post, but you prolly didn't notice! :-)

Sold my desk!!! w00t! Thanks Sarah... Now to get rid of a bunch of crap.
Collin moved out as well... now I've got to figure out what I'm going to do in August.
Los decided he didn't want to band camp this year... so I don't have one to work at now...
got splinter cell... really good game
I'm out of toliet paper... :-)
I'm out of things to say as well. Not really... but I'm not going to bore my self, or you with it.

Current Mood: depressed and angry
Current Music: System Of A Down - Aerials

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Back up!

Whoo!!! Froggy is back up to 100% and then some! It's amazing what getting a three year old tube out of there will do! That thing is running great again... love it.
Hurting this morning... Brandon and I had some fun last night... He's moving out because of several reasons... so we had fun. :-)
now on to finding a roomate sometime soon... I've got some ideas.
Not very many people are answering the poll on the front page... should I do the internet radio thing again? or what? I might post some radio shows atleast and see how that does. I've got a few recorded.
ok... Going to teach tennis.

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Thursday, May 8, 2003

oh weekend… please come quick!

10:34 pm

ok... went to the doctor today... got a LOT of medicine.
and despite being completely and utterly crappy for the last part of the week... I managed to get just about everything done I wanted to.
Now I've got to figure out what to get mom for mothersday because I'm heading home tommorrow... and she'll take care of the things I didn't get to this week... ex:dirty clothes!
ye haw... going to bed

Current Mood: relieved

going to the Dr.

10:57 am

well, I'm breaking down and going to the doctor... It got worse yesterday, fever, cold chills, sore throat... just didn't feel good... and I thought I was better, then all of a sudden... blam!
So after still trying to go full fledge yesterday, and failing miserably... I will now give in, and pay up to go to the doctor... Can't stand it anymore.
So, I'm off to see the Doc.
Then I've still got to go finish my day in Mayfield... geez, what a life I lead.

Current Mood: sick

Monday, May 5, 2003

tired of storms…

11:15 pm
yea... three days in a row... this is getting old quick. Thunderstorms are cool for a while... but not this much.

Spent another day down in Mayfield getting together the new station down there...
Should really get going tomorrow though.
Watching Wolverine on Dave Letterman. Freakin awesome. Teh Bomb!

yea... took a final today, got one tomorrow too... anyways. Went to the music offices to see people and tell them I was changing back to music... but no one was there... so yea.
I need to be in bed... so I guess that's where I'll be heading now.

yea... goodnight

Current Mood: exhausted
Current Music: 3rd strike - no light

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Storm Central!

2:10 pm
yea... so a storm ripped around Murray like it 0wned us!
also knocked out power at the Froggy Transmitter... so guess what I did all this morning... yep, waited for the power to get back on... then went out, and tried to figure out why my station wouldn't get back on! Turns out I had a high voltage Cabinet problem... so after fixing all the air, and fault interlocks... I went to work on the 100 thousand watt cabinet... scary stuff, even with the power off!
The Cingular wireless guy was out there too... so we were all having lots of problems... except of course the TV station, with their nice new generator, and new building.... I wich we had nice equipment too... it'd make my life easier...
Either way... that Transmitter is great... I hardly had to do anything... and it came back up pretty much by it's self...
so I've got some finals coming up I need to be getting on right now...
and I've also got someone else's job to do over in Mayfield... you'll be hearing a lot of cool things coming out of the new and improved 102.1 in Mayfield and Paducah pretty soon... May 12th to be exact... but you didn't hear it from me! ;-)
So I guess I need to get back to whatever it is I should be doing...

Current Mood: over booked!
Current Music: Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels

Saturday, May 3, 2003

Cleaning for once…

4:12 pm

Well, I'm in that mood for some reason... maybe it's the fact that I didn't need to go home because I could barely get out of the door without tripping on trash or things growing within the house.
Getting a lot done for me... and I'm hurting while I do it cause I'm really sore from tennis yesterday...
yea, and I need a shower bad, but Collin is in there.
I will have my time!!!
Oh, did I tell you I saw X2? OH YEA!!! actually... HELL YEA!!! Great movie... there were some parts I would have changed... but, you know. still rocked even though I had to sit like in the front row... Maybe that's the reason I'm sore... Tennis + Front row movie seat + no pillow last night = hurting.

Yea, got to get back to cleaning!

Current Mood: cleaning
Current Music: Drowning Pool - Tear Away

Friday, May 2, 2003


5:19 pm
Well, I just won my second Tennis match today... went a long 2 hours in the sun this afternoon!
and I had an ok relay for life experience last night... I guess.
But I'm pumped that I won again today... playing good players too. The guy I played today was like a backboard... it feels good to get back in the USTA scene after a short absence.
Friday wasn't all that fun because I did so much work, and went non stop... But Lee's wedding was really nice... nice weather, good company, and I showed up late, and no one really noticed all that much.... Got to see people there I haven't seen in a long while too... I know Lee and Amanda will be happy, I've known both of them for a long time now, and I know they'll be fine.
All I need to do now to make the weekend complete is figure out the rest of my life... getting closer and closer everyday... get rid of the sickness.... and watch X-MEN 2!!!!!!
Unfortunately... no one seems to want to go with me... oh well. Who knows, maybe I'll go home tonight and go with my parents... maybe I'll get a free meal out of it too!
That's all for now, and HAPPY DERBY DAY!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

busy day!

12:29 am
yea... I actually did work today.
Got up and wasted time in class today... RIGHT after that, I ate at Chinky McGee's by myself. I was so hungry even though it was only 10:45am
Went to work,
Worked for a while,
Went home,
Went back to work,
Worked somemore,
Finished all the work I could do at about 10:30pm
Came back and had a boring night... If I could have a uneventful life like this everyday... I'd be even more bored than I already am.
I did have some interesting conversations with my roomate Collin today... Kinda figured out what I'm going to do the rest of my college career... and found out I better be looking for; A=a roomate for next years lease, or B=a new apartment for me myself and I
Anyways... Band practice tommorrow night... I love play blues and rock...
ok, I'm tired as I can get without falling on the keyboard and doing silly type alksjdlkjsadfl;jksdaljkfswreo;aoew;r vaewrkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

UGH! Sorry, I feel asleep... setting the alarm... and I'm out!

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: Ney Rosauro - Lied

Monday, April 28, 2003

Post Water Wars night

12:08 am

ok... Fun stuff tonight... Water Wars was the bomb and a half.
Cool people showed up... And I got killed a few times... and only killed a couple... ohwell, fun was had by all.
I need to go to sleep and go to class for once tommorrow.
Tis all for now.. and I'm going to get rid of my cough and stuff...

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: Queens of the Stoneage stuff

Sunday, April 27, 2003

First time!

3:42 pm
I've heard a lot of people talking about blogs, and decided I'd try one out... figured it'd be a good way to... well, nevermind... don't think it's going to be good for anything really. Just wanted to have one I guess.

But I'll update it and stuff.

Ok, right now, I'm about to go out, and kill vegatation around my transmitter sites... More signal strength with less Trees around them.
And I'm excited about Water Wars tonight...

and that's about it for the first day... I'll let you all know more later if you really want it.